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How You Were Duped, Why You Believed, The Reason You Stayed

Back in the late 1950s, a couple of researchers designed an experiment that was meant to measure a person’s cognitive dissonance. The subjects were put into a room, where they sat in front of a box full of a dozen spools, each sitting upright in rows of three. They were told to take the spools out of the box in a certain order, and then to put them back into the box as they were before. Then to do it over and over again until they were told to stop.

Next, the subjects had some wooden cubes placed in front of them in rows. They were asked to take each cube, and rotate it clockwise one turn. And then they were asked to do it over again with each cube, and to keep repeating that until they were asked to stop. Both tasks were by design boring and tedious, and took about an hour. Continue reading How You Were Duped, Why You Believed, The Reason You Stayed

Mother of the Year

In keeping with this week’s theme of parenting superstars, I give you Shayean Blackmon.

Babysitters can expensive and unreliable, so Shayean decided on an alternate form of child-care: She punched the baby in the face and abandoned it in a park:

22-year-old Shayean Blackmon decided to spend her day yesterday drinking in a park in Highland Park, Michigan. Think of it as a little post-Mother’s Day present to herself. But it seems that getting hammered and caring for her 3-month-old daughter was too much multitasking…

According to witnesses, Blackmon decided to punch her baby in the face, then walk away, leaving her in the park.

The little girl was rescued by someone women who were also at the park. When the story aired on TV, the child’s grandfather, Henry Bowles, recognized the little girl and went to retrieve her.

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Not to worry, though. Her problem is solved. She’s been mandated to AA. Of course.

Quote of the Day

“I’m a good mommy. I’m an alcoholic, but I’m a good mommy.”

Marcy Gant, an AA. Who was convicted of trying to sell her son – twice – to earn money for a wedding dress.

Parenting Class











Joan and Ward Cleaver they ain’t….

Steve & Linda Vigil passed out….

“…The Vigils rolled into a Las Vegas, New Mexico Red Lobster recently, their five-month-old daughter in tow. The young family was seated at one of the fine eatery’s comfy booths and prepared themselves for a mighty feast.

Soon, though, restaurant employees realized something was terribly awry. The Vigils appeared to be cataclysmically intoxicated, so-much-so workers observed them repeatedly “passing out” at the table and hardly able to speak.
When a server refused to ring in the Vigil’s order for more spirits, the denial didn’t appear to make a dent in the couple’s collective buzz. Linda Vigil was soon spotted shaking and dangling the baby by the arms, trying to make her dance as proud papa looked on with an approving, albeit chemical-stained, smile.
Once the couple had soaked up enough of the chain restaurant’s ambience, they got ready to leave. It was at that juncture when concerned Red Lobster’s workers observed the wobbly parents toting the child in her car seat as it swung and bumped into chairs, doors and walls.
Red Lobster staff offered to call a cab for the couple, but that gesture was shot down.
A waitress then summoned authorities.   
Officers arrived in the restaurant parking lot to find the Vigils severely FUBRed. They also found Steven Vigil trying to drive off in a red Ford Mustang that had been reported stolen in late May.
Steven told police he had borrowed the vehicle from an Alcoholics Anonymous buddy. He added that he and his buddy had recently got into a spat and that was likely why his AA chum had now reported the car thieved….”

Get Me To A Meeting…Lickety Split!

David S. IV, an AA member in Washington, needs a day planner. He showed up late for a meeting at the New Song Worship Center for the second time in two days. The second time was on Sunday morning, in the middle of a church service, after a high-speed chase in which he drove in excess of 115 miles per hour:

David Thomas Sumner IV apparently needed to repent.

The 80-member congregation of the New Song Worship Center in Lexington was just beginning Sunday morning’s service when Sumner appeared in the church’s doorway. He shouted as he rushed down the aisle, then lay face down at the feet of pastor Marv Kasemeier, who was standing near the pulpit.

Sumner was followed by a Washington State Patrol trooper, who handcuffed him and lead him out of the church.

Authorities say Sumner, 41, of Kelso led a trooper on a high-speed chase that hit 116 mph on Interstate 5, then raced up West Side Highway and finally dashed up Aaron Drive at the north end of Lexington.

A police report said Trooper Zachary Casey clocked Sumner’s northbound car at 94 mph on I-5 near the Longview Wye. Sumner sped away when Casey tried to pull him over, according to the report.

Police said Sumner was swerving through all three lanes of traffic and passing cars on both shoulders. Casey said he saw at least 50 near collisions between Sumner’s car and other drivers. Casey said he backed off, fearing the pursuit would put other drivers in danger. He said frightened motorists jerked their cars to the shoulder as Sumner passed, opening up a wide lane for him to again take up the chase.

Sumner crossed the Lexington Bridge at Sparks Drive, according to the report, then turned north on Westside Highway and reached speeds of at least 90 mph in a 35 mph zone as he raced past Riverside Park and swerved onto Aaron Drive, where the New Song church is located.


From a second article:

Sumner was carrying a container that looked like an ice bucket. He ran to a storage area near the church pulpit, stashed the container, and then fell at Kasemeier’s feet.

A short time later, a state trooper walked in and handcuffed him.

“Mr. Sumner said I submit to a higher power, I just need to do this now and I came to the church,” said Kasemeier

Ambiguous Ambiguity

I always get a chuckle at the various forms of mind-bending responses when a newly indoctrinated stepper starts to realize that they are being asked to acquiesce to believing in God, while at that same time being told that AA is not a religious program. I thought the answers to this question over at Sober Recovery were particularly entertaining. Specifically, this post by “RufusACanal” (20 years sober! yea, Rufus!), who scored a full 10 out 10 in passive-aggressiveness:

I struggle some days with God, mostly because I am power hungry. Today, at this moment I do not. I see His results, because I look for His work rather than mine. Keeping it simple, could I have stayed sober these last five plus years via my own will? No. I am a real Alcoholic and there is no human way I could have relieved my malady, I tried for twenty six long and painful years and failed utterly. AA has never been the problem for me, God has never been the problem for me, I have been the problem for me. When I take my petty and insignificant wishes out of the picture, I can see clearly the hand of God and I believe.

If not God then who, you?

Best to you in your journey.

There were a couple of honest responses from Robb B and bugsworth, but the rest of it takes the reader deep into the rabbit hole of AA lunacy.

Yep, He Ain’t No Doctor

The Seattle Times confirmed that David Scratchley, the crack-addled director of the Matt Talbot Center in Seattle, is not really a doctor. In fact, he hasn’t even met the standards to be a drug counselor. And if what is contained this police report is true, he is one sick son-of-a-bitch.

Stepper Arrested for Murder of Fiancè

Eric Earle, serenity hornet extraordinaire, wrote this on his facebook wall last month:

“YA WELL ………………seven days and life is alot[sic] better thanks to the love of my life ,,,,,meeting”S[sic] and sposorsship[sic] it works if you work it…”

Prior to that, he was in and out of AA – always with a new spiritual awakening. He wrote this, which sounds like it was taken out of a drunkalog manual, back in April:

“IT is easier to see now,as i look back on my life today and my drinking , that from the very beginning alcohol had been a part of every disaster in my life .I saw my alcohoism[sic] took me to new depths of disgrace, embarrassment and despair. i have found out above all i am healing spirtually[sic].

He was arrested a couple of days ago after “the love of his life,” who he picked up at an AA meeting, was found dead in their bed:

Boyfriend arrested in killing a woman

Earle’s Facebook page paints the picture of a man battling addiction with the help of Brada. The two attended Alcoholics Anonymous meetings together and got a dog together, according to his recent Facebook activity.

“Yes, I am back into recovery, and it feels great,” Earle wrote on July 28. “Four days and lots of meetings thank you God for another chance. …”

Earle announced on Facebook that he and Brada were engaged July 29.

Seven days later, on Aug. 5, Earle was arrested on suspicion of corporal injury against a cohabitant and released on bond, according to county arrest records.

Earle was charged Aug. 22 with misdemeanor vandalism stemming from the incident, according to county court records. Earle allegedly “maliciously damaged and destroyed” the window of a sheriff’s patrol car, causing damage over $400, according to the Los Angeles Superior Court complaint.

Shining a Light on Ron V.

Ron Verlander, Jr. is the Executive Director of the National Organization for Addiction Healing (NOAH). As their website  describes, it is not a treatment facility. So, what is their mission? This is taken from their website, which I have frozen:

“NOAH’s commission is to form a spiritual, financial and educational support bridge between the Christian Church Community and the Christian Recovery Ministry networks across the nation in order to save both lives in recovery treatment and lost souls through discipleship.

The “Bridge” is a spiritual two-way bridge. In one direction NOAH will facilitate and distribute desperately needed capital and financial support to Christian/Faith Based recovery facilities across the nation. (Summary of Treatment Facilities Article) NOAH will support its charitable funding projects from donations and pledges from churches, corporations, foundations, other charitable organizations and the general public.

In the other direction, NOAH will educate churches, their pastors and staff on how to minister to a suffering church member, give guidance as to where Christian recovery help is available for those who are in need of rehabilitation and help facilitate a connection to an appropriate Christian/Faith Based recovery facility that will meet the needs of the man or woman suffering from substance abuse addiction.

NOAH will also assist its participating churches in establishing a volunteer recovery mentor ministry within their church. The function of which would be to disciple the member returning from their rehabilitation at the Christian Recovery facility back into the Church first; and secondly into an appropriate 12 Step Support Group such as, Celebrate Recovery, Overcomers Outreach , Alcoholics Victorious, Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and Al-Anon. These two steps are of vital importance, in order to nourish the individual’s spiritual renewal and conditioning, and enhancing sustained sobriety.”

(Note the picture of Curb Your Enthusiasm and Seinfeld creator, Larry David. I thought he was Jewish, but he is apparently endorsing the NOAH mission.)

Unfortunately, NOAH and Mr. Verlander has yet act on its mission, because he’s been too drunk. There are also some other interesting tidbits to the story:

Drug, alcohol counselor arrested on DUI charges

Turns out it is a residence in Alpharetta.

When confronted about his arrest, Verlander said he had no comment.

A woman who did not give her name told Wilis she helped start the nonprofit with Verlander.

“He’s an alcoholic,” she said.

She claimed that’s why the company never got a chance to work with addicts.

However, their company’s website is still up and running, and soliciting business from faith-based organizations.

Willis asked if Verlander ever accepted donations.

“I appreciate you coming by to talk, but I’m not interested in talking,” Verlander responded.

According to the company’s website, NOAH is an IRS recognized 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

I hope Mr. Verlander isn’t accepting funds under the guise that he and his staff (which I assume consists of him and this woman who was unaware the website for NOAH was actually up and running) is helping others, and then pocketing said funds for beer money. That would be fraud, and though it may meet the AA standards of rigorous honesty™, it doesn’t meet the legal standard; and in that case, this guy will have more legal troubles than a DUI.

Acquittal for Pinconning Serenity Hornet

Stanley M. “Mike” Milostan, the AA who shot a woman and fellow stepper multiple times after she went after him with a ball-peen hammer, has been acquitted of assault with intent to commit murder. He was convicted of possession of marijuana with intent to deliver and possession of a firearm in the commission of felony.

My guess is the jury found it difficult to pick the truth out of the victim’s and defendant’s stories, because they were both so obviously full of shit. However, it does look like they bought the victim’s story that she was prostituting herself to Mike M. in exchange for drugs. He’s still being held in the pokey, awaiting his sentencing for that dastardly deed.

What are the odds that, when it comes time for sentencing, this asshole’s AA brethren will come crawling out of the woodwork to tell the judge what a spiritual giant he is?

Jury acquits Pinconning man of attempted murder….