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Putting the ‘Nut’ into Nutley

Looks like an AA got hold of the editorial section of the Nutley paper, and is serving up a heaping helping of rigorous honesty™. In defending the assclowns from AA who are causing havoc in the neighborhood, this AApologist explains that what they are seeing isn’t what they are seeing; and what happens in AA doesn’t happen in AA:

“Contrary to what some have reported regarding Alcoholics Anonymous at Holy Lutheran Church in Nutley, AA is neither a rehabilitation program nor a condition for parole.

According to its website, AA “is a voluntary, worldwide fellowship of men and women from all walks of life who meet together to attain and maintain sobriety. The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking.”

Nutley Editorial: Bashing of AA members is not the answer

Would some of you please go there and explain to this serenity sorcerer the exact nature of his/her wrongs, which in this case are the facts.


Last year, we posted a story about Herbert Jones, a deluded 12-stepper who showed up outside of a Portland, Maine AA meeting with a sniper rifle and a load of resentment toward pedophiles. Obviously, we don’t condone his actions, but I do give him credit for his strategy. I mean, if you are deluded, and your goal is to snipe off a pedophile, randomly spraying bullets into a crowd of AAs is like shooting fish in a barrel. You’re bound to pick off at least one, maybe two.

Recently, under a plea agreement, Herbert J was sent to a mental hospital, where he will hopefully get some proper treatment. There was no disagreement between the judge, prosecutors or the defense attorney as to whether or not this guy is mentally ill. I doubt anyone reading the facts of the case would disagree. He was, after all, receiving messages directly from God, and believed that he was on a divine mission at the time of his arrest. I doubt any reasonable person, understanding the facts of the case, would disagree with the fact that this guy is deluded, and that he needs psychological help. Continue reading Godpuppetry