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Captive Audience (part 2)

Now, let’s get into it – the annual Prison Issue of Grapevine “Sobriety Behind Bars: Staying Sober on the Inside.”

As I said in Part 1, in which I focused entirely on the fracking cover (jeezusghod!), contortions and manipulations of AA’s Traditions are required in order to justify actively promoting AA within the court system (and the treatment industry). And what I had in mind was to focus entirely on the theme, but it turned out that the whole thing was just so extraordinarily insane, that I couldn’t think straight when I got through it. It’s just amazing to me how utterly unselfconscious they are about what they really believe and how crazy this all is when they’re preaching to the choir.

Let me focus on another contradiction: Belief in God is not a requirement. Continue reading Captive Audience (part 2)