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The Jim B. Episode, Revised and Expanded

If you’ve been a regular, you’ll notice that I took down the last two posts on the subject of Jim Bock and the Sponsorship Group in Chatham, NJ. I want to be clear that the episode detailed in those posts did not drive us to close the blog, so I’m going to tell the story again with more clarity.

Now then:

There is someone leaving comments on forums around the internet about someone named Jim Bock who runs the Sponsorship Group in Chatham, New Jersey. They’re hit-n-run cut/paste comments that look like this:

One of the all time most pathetic and dangerous AA groups ever is based out of Chatham NJ. They are called the Sponsorship Group and their leader is Jim B.

Dictator Jim B. and his disciples have been ruining the lives of young women since at least 2000. To call what they do “13th Stepping” would be a compliment. Imagine a group of people with no medical or psyciatric training that tell people how and why they need to stop taking necessary medication! It’s a disgrace. People have suffered and in some cases are dead as a direct result of this groups actions!

Jim B. and his disciples at the Sponsorship Group all have SG tatoo on their wrists and live by the rules of Jim B. He takes advatage of people who are in need of help. He should be charged with mental abuse and should have to register as a sex offender. He will experience KARMA soon.

A few of these comments appeared here (using the full last name), buried in the discussion section of random posts, and they were not on my radar.

So, last week, I received an email from Jim Bock that looked like this:  Continue reading The Jim B. Episode, Revised and Expanded

The Mondotuna-LifeRing Armageddon Guessing Contest

“I planned a good laugh in Nov about ST referring people to the non-AA forum I help out with, but doing it this early was a decision I was not involved in, and I take offense with those who took it on themselves to violate my privacy to this degree. That’s not something you or I or I believe most people would do.”

JD (also Mondotuna, Jerry, Cabledude, Mr Guestperson,  farquar the quail); in a response to us outing him as a double secret agent.


There’s a coming apocalypse over at LifeRing, at least according to our favorite cyber lunatic, JD – who channelled his inner Harold Camping and informed us that something big was happening there this November. He was really disappointed that we prevented him from being able to laugh about it all from the inside, but I’m sure he was able to supplant what we took from him with other things that give him the jollies. You know…taking candy from babies and pulling the legs off of frogs and such.

Still, we’re left to wonder exactly when this will happen. And what exactly will be the cause of their demise? Will it be a natural occurrence, or will Mondotuna himself help to bring them down? I have no idea. I’ve got two balls, and neither one of them are crystal. I’ll leave the predicting up to our soothsaying cyber stalker, and the guesses up to you people. Let’s have a contest!

On what date will the LifeRing rapture happen, and how?

The one who predicts closest will win my undying admiration, and get to pick my next set of lottery numbers.

Good Luck!

You Can Tune a Piano, But You Can’t Mondotune Him Out

Guess who crawled out of his troll hole! Yep. Just when you think you’re rid of him, he’s back, and he’s going viral. Like a scorching case of herpes. Be careful if you’re linked in any way to this blog. He’s in stalking mode. This is a fairly innocuous and ridiculous comment he made the other day at Scientific American. If you see him around, make sure you tell him “howdy.”:

“Bankole comes out of the woodwork when celebrities get into trouble behind their drinking.

Because he’s paid by pharma companies to develop meds for alcoholism you can expect he’d pump that approach at every opportunity.

I imagine if he ever finds one that works it’s likely that he’ll go ahead and say something about it. In the meantime all he can give is generalities that meds are a great way to go for alcoholism.

The next time the interviewing reporter hears that meds work really well and are evidence based treatment, perhaps the reporter will ask to be shown the evidence that these meds are working as well as BJ and his pharma buddies want us to believe.

Next time, maybe.”

JD, Cabledude, Mondotuna, Jerry, Mr Guestperson. An AA and troll. Commenting in Scientific American.


Quotes of the Day

“…have no respect for those who make a living out of taking newcomers through our steps at a price…may all of their cancers arrive soon and be especially virulent. hope [sic] wherever Mark is now, he is spending newcomer’s money wisely.”

Cabledude/JD/Mondotuna. An AA and troll at this blog, host of the now private “Recovery First” delphi forum; member of AA Mollys UK forum. Commenting here on the death of Mark Houston, who ran a treatment centre and died last year of cancer.

“We will lose interest in selfish things and gain interest in our fellows.”

– The sixth promise of Alcoholics Anonymous

The American Obsession With Addiction

The Irish Times wrote a good piece on America’s addiction to the treatment industry. It includes a brilliant and insightful quote from a familiar voice:

How US obsession with addiction has spawned a rehab industry

The prevailing method of treating addiction is known as the “Minnesota model”, after the Hazelden organisation’s first residential centre in Minnesota in 1949. “The 28-day patient model was driven by what insurance would pay for,” says Jaffe. The idea was to end the snake-pit-style institutions in which mental illness and addiction were treated until then.

The vast majority of rehab centres have adapted the 12-step therapy invented by Alcoholics Anonymous back in 1935. The first step is to admit that one is powerless to control one’s addiction. Half of the 12 steps mention God.

“It’s very much a carry-over from the temperance movement of the 1800s,” says Steven Slate, a recovered addict and founder of website.

“Alcohol was from the devil and you were a sinner. The devil got hold of you. Now it’s the disease that gets hold of you. It’s this outside thing; not me. It’s faith-healing and we are calling it treatment.”

Slate is part of the backlash against America’s rehab culture. He believes the obsession with addiction and rehab has become a self-fulfilling – and self-perpetuating – prophecy.

Like Jeffrey Schaler, the author of Addiction is a Choice and Gene Heyman, a lecturer in psychology at Harvard Medical school and author of Addiction: A Disorder of Choice, Slate says people do drugs, sex and alcohol because they are pleasurable, and that the best way to overcome addiction is to find other things that make you happy.

Slate blames rehab culture for making people believe they’re engaged in a lifelong struggle against addiction. “It’s horrific,” he says. “They don’t allow people to move on with their lives. They keep them in their clutches.”

Fundiemental Gymnastics

Our friend, John, writes the My Word Like Fire blog. He’s thinks we’re going to Hell, but he’s a good guy. I don’t often agree with what him or the readers of his blog, but this quote below seems to make a lot of sense:

“Wendy, You are so right. Satan is cunning, baffling and powerful. This is my second time commenting as an ex-AA member like yourself. Once I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and was re-born in the Spirit, I almost immediately could not attend AA meetings. The Lord revealed to me that I was in an extremely dangerous place…

One last note on the cunningness of Satan. I was in a local Christian book store and checked out the Recovery Bible – New Living Translation, just for the heck of it. I was shocked; Satan has slithered into that book! It references the twelve steps exactly as in AA with the “god of your understanding” and “higher power”. It also recommends AA. Obviously there is a collaboration between AA and the publishers of that Pantheistic “b”ible (small “b”. The word of Satan masquerading as the Word of God! He is the great deceiver and forger!”

– Gail, a fundamentalist Christian commenting on the My Word Like Fire blog.

I think we should put Gail and Dick B. in a ring for a winner-take-all cage match.