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Rehab Nation

Who didn’t see this coming? Anthony Weiner has checked himself into treatment for “sexual addiction!”

We all know what will happen next.

After he leaves rehab, Weiner will make the tearful apology to his constituents and wife on television. Whether he then leaves his office or stays, he will have joined the growing number of celebrities, politicians and ordinary Joes who have come to see bad behavior as a “disease.” He will become “powerless.”

Ruth Marcus of the Washington Post doesn’t appreciate the contamination of American culture by the addiction culture. She writes: Continue reading Rehab Nation

Insanity is…well…nevermind.

“…For you to denounce AA is ludacris [sic], I see nothing wrong with looking for an alternate approach to addiction but there is no reason to denounce something that works so well. I have been in 14 treatment centers in my life and all of them use the disease 12 step model….”

Daniel, an AA. In a letter to Stanton Peele.

Fake it till you make it!

Bring in Alcoholics Anonymous

Don Surber, blogging at the Daily Mail, writes:

From the Associated Press: “When John Patrick Barton was in prison on his third drunken driving conviction, he was not among the thousands of inmates nationwide who undergo alcohol and drug treatment behind bars each year. 15 months later and out of prison, Barton is accused of driving drunk again. This time, authorities say he plowed his car into another, killing a woman and her teenage daughter in a Dallas suburb on Easter.”

This has caused a stir.

Not for lengthening the sentences of chronic drunks who drive. No for giving them expensive therapy in prison.

The backstory is that Texas has cut funding for addictions treatment programs in its prisons, and so John Barton, who served 15 months in prison for his 3rd DUI, didn’t receive any treatment.

Surber has a common sense solution:

Texas is looking to cut costs. I have an idea: Bring in Alcoholics Anonymous.

Oh wait. Someone might sue over First Amendment rights.

I’m just wondering what treatment program that woman and her daughter can go through to make them alive again.

Keep coming back!

Thought of the Day

Perhaps those AAs who are getting sober with the help of their Higher Power™ could “go it alone” for a few days so God can sort out things in Haiti.