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Dr. Dave and Bill

Narcotics Anonymous Took My Daughter Away

BILL: Which brings us full circle in our advice to moms like Carla: If you want to know the secret handshake, you have to join the club—which means recognizing that many Narcotics Anonymous meetings have companion Naranon Family Groups down the hall. Carla, join your daughter on a regular basis. Meetings close to where you live can be found at the Naranon website.

DR. DAVE: And for the readers who don’t know that reference to a “secret handshake” is a Bill witticism, let me quote from the NA website: “The only requirement for Naranon membership is that there be a problem of addiction in a relative or friend.”

Imagine the lovely three-generation family portrait this family will take:

DR. DAVE: Right –something for everyone! But you already know the person who will benefit most from having the family as a whole involved in the community of recovery…

BILL: Indeed–Carla’s granddaughter who joined a sober family way of life long before she becomes old enough to bend to the genetic predispositions to addiction with which she was born.