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Freedom May Not Be Free, But Sometimes It’s Tax-Free

The Freedom House in Kalispell, Montana is going through a bit of a back and forth with the City Council. First, for the sake of clarity, let me say that this has nothing to do with Dick B’s “Freedom Ranch”. There is a distinct difference in recovery terms between a “ranch” and a “house”. A “ranch” is a luxury condo on the beach, complete with tennis courts and swimming pools, which is funded with tax-deductible donations, and used, tax-free, by religious nutjobs spiritual enthusiasts, who actually do the “work” of the ranch over the internet. A “house” is a 900 square foot, two-bedroom home that has eight men with spotty pasts and vicious drinking habits, packed into it like a bunch of Chilean miners.

The neighbors are unhappy because, shockingly, they do not want a bunch of criminally-minded guys with drinking and drug problems taking over their neighborhood. Like all sober living homes, they are running it under the guise of treatment and recovery – a type of business that is not allowed under the zoning restrictions of this community. And, like other sober living homes, they are trying to do a workaround the law with “rigorous honesty”, by claiming it is just a bunch of unrelated guys living under a roof, who happen to have organized recovery meetings throughout the week. Despite what the neighbors believe, it has nothing to do with making a prophet profit!

The president of Freedom House’s board, Randall Marr, strongly disagrees with the locals, and he would have been willing to defend his group against these unwarranted accusations, except he was in jail for breaking parole by getting liquored up and making an ass of himself at a local hospital.

The City Council has taken the chickenshit route, and has left it up to state authorities to make a decision on the case, which is pending.

Kallispell Still Undecided on Freedom House