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AA Nepotism

One of the reasons AA has such a stronghold in the legal community is because AAs themselves are often running the show. I give you Jim Doyle, a Wisconsin judge who has swallowed the AA kool-aid. Now he is passing it out to defendants in his courtroom. Man’s cooperation earns leniency from prosecutors:

Judge Tim Doyle said that the defendant has been hesitant to admit to drug problems, but he should take his family’s advice and go through treatment.

“Well, Mr. Jeremy Huey, your father thinks that you need to get sober, stay sober-clean and sober-and he thinks that you can probably best accomplish that through a 12-step program because he’s involved in a 12-step program, and it has worked for him,” the judge said. “For what it’s worth, I’m about the same age as your dad-a little bit older, been sober about the same length of time-and I would vouch for everything your father has been telling you.”

What a tool.