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Getting out of Jail Free in South Bend

William C. Peterson is a sexual predator, but he is not a registered sex offender. Not yet, anyway. And as long as he continues his participation in Alcoholics Anonymous, he won’t be:

Former bank executive pleads guilty in sex case

The terms of Tuesday’s plea agreement require Peterson to, among other things, have no contact with the victim, continue psychiatric counseling, attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, not reside within 1,000 feet of a school, youth program center or public park and not drink alcohol or use controlled substances. He must also report to the Adult Probation Department.

Bill P., in an interesting spin on steps nine and ten, pulled the “I was drunk at the time” excuse, and through his attorney, he expressed disappointment that the family of the victim would seek (through civil court) some amends:

“It’s very unfortunate they have chosen to go down this path where they have destroyed his life,” Pfeifer said.

Given Peterson’s alleged level of intoxication, “he can’t dispute that (the alleged acts) did or did not happen,” Pfeifer said.

What an assclown. But, hey…keep coming back!

AA Man Blows His Own Horn

OK…so it really wasn’t his horn.

A guy in Pennsylvania arrives at a school all liquored up for an AA meeting, is told by the janitor that he is at the wrong place, so he steals a kid’s trumpet and leaves. Then he shows up at the right location, and proceeds to make an ass of himself:

According to police, Heffner, 32, came to St. James School on Feb. 3 asking how to find the AA meeting. A janitor told Heffner and another man the meeting was not being held at St. James. The janitor told police he later saw Heffner walking away from the school carrying a stolen trumpet. An empty trumpet case was found open on the floor near the door where the men entered, police said.

Around the same time the janitor notified police, another call came in from The Presbyterian Church on Grant Street for a disturbance involving two men. They matched the description of the men at St. James, police said, and one of them had a trumpet.

Police apprehended and arrested Heffner in the church parking lot. A witness told police Heffner came into the AA meeting at the church, placed the trumpet on a piano and became disruptive. Police said Heffner was highly intoxicated.

Charges reduced for a man who showed up drunk at an AA meeting

The good people of Beaver Falls can rest assured knowing this won’t happen again, because he’s still in AA (it was working so well for him before):

Heffner told Sewickley Patch he made a mistake, is back to work and is in recovery, attending AA meetings regularly.

“I’m always going to be a recovering addict for the rest of my life,” Heffner said. “The only requirement to go to AA is the desire to stop using,” Heffner said.

Alrighty then….

Catholic Crazy

Here’s a good one from the looney bin of the Catholic Church. A diocese in Colorado has stepped away from dealing with their child molestation lawsuit settlements, and has put together a 12-Step program for their gay parishioners. This is an interesting spin on “attraction, not promotion.” First, convince these poor people that something is wrong with them, then put together a program to deal with that morally flawed, sinful behavior. Father Pantsoff would be proud.

Serenity Stealing In Salem

Here is a fun story about an AA out of Salem, Massachusetts:
Landlord of Salem Sober House Jailed

SALEM — The owner of a controversial “sober house” shut down last year by the state over a lack of handicapped access was ordered to serve what had been a suspended 21/2-year jail term for identity fraud yesterday.

Part of the reason: Michael Viola was allegedly again committing identity fraud to pay for the work required to make the Salem Street building handicapped-accessible.

Viola, 47, of Saugus, was found guilty last year of stealing the personal information of the former owners of the building at 17-21 Salem St., in the city’s Point neighborhood, to open credit cards, which he then used to purchase plumbing and other construction supplies for the sober house property, numerous store gift cards, and even flowers for his wife and his girlfriend.

It also appears that Michael V is not only a con-artist and a thief, but he is a bit of a serenity hornet, as well:

Police in Arlington have charged Viola with stealing the identity of a resident there to purchase $2,150 worth of door-opening buttons, Arlington police said yesterday. Viola’s due in Cambridge District Court in January in that case.

He has also been arrested in Revere and Lynn on charges of violating a restraining order and making threats, his probation officer, Patrick Goff, told Judge Robert Brennan yesterday.

Some are sicker than others, you know.

Is he lying?

Humanspirit directed me to a thread on the Guardian that ST readers might want to crash: It is an advice column, in which someone writes in with a problem (My boyfriend is stealing money from my account and using it to by Oxy!) and readers respond (Al-Anon!):

I have been with my boyfriend for four years. When we met he was doing drugs recreationally. I explained I did not want drugs in my life and he agreed to quit. Six months ago he started to act differently and one day money was missing from my bank account. He broke down and told me he was doing OxyContin. He said he was not addicted and was glad I had found out. I believed him and was determined to help him.

A month later more money went missing. A few more times he appeared to be high, but insisted he had just been drinking. Then I was doing the washing and discovered drugs in his pockets; he said they were months old. How do I know if he’s lying? What do I do to get him to stop?

The first two responses to this question really made me feel sick. This really is the way we treat addicts and alcoholics:

He is lying; that is what addicts do, it’s part of their armor.


He’s lying and anything other than complete rejection of him will be interpreted by him as your tacit approval

The guy probably is lying. Idunno. It sounds like it… But he’s not lying because that’s What Addicts Do. These pieces of Tough Love Wisdom allow anyone to become an expert on everyone else’s personal situation, to feel comfortable walking into anyone’s life and make grand, knowing pronouncements about exactly what’s happening and what drastic measures must  be taken, without exception.

This gave me a little flashback to my high school years, when my mother used to send me to a Tough Love quack to straighten me up. This is when Tough Love was all the rage — it was all over the TV — and it just blew my mother’s mind! You mean, you can lock your kid in a room with nothing but a mattress? Cool! She never went that far, but really relished the idea. So, this counselor would spend our sessions talking to me about his last trip to Europe or griping about whatever had inconvenienced him that day, and would occasionally say, “I really don’t know why you’re here. Your mother should be here! Haha!!” But, when she’d show up to collect me, he’d say to her, “Of course she’s lying to you. Don’t fall for her lies.” I wasn’t lying to her (well, that’s when I started!), and he knew it. But he confirmed her worst fears about me, and making her feel like she was taking the correct action — and kept himself in European vacay and Polo Cologne. This guy lined his whole office with his empty Polo Cologne bottles — I shit you not! Those reeking green bottles covered every surface of his office — windowsills, shelves, molding… To this day, I instantly loathe anyone who wears that stuff.

Anyway! Here’s the thread.