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Spirituality Trivia

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Puzzle PDF of BW-Spirituality-Trivia download here.

Answer Key PDF of BW-Spirituality-Answers here.

1. Bill W died because of this and pneumonia.
3. Corporation formed in New York to govern AA world wide that has no accountability.
4. The co-founder of AA did this all of the time.
6. Bill was the original _____ Stepper.
9. Bill and Lois lived here in New York and it has become a pilgrimage shrine called ____ Stones.
12. What Bill W. struggled with all of his life.
13. AA usually gives you one of these on your anniversary
14. Step 7 asks for these to be removed.
18. AA is Spiritual, not ____.
21. Where Bill W. and Dr. Bob met.
22. Bill was a member of this group before he helped found AA.
23. What Bill W demanded to have the last days of his life.
24. Last name of Bill’s mistress.
25. Bill used this to talk to Spirits.
26. Bill and Lois did this in the spook room.
27. Deleriant used where Wilson demanded to see God.
2. What AA members are supposed to be always looking for.
3. Bill claimed he didn’t do this.
5. What AA members aren’t supposed to have for the first year of sobriety.
7. Name of center that houses the three AA corporations.
8. Bill W. was suspended from Norwich University because of this.
9. Name of the room at Stepping Stones where Bill and Lois tried to talk to spirits.
10. You do this on your knees.
11. Corporation formed to govern AA that has no accountability in what AA does.
15. Bill usually had one of these in his hand.
16. Name of the 15th century monk that Bill Wilson said was helping him.
17. Bill gave 10% of this in his will to his mistress.
19. Chemical way Bill W. tried to find Spirituality.
20. Bill demanded to see this person just before he quit drinking.
23. Lois’s married last name.
24. The color of Bill’s light experience.

Friday Night Get Down

Or Saturday Morning Get Up and Get Down


Caution: You might want to save this for later, if you’re suffering some PTS or still pounding your head on the desk over last week’s Stinkin’ Thinkin’ comments threads.


Bring it.


Do you boys want me to pull this goddamn internet over? Because I sweardagod I will pull it over right now! Do not test me. I will stop the whole internet right here and end you all.

[An imagine of my mom just popped into my head: Trying to steer the car with one hand, swerving all over the road, while she flails her arm in the back seat trying to smack us around... and we'd laugh our heads off, while she got more pissed off trying to make contact. This was before booster seats and seat belts, so we could ninja. God, that was funny. I am about to become my mother, so hold onto your hat.]


 I’m glad to see Danny back – especially since I invited him back. I didn’t just invite him, I badgered him. (Yeah, tell me with a straight face you’re not glad he indulged me.) Continue reading Bring it.