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AA Nepotism

One of the reasons AA has such a stronghold in the legal community is because AAs themselves are often running the show. I give you Jim Doyle, a Wisconsin judge who has swallowed the AA kool-aid. Now he is passing it out to defendants in his courtroom. Man’s cooperation earns leniency from prosecutors:

Judge Tim Doyle said that the defendant has been hesitant to admit to drug problems, but he should take his family’s advice and go through treatment.

“Well, Mr. Jeremy Huey, your father thinks that you need to get sober, stay sober-clean and sober-and he thinks that you can probably best accomplish that through a 12-step program because he’s involved in a 12-step program, and it has worked for him,” the judge said. “For what it’s worth, I’m about the same age as your dad-a little bit older, been sober about the same length of time-and I would vouch for everything your father has been telling you.”

What a tool.

Charlie Wilson’s War Against The Rules

Here is a fun story about an AA, Charles Wilson of Indian Lake, New York – who I will refer to as “Charles W” to respect his anonymity. It seems like Chuck was smuggling smokes into his fellow AAs who are spending time in the joint:

AA counselor accused of smuggling tobacco into upstate NY jail:

“Authorities say Wilson was an AA counselor volunteering at the county jail in Fort Edward. Deputies say he brought tobacco products into the jail and gave them to inmates he was counseling. Smoking is banned in New York’s jails and prisons.”

What is it with AAs and smoking? They smoke A LOT. Why don’t higher powers™ work with tobacco addiction? Can’t they just add “tobacco” to the end of step 1?

Meet Glen McGuire

Glen McGuire, aka Gideon (Glen) McGuire Augier,  is a shyster. Among his many misdeeds, he bilked businessmen out of small fortunes, and stole the life savings from families wanting to emigrate to Canada. In total, he has been convicted on 11 counts of fraud. Now he is out of jail and looking for something to do, and what could be better than opening a church to support 12-Step groups!

The name of the church is Abba Uno, which sounds to me like the name of bad, one person Abba cover band, but is supposed to mean “one father” in Latin. I’m not sure how to say, “father as you understand Him” in Latin, but that would seem to me like a more appropriate name.

This is not McGuire’s first church. In one of his previous scams – defrauding families wanting to emigrate to Canada of their life’s savings

Glen's Arrest

– he opened the United Christian Fellowship church, which was a front set up to create sponsorships for these potential immigrants. Here is an article from CBC describing his scam. Continue reading Meet Glen McGuire

Quote of the Day

“You go out in public and it’s a fucking embarrassment to me. You look like a fucking bitch in heat. And if you get raped by a pack of niggers it will be your fault….”

Mel G., an AA, serenely admitting to his girlfriend the exact nature of her wrongs.

Today’s 12-Step AAllstar: William Hay

UPDATE!: Here is a link that DeConstructor found with reviews from Dr Hay’s patients. This whack job is perfect for AA!


Here is blog entry from William Hay titled: Stinking Thinking and Dry Drunk. This guy is an AA poster boy:

“In AA the characteristic of being a ‘legend in one’s mind’ was recognised as evidence of close mindedness and isolation and not attending enough face to face AA meetings. When one goes to enough meetings, sometimes to break out of the insaneity of ‘dry drunkeness’ one needs to do meetings daily or more, or whatever it takes to recognise that others have problems too, that one isn’t terminally unique and that no one, especially drunks, have a monopoly on suffering. Specifically drunks learn that they are more likely themselves to have been victimizers than victims and that they need to make amends routinely because they are by nature of their disease very angry people who carry resentments to people, institutions and especially to principles.
Further, the strange malady of alcoholics is that they rarely can see or hear themselves but must see and hear another alcoholic’s emotional drama before they can identify, empathize and realize that they too are in that state again.”

How would you like to be stuck on an elevator with this guy? Sheeeesh.

Just Stop Drinking, and go to AA, or else go to AA. Then again, there's always AA

What’s the old adage about insantiy? It’s when you keep running the vacuum over the same… No, wait. If you can… And then everyone will…

Hey, look! A pie chart!  


Bill G. Wonders…

AA Hate Mail

After all, AA is a pretty innocuous organization.  It is a group of people who are dedicated to staying sober and helping others achieve sobriety.  They don’t proselytize or even have public opinions on politics, economics, or anything else.  So, what is to hate?  Its kind of like hating the Red Cross.  Some of these sites go to great lengths to find any contradictions in the AA literature, to label it a religious program, to show that it is not all that effective, to point out how many AA’s screw up publically, and so forth.  The intense level of these attacks is astounding.

Holy Trinity, Batman! That is one ignorant AAer!

“Probably the same way that Christians would consider Jesus a Higher Power. Not a “God” technically but still an HP of sorts.” – Pinkcuda, AA fundamentalist

An interesting thread developed over at the Sober Recovery site about what was meant by “Good Orderly Direction”, which is a proxy god used by AAs to help Atheists and Agnostics rationalize their use of the word “God” in the AA dogma, until they can be properly converted. This quote came from that discussion.

Pinkcuda, who is keen on publicly touting his faith, and whose avatar is Jesus Fish, demonstrated his love of Jesus by showing a stunning ignorance of the Christian faith. Pinkcuda needs a quick education in the Trinity.

He also wrote: …God can be Allah, Buddah, Jesus, God, RA, etc….
I suppose his misspelling of “Buddha” is a sign that he is ignorant of Buddha and Buddhism, but someone needs to explain to Cuda that Buddha was just a man, just like him. Well, not quite like him — Buddha knew what the fuck he was talking about.

Quote of the Week: McGowdog

“The only reason why God is mentioned at all, is because without God, alcoholics perish. But, it’s not good to present that fact until the alcoholic sees the hopelessness of their condition in the 1st Step” – McGowdog (Stinkin’ Thinkin’ reader and AA zealot)

“It all goes back to building our Program on a Truth or a lie.”
– Also McGowdog, written less than twelve hours after the first quote.

Dealing with the Krazy

McGowdog, one of our readers and AA member has asked a question of Anna, another one of our readers, who shared her experiences in witnessing 13sth stepping during her years in AA. I thought it is important to address this, because there is an answer. I’m not speaking for Anna, as she can obviously handle herself quite well. This is my explanation.

In response to post we made earlier today about some teenage girls who have been raped and used as sex pawns for a group of AA zealots in DC, McGowdog wrote (among other things) this comment:

“…keep your legs closed because I have a philosophy about dating inside of AA; the odds are good, but the goods are odd.”

This comment explains a lot about what the mentality is of some – not All – men in AA. Continue reading Dealing with the Krazy