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AA Honey Bun Burglar

It’s always been a mystery to me how AA God™ can look down on someone and say, “yeah, I’ve got your drinking covered, but for all of your other problems, you’re on your own.” I thought about this when I read this story about an AA who apparently has a sweet tooth, and broke into a church to steal some honey buns:
Desperation Drives Honey Bun Thief to Church Break-In

“When the lights cut on, Daryl Tasco stood exposed, evidence of his alleged crime still on his breath.

Just after midnight Wednesday, Memphis police answered a motion alarm at St. John’s Episcopal Church on Central.

There, they found the fire door open, went inside, and found Tasco — who was not authorized to be in the church — holding a box of Honey Buns, according to the charges. Two of the snacks had already been eaten.”

I understand this guy is homeless, and I’ll admit that honey buns are both tempting and delicious, but it seems like he would have better luck hitting a soup kitchen. This was, after all, his second kick at the can at stealing from a church – well, the second time he has been caught – and it hasn’t worked out too well for him up to this point. God™ has made his point clear: “I’ll give you sobriety, but not my honey buns!”