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Harvie’s Wallbanger

Harvie Morrow is not much on traditions. Especially the 11th tradition of AA, which in a fit of rigorous honesty™, he has decided does not apply to him. Here is a puff piece in The Marlborough Express in New Zealand, where Harvie poses for picture of him pouring a cup of tea, and describes how it only took ten years for AA God™ to finally stop jacking with him and give him the serenity needed to put down that cocktail. Of course, it’s just for one day at a time, and only as long as you attend meetings:

“I’ve been coming for 25 years and, of course, initially I had some ups and downs, but the last 15 years have been plain sailing,” said a smiling Harvie, who underlined the importance of regular attendance at meetings.

“I once heard of someone asking how long they had to attend meetings for and they were told: `As long as you want to’.”

This, Harvie said, summed up the nature of the disease – and the programmes available to help fight it. A renewed commitment is needed every day because the desire to have another drink will always be there.