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Domestic Batterer sentenced to AA, Now Dead

And so is his wife and mother-in-law…

Sunrise police detectives were at the Broward Medical Examiner’s Office on Tuesday, awaiting results on the autopsies of three adults who died in a shooting incident Sunday night.

What investigators want to know: who fired a Walther PPK handgun that was recovered at the scene.

“We believe it is the only one used,” Sunrise Police Sgt. Rodney Hailey said about the weapon found after the shootings at the Del Rio Village town home.

Dead are Linda Scudera, 56, her daughter, Danielle M. Lorenzo, 30, and Lorenzo’s husband of 18 months, Marcus Nathaniel Trotman.

Media reports have linked the recovered weapon to a local radio host, DJ Laz.

“Apparently he was friends with Marcus, but it has not been confirmed it was the DJ’s gun,” Hailey said. “He’s missing one with the same make and model, but serial numbers have not been matched yet.”

On Tuesday afternoon, Broward Family Court Judge Susan Greenhawt is to hold a custody hearing for Lorenzo’s 5-year-old daughter, who has been in the care of a baby-sitter since her mother’s death.

Police say they are not sure about the extent of what the child may have witnessed Sunday night.

“We don’t know if she saw the entire incident,” Hailey said. “She did see some of it. We know that because that’s what she told the neighbor, that [Trotman] was shooting inside the house, and that’s what the neighbor who called us on 911 said.”

Trotman held a security guard license but did not have a permit to carry a concealed weapon, Sunrise police said.

According to Broward County court records, Trotman was arrested Aug. 21 by Sunrise police and charged with battery.

On Sept. 16, Trotman was arraigned on two counts of misdemeanor battery/domestic violence against Scudera and Lorenzo, said Ron Ishoy, spokesman for the state attorney’s office.

Trotman pleaded no contest and was put on probation after Scudera filed a waiver of prosecution, Ishoy said.

As a condition of his probation, Trotman was not to have contact with his wife or mother-in-law, and was required to participate in a batterers’ intervention program, as well as Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and anger management classes, according to Ishoy.

Violent Domestic Abuser Mitigates Sentencing by Attending AA

Just the kind of guy you hope will reach out to your daughter…

Conditional sentence ordered for second-time assault

From a previous assault sentence against the partner, the man was on conditions that included staying away from his children when under the influence of alcohol.

The victim pulled over and got out of her vehicle to approach the man.

According to Crown attorney Paul Drysdale, several residents in the area called police after witnessing the man push the woman to the ground before kicking and punching her.

“The daughter, being concerned for her mother’s safety, got out of the vehicle and ran toward her father screaming,” said Drysdale.

That’s when the father pushed his daughter to the ground.

The incident ended only whena neighbour yelled for him to stop,Drysdale said.

The man then made arrangements to leave the area.

“The child was not injured, however (she) suffered some scrapes to her hands,” Drysdale said.

The Crown and defence counsel submitted a joint recommendation to Chief Judge Patrick Curran of four months conditional sentence order for the assault on his partner and two consecutive months for the assault on his daughter.

One count of failing to comply with a probation order had a recommendation of two concurrent months.

In accepting the recommendation, Curran said the fact that the man has made an effort to change his way of living – he is currently in Alcoholics Anonymous and completed a 20-week program at Bridges – was important.

“But there can’t possibly be a third time,” said Curran, adding if there was, those factors wouldn’t keep the man out of an institution.

Police Protection for Me, But Not for Thee

So…. here’s a story for you.

This homicidal AA member got 40 months in jail for making a death threat against the director of an addiction treatment facility:

In the message, Mr. Groom threatened to go to the facility and shoot the recovery center’s president and chief executive officer, Janina Kean, according to police.

Mr. Groom stated that he wanted a completion letter from the facility for rehabilitation time he spent there from July 26 to Aug. 16, 2010.

“If I don’t get the letter, I’m going to come up there with a .357 magnum, which is cocked and loaded, and shoot that (expletive) (Kean),” Mr. Groom said, according to court documents.

“I am in fear for my life, the 76 patients, and the 43 staff members that work here,” Ms. Kean told State Police. “I would like around-the-clock police protection at High Watch.”

That’s High Watch Farm Recovery Center, which has an interesting story:

High Watch has a rich historyconnected to both the New Thought movement and more profoundly, Alcoholics Anonymous. Bill W., co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, established High Watch Farm in 1940 as the first 12 Step treatment center in the world. The debate over the role of Alcoholics Anonymous versus the role of professional treatment can be traced back to the first days of High Watch Farm. It was at that time, AA’s future was set to remain independent from the business of “treatment” for alcoholics. Today, AA’s widespread use of the Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi is attributed to Sister Francis (Etheldred Folsom), the woman who gave the farm to Bill W. in 1940. The colorful history of High Watch begins with Sister Francis.

Read on…

It’s a magical tale of how Bill W. was inspired to establish the very first AA front group. Along with Wilson’s “Let’s Be Friendly with Our Friends” pamphlet, the High Watch story might be of interest to those AAs who insist that Alcoholics Anonymous has nothing to do with the whole treatment industry that has grown up around it.

Bill and Lois, Frolicking

Sex Abuse Case in Baxter County

Here’s a story to keep on the radar. Both sides of the story sound weird, so I’m interested to see which one prevails.


A Baxter County Circuit Court jury heard testimony Tuesday from a pair of Mountain Home sisters alleging sexual abuse by their 51-year-old neighbor, Jeffrey Askeland. The trial is set to resume today.

Askeland faces two counts of second-degree sexual abuse, a class B felony, punishable by five to 20 years in prison for each offense. The charges stem from an alleged incident on April 10 of last year.

In his opening statement, Baxter County Prosecutor Ron Kincade outlined for the jury the elements of the crime the state would have to prove. Kincade then told the jury Askeland was familiar and friendly with the family.

“Trust developed between the families,” Kincade said. “The girls would do things with the defendant, go to Dairy Queen, go to the batting cages.”

But the relationship changed on April 10, 2010, Kincade told the jury.

“It was a Saturday afternoon, and everyone was asleep,” Kincade said as he set the scene. “The defendant went into her (one of the victim’s) bedroom and laid down on her bed.”

Kincade then went on to describe the alleged sexual abuse.

After the alleged abuse, on the same day, Kincade said, the 11-year-old sisters eventually went with their mother and Askeland to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

While the adults attended the meeting, Kincade told the jury, the sisters talked about giving Askeland a second chance as he was a good friend of the family.

The girls eventually told their mother, who called police, touching off the investigation that led to Askeland’s arrest and trial.

Read the rest…

Powerless after the first drink… Violent Abusers in AA

Here’s another sonofabitch blaming his violent abuse of a woman and a child on alcohol. This is a subject I should have added to the “Why Addiction Recovery Should Be A Feminist Issue” post. While alcohol might lower one’s inhibition about behaving in socially unacceptable ways, it does not give people permission to be violent that they didn’t already have. Focusing on alcoholism instead of on the violent behavior is regressive and dangerous — especially when the treatment for addiction teaches that one is powerless over ones behavior after the first drink.

Havana Man Faces 5 Charges

A Havana man faces five charges for hitting a woman with whom he lived and spitting on her and her 2-year-old child.

Eric J. Graham, 49, allegedly hit the woman in the head, spit on her and the child. Then he reportedly grabbed her cellphone so she could not call 911. He also disconnected the landline in the house while the woman was talking to a 911 dispatcher.

Graham faces three domestic battery charges and two charges of unlawful interference with the reporting of domestic violence. All five charges are Class A misdemeanors that could carry up to one-year jail sentences.

Graham is set for his next appearance Sept. 15. He told the court that he is going to Alcoholics Anonymous to deal with the alcoholism that prompted this incident.

“There’s a percentage of sex offenders at AA and NA meetings…”

I had to pull this out of the comments and get it into the Keep Coming Back archives.

From AnnaZed (August 30, 2011, 5:08 pm):

This is earth shaking, really Time Magazine level news here:
Neighbors take AA concerns to Nutley BOE

“…Referring to the member anonymity, Mitrano-Duffy said parents can’t determine if the attendees are registered sex offenders, which should be public under Megan’s Law. She said the Walker Middle School and Yantacaw Elementary School principals share the concerns.

She said she spoke by phone with an Essex County senior parole officer, who stated there’s a percentage of sex offenders at AA and NA meetings in Essex County. He also said convicted criminals are mandated to attend to attend these meetings, she stated.”

There it is in writing, the whole problem right there. Take a criminal, a predator and release him on the condition that he attends an anonymous group; it’s insane!

Sharing a name with a saint didn’t help him – The Update

Smitty counseled teens to keep them off drugs, but his own experience convinced them that they would relapse. He thought he might make the revolving door work more efficiently by selling them the drugs himself. Interestingly, his defense attorney claimed that he wasn’t motivated by money, but by his own “powerlessness.”

The story is here (

New Smyrna Beach Woman Reported Missing

Karen Lee Burger

Police are trying to find a 57-year-old New Smyrna Beach woman who has not been seen or heard from since July 25.

Karen Lee Burger’s father told investigators his daughter has a drug abuse problem and he believes her disappearance is related to that, New Smyrna Beach police said Wednesday.

The incident is the second time in one month that a New Smyrna Beach woman with drug addiction issues has vanished.


The father said he spoke to his daughter on July 25 after she had attended an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

“She told me she had met a man at the meeting and she was going out with him,” Lee said. “I haven’t heard from her since.”

Anyone with information concerning Burger is asked to call New Smyrna Beach police Investigator Mike Covey at 386-424-2223.

Read the whole thing…

h/t AntiDenial is covering this local story on the blog NA Daytona.

AA Member Arrested for Attempted Child Kidnapping

Aniball Barris arrested in attempted kidnapping

A Lake City registered sex offender was arrested Tuesday at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in Gainesville and charged with attempting to kidnap a neighbor’s pre-schooler.

According to the Lake City Police Department and the Florida Regional Task Force of the U.S. Marshal’s Office, Aniball Barris, 51, of 619 S. Marion Ave. in Lake City, was arrested Tuesday.

In a news release, police Capt. John Blanchard stated the Aug. 9 kidnapping attempt was reported by the father of the 3-year-old involved.

A family friend and a neighbor saw a man pick up the child and place his hand over the child’s mouth, according to police. The man let go of the child and ran when the friend yelled at him, Blanchard said. Continue reading AA Member Arrested for Attempted Child Kidnapping

Rapist in The Rooms

Once again, the courts send a rapist to Predator Paradise. They ordered a registered sexual offender to attend unsupervised, unregulated social gatherings that are populated by vulnerable people who will remain ignorant of his crime and protect his anonymity.

Swimmer charged in sexual assault gets felony conviction

A 21-year-old Pleasanton man and former swimmer at UC Davis has been convicted of a felony in connection with an attack on a young woman in her dorm room last year.

Pierce Hunter accepted a plea deal that spared the victim from having to testify and avoided a jury trial. Hunter pleaded no contest — admitting that the prosecution had enough evidence to convict him but not admitting guilt — to a single felony count of dissuading a witness after threatening the victim following the attack.

As part of the plea deal, Hunter was ordered to serve 150 days in the county jail; a charge of sexual battery will remain on hold for the five years Hunter will be on probation following his stay in jail. During his probation, he will have to register as sex offender, receive sex offender counseling, and attend meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous. The sexual battery charge will be dismissed if Hunter successfully completes probation.

Yolo County Deputy District Attorney Clint Parish told the court the attack took place in January 2010.

“Hunter entered the dorm room of the victim. According to the victim, after a short discussion, Hunter took off most of his clothes and began to force himself on her,” Parish told the judge. “During the struggle, Hunter took the victim’s pants off of her as well as her underwear. Because of the vast difference in size between Hunter and the victim, he was able to keep her pinned down while he continued to assault her.”

The victim, who lives in the San Ramon Valley, also attended UC Davis at the time and was a member of the swim team there. At his sentencing hearing earlier this month, her mother read a prepared statement written by the victim.

“I have asked for this to be read on my behalf by my mother because I do not want to see or speak to Pierce Hunter ever again,” the woman’s statement reads. “Pierce Hunter set out to deliberately hurt me when he came to my dorm room uninvited and tried to rape me.”

The woman said her roommate came to her rescue.

“After my roommate helped me fight off Pierce Hunter, he then threatened me, my roommate and later my sister’s safety to keep me from talking about it,” the woman’s letter to the court continued. “It took me awhile to have the courage to come forward about the attack which I was able to do after I learned about Pierce Hunter’s violent behavior towards other swim team members and a threat was made against my sister’s and my life. In one of the other attacks Pierce Hunter sexually assaulted another female swimmer in her dorm room in a most brutal and disgusting fashion.

Read the rest…


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