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Not Just Canada

I found an interesting comment on the story I linked a couple of days ago about Glen McGuire, the convicted con artist who is running a 12-Step rehab centre in Hamilton:

“Please excuse my ignorance but doesn’t Canada have a law that would prohibit an convicted person from running a treatment centre? Talk about the perfect situation for a criminal…bring valnurable people to them to get into their heads and exploit their weaknesses. Only in Canada. That is why criminals come to Canada.”

This is a legitimate point, and illustrates the ignorance most of the population has about who runs the show in AA and at treatment mills. This reader rightfully assumed, as anyone would, that felons like Glen McGuire and sex offender Lance Glock would be disallowed from running these places. The sad fact is that there is no oversight, no regulation, and no accountability for these sociopathic types. It is the perfect storm for someone wanting to exploit those who are often desperate and in need of help, and it is no different in Canada or the United States. In fact, in the U.S., AA is one of the very few places where convicted felons are allowed to congregate. It’s a breeding ground for these assholes.