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Quote of the Day

“…A pill may in fact be able to help an alcoholic drink less…but will it make him stop lying, manipulating, cheating…maybe he’s still judgemental, scared of commitment, holding on to negitive things from the past that are crippleing him… You have fun with your pills…an opioid at that…the same substance found in pain killers that kill more people a year than cocain and heroin combined….”

– An anonymous AA member commenting on an article about Naltrexone in The Windsor Star.

"Fake it 'til you make it"

Bullshit slogan of the day:
Fake it ’till you make it

Translation: Go against your basic instinct to avoid what seems like a lot of crazy, religious hocus pocus. As ridiculous as this nonsense appears now, stick around and you will soon fall into the role of a proper AA.

One of the more common persuasion tactics used by an old-timer, is to use him or herself as an example of someone who ‘thought they knew it all’, failed, and eventually came to see the light. Example:

“Yeah, I was a lot like you. I didn’t want to do these things, either. I thought I knew it all, and those who had been there before me were stupid – and guess what? I failed, and I failed because I didn’t want it badly enough. Not until I decided to do whatever it takes to sober up, did I start to change. So I held my nose, followed the program, and soon I ‘got it’, and it started making sense. Do you think you are different? Do you think you are special? Hell, maybe you are, but I doubt it. Until you decide to do whatever it takes, like I did, you are going to wind up in the same place. You don’t like what we are telling you? Fine. Do it anyway. It doesn’t have to all make sense to you now. Eventually you’ll get it.”

The key in mind manipulation is to make sure there is a captive subject, and a problem in AA is that most people will leave the group within a short time period. Fake it ’til you make it is simply a stall tactic designed to give the newly recruited alkie time to “get it”, and “getting it” does not mean a person comes to greater understanding of what the dogma means. “Getting” AA is simply overlooking certain realities, which is essential in maintaining the cognitive dissonance necessary to advance in the program. Continue reading "Fake it 'til you make it"