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Pink Pajamas

Here is an old episode of The Pink Panther cartoon titled “Pink Pajamas.” It’s about a drunk who shows up at home and finds a pink panther in his bed. At about the four and a half minute mark, he decides that he’s sick and tired of being sick and tired:

(Thanks, Sunny!)

Spirituality Threatened At Sussex County Council Meetings

I thought this suit was interesting, because the facts in the facts of the case parallels the ritual used in a certain whackadoodle addiction recovery support group:

Suit: Lord’s Prayer at Start of Council Meetings Treats Non-Christians as ‘Second-Class Citizens’
“By persistently sponsoring this Christian prayer, the County Council has publicly aligned itself with a single faith. In so doing, the Council sends the message to non-Christians that the Council does not represent non-Christians’ concerns,” the suit (PDF) maintains. The prayer also sends a message that non-Christians are “second-class citizens,” the complaint asserts.

I particularly liked this quote from councilman Vance Phillips:

“It’s disappointing that outside influences are trying to undermine the positive traditions that this county holds dear.”

Sound familiar? I wonder if the council will use the “it’s spiritual, not religious” argument.

We’ll keep you posted.

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