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STOP Talk Radio!

Stinkin’ Thinkin’ Outreach Project on Blogtalk Radio, hosted by Gunthar2000. Guest host today: mfc66.

Topic: Danger Slippery Steps

Listen live now 4pm eastern

Gunthar’s Radio Show

Here’s an open thread for Gunthar and everyone to discuss the show.

Gunthar just posted this in the Neverending Thread:

Okay so I’ve decided to run a one hour blog talkradio show – twice a week… one at 9PM eastern on a weekday, and one at 4PM eastern on Sundays.

I think that two hours a week will not be overwhelming, and also that people who wish to be involved will probably not lose interest this way.

Tomorrows show is at 7PM… After that we’ll go to 9PM on any day but Thursday. I need to find out from the community which day is best for you guys.

Thanks again to everyone who has been or is involved in helping me with this project.