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Today’s 12-Step AAll-Star: Hogwashed

Today’s 12-step AAll-star is from our very own comment section. Hogwashed was able to step away from his/her serenity long enough to give us all a good scolding. Now, normally if an AA relies on the standards like “judges are sending these clowns to AA, and it isn’t our fault”; or, “AA had a 90% success rate back when Bill and Dr. Bob rand the show,” it doesn’t warrant AAll-star status. These things are easily overplayed. But some people just play the classics really well, and I’ll be hogtied if this isn’t one of those cases. This is one fine serenity rant. Congratulations, Hogwashed!

Slogabosity: 8
ad hominemnitude: 7
Serenitude: 9
Truthiness: 10

Total: 8.5

LOL, I see most of the negative comments people are leaving are from those who have never been to an AA meeting, or went to a few and quit going. Sounds like to me you are fear mongering over something you have no clue about, or are soured by something in your personal life, and taking it out on AA as a whole, If you’re going to speak about something, get your facts straight before you comment, and stop being ignorant.
AA doesn’t recruit first of all. If somebody wants to beat their addiction on will power, then go for it and see how far you’ll make it, because no one shows up at an AA meeting for coffee and conversation, so something must be seriously wrong with you if you’re there in the first place.
Secondly, AA cannot be held responsible for some deranged people that should be in jail to begin with, so why don’t you take it up with the judge or jury that released these convicts. AA is a non profit organization that wants nothing but to help other suffering alcoholics, in order to help themselves.
Thirdly, if anyone is a DR. or scientist here and has the cure for alcoholism, why are you keeping it a secret?? If not then close your lips, and get off your soap box.
AA has been the only thing that has been closest to a “cure” for addiction since 70 years ago when it started. And was started in part by 2 doctors in addition to Bill W..
Fourthly..Convicts are sent mandatory to AA and such programs by the judge.
People who voluntarily go to AA have an 90 % success rate since Bill W and DR Bob started the program. It wasn’t until the 60′s and 70′s that rehabs got their hands into the money pit that the AA message became washed and weak, and the courts starting sending convicts to it.
AA is not really a religious program, the only thing is you believe in something greater then[sic] yourself. weather[sic] its the fellowship, the meetings, God etc. Because like I said before, If you’re in an AA meeting to begin with, you obviously have some problems, and haven’t been able to deal with them by yourself.
I’d be interested in hearing rebuttals, but obviously a majority of people here are too fat headed and ignorant, to change their minds. Which I could care less, because I understand, “Ignorance is Bliss” Have a miserable day. : )
Oh and by the way, If anyone wants to call me a big book thumper or such, I’m not necessarily in any program or belief, I just research things and experience them before i start spouting off ignorant spittle at people or about people.
I’d take on anyone in a conversation like wise about politics, current events, or religion.