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Update on Lance Glock

Look who’s back in the news! It’s Lance Glock, the AA and sex offender who, along with his wife, runs the Johnson Sober Living House in Covina, California. The two have filed a lawsuit against the city of Covina, declaring their new policy intended to hold sober houses accountable and insure they aren’t manipulating the system to be unconstitutional and an invasion of  residents’ privacy. (As a point of clarity, don’t confuse “invasion of residents’ privacy” with “invasion residents’ privates,” which is what Lance Glock did when he 13th stepped a resident who had entrusted her recovery with him.) Naturally, they are hiding behind the Americans With Disabilities Act:

“The city wants to delve into the occupants’ private medical records to show they are protected by fair housing laws,” said Greg Lester, an attorney for Johnson House. “That’s an invasion of their privacy.”

The case centers around a sort of legal tangle.

The city generally prohibits business operated group living arrangements, like boarding houses. But outlawing such arrangements in the case of sober living homes would be a violation of the federal Fair Housing Act. The act is aimed at protecting home renters and buyers from discrimination based on race, gender, age and disability. And under the act, psychological disabilities, including recovering addicts, are included.

So, to avoid violating the federal law, the Covina City Council approved a policy in December that regulates conditions under which sober living homes can operate in the city.

One of the provisions requires that the facilities prove they aren’t just any boarding house. They must “submit a letter from a medical doctor, social or case worker, handicapped license, or other similar supportive evidence” to prove residents are protected under the Fair Housing Act.

Without such documentation, the city could not know if residents are staying there illegally, City Attorney Marco Martinez said.

But requiring a letter as proof constitutes an invasion of privacy, contend Glock and Repp, who say they would be forced to violate the Constitution or dissolve their business.

“It’s the demands for personal information that would violate the privacy rights of individual residents that is objectionable,” said Lou Fazzi, the lead attorney representing Johnson House.

Covina sued over sober living policy

My sad and bold prediction: Glock wins.


Treatment With a Bang

Lance Glock is still an abusive, manipulative scumbag

I Don’t Know How I Missed This…

I’m sure most of you saw this already, but a month ago, Stanton Peele — who somehow manages to survive as a representative of sanity at the Huffington Post, which seems to be crawling with recovery crackpots — published a piece called: “What’s Wrong with Sentencing People to Addiction Treatment?” Peele offers six objections, which rightly boil down to: it’s ineffective, illegal, and it’s a waste of resources. (I added a couple of my own to the comments, but I can’t use my handle, “friendthegirl,” there, because they seem to have blacklisted it after my engagement with the 12-Step Buddhist.)

I think that our Keep Coming Back series is one tidy answer to the question. And by the way, here’s another Keep Coming Back entry:

AZUSA, Calif. — Investigators say a Southern California woman killed in a rollover freeway crash had stopped in a bar for drinks before hurrying out to get ready for a court-ordered DUI class.

The California Highway Patrol says Lidia Kopach, who was convicted of drunken driving a year ago, consumed two vodka drinks and split two pitchers of beer at a Monrovia bar before the deadly crash at 2 a.m. Thursday on Interstate 210 in Azusa.

The Pasadena Star-News says Kopach told 24-year-old Daniel Martinez, who was slightly injured in the crash, that she needed to get home and for some sleep because she had to attend a court-ordered DUI education class on Thursday.

(Lucky thing for Kopach, she lives in Greg Lester’s neighborhood. There’s no such thing as coincidence!)

More Lance Glock

[Updated at the end.]

I called my pop, friendthelawyer, before I posted this, because… well, you’ll see why. And I promised to send him the link. So: Hi Dad! This post is dedicated to you, from the Women’s Temperance League, and also from your daughter, who never misses an opportunity to shut up.

So, this post is a little difficult for me to write, because it requires me to engage a snarly snakepit of creepy people, rather than just point at it from a distance. But it’s a 12 Step snakepit, and it engaged us, and MA and I feel an obligation to shine a light on it. And also, I want to let you all know what’s going on. Continue reading More Lance Glock

Thank you, Truthseeker…

Our new commenter, Truthseeker, revived and old post about Lance Glock — generating more hits to that post, and, thereby, increasing its page ranking on google. He also inspired MA to post an update to that post, in which MA called Glock a scumbag in the title. All this is a good case in point for how sometimes it’s really best not to poke at old dogpoo with a stick.

Lance’s Hot Tub. Ew!

In his righteous indignation, and blustering obfuscation, Truthseeker also accused a competitor of Glock’s of maliciously conspiring to take him down on a bogus rape charge — and he mentioned this woman here by name: Verna Sanchez.

Now his mention of this woman’s name sent me off on a google mission, and what I found was a very interesting thread, in which people who know Glock personally, are part of his community and are acquainted with him, speak out about their personal experiences with him. Check it out: Continue reading Thank you, Truthseeker…

Lance Glock is still an abusive, manipulative scumbag

Three months ago we posted this story about Lance Glock, an AA who runs the Johnson Sober Living House, a 12-step recovery mill that this ass clown uses to farm sexual victims. The charges were dropped last week, after the victim refused to testify. At the time of his arrest I wrote:

Not knowing the facts of the case, I have no opinion as to whether this guy committed a crime or not, but I do know that at a minimum he abused his authority and status in AA in order to receive sex from an AA subordinate who was not his wife. Even if this is not rape, it is 13th stepping to the degree of which Bill Wilson would be proud.

This has not changed. Even though the charges have been dropped because the alleged victim would not testify, it does not change the basic facts of the case. The facts are that this married jackass abused his authority to prey on a woman seeking help with her addiction. He abused the trust that he was given, in order to gain sexual favors, which is the nature of 13th stepping.

Today we got a comment from “Truthseeker“. It’s in all caps, which I guess is supposed to make his point that much clearer:


His logic seems a little flawed to me. Assuming this jackass did not rape the woman, and instead only fucked her, is not a validation that the system worked. He didn’t kill her or pick her pockets, either. So what? He is still a predator.

Treatment With A Bang

The founder of a California 12-step treatment facility has been arrested and charged with rape. Lance Glock, who owns the Johnson Sober Living House along with his wife, decided to take time away from her to have a sexual encounter with another AA:

The 27-year-old alleged victim was the only prosecution witness to testify at the preliminary hearing for Lance Glock, co-owner of Johnson Sober Living House.

The woman testified that in August she and Glock took a motorcycle ride into Azusa-Canyon, where she said he forced her to perform oral sex.

After leaving Azusa-Canyon on Glock’s motorcycle, the woman testified, Glock brought her to another one of his sober living homes in Azusa and raped her.

“I said, `No, you’re hurting me. Ouch. You’re hurting me. Stop,”‘ the woman said. “We think and we blame ourselves, but this is not my fault.”

The woman said she initially told the owner of a competing sober living home and another woman about the alleged rape during an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in September.

Not knowing the facts of the case, I have no opinion as to whether this guy committed a crime or not, but I do know that at a minimum he abused his authority and status in AA in order to receive sex from an AA subordinate who was not his wife. Even if this is not rape, it is 13th stepping to the degree of which Bill Wilson would be proud. Of course, in true AA style, he paints a different picture of himself on his website:

“Lance believes a Sober Living community is an integral part of the process of recovery, and that sober living helped him to become a better person, teaching him compassion and concern for the well being of others. He says sober living houses offer viable, tangible solutions for homelessness, starvation, employment, and an opportunity to learn to care for the well being of others.”

This is standard AA nonsense, and this piece of shit – who boasts 23 years of being in Alcoholics Anonymous – is typical of the narcissistic jackasses who serve AA as old-timers and role models. The saddest part of this story is that it is not uncommon. I’d bet my dog that his isn’t the first time this asshole has done this sort of thing, but hopefully it will be the first time he is held accountable.