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So the question of the day over on parentdish is “Should there be random drug testing in middle school?” They offer a point and counterpoint, both of which are idiotic, but clearly influenced by the sheer lunacy of our policies and conventional wisdom about drugs.

Dori Hartley takes the “con” side. She reasonably insists that subjecting children to the indignity and paranoia of random drug tests is outrageous. Then she goes on to insist that her mighty wrath, tough love, and fear mongering will prevent her daughter from ever doing drugs: Continue reading SmackDown?

Hey, Predators! Dallas Judge Sends Kids to AA Meetings!

Check your local meeting calendar…

It hasn’t occurred to Judge Williams that AA meetings — which are unregulated, anonymous, open to the public, completely unaccountable for what happens in meetings, and attract vulnerable, addicted, mentally and emotionally broken people — might be very attractive to sexual and financial predators. She thinks children should be added to this company.

Of all people, a judge should be most aware of the types of people that end up in AA, considering how many are sentenced to attend meetings by themselves and their colleagues.  So, there must be some logical disconnect between what a judge like Cheryl Williams knows to be true and what she believes about Alcoholics Anonymous. She must know, for instance, that AA teaches people that they have a lifelong disease; that it offers a spiritual awakening as a cure for this disease; that membership in AA is forever. She must also know that all manner of criminal is sentenced to attend AA. Despite knowing all this, she still finds that sending kids to AA meetings is something she should “always” do. Clearly what this judge knows and what she believes about AA have no relationship to each other. She knows that there are sexual offenders in AA; but she believes that it’s full of plain talking, gold-hearted Wilford Brimleys and that it’s a perfectly safe and reasonable place to send a teenager, as a matter of course.

Williams says her “biggest hammer” is the ability to suspend a driver’s license. But, the judge points out, not every offender has a license – many simply drive without it. “It’s effective only to those who care about the consequences,” she said.

If she’s aware of a previous alcohol-related offense, she may require the offender to spend time in a hospital emergency room or write his or her own obituary.

Repeat offenders are not unusual. The News analysis of municipal court data showed that some youths had multiple offenses before reaching legal drinking age. About 8 percent of those charged in the last five years have already reoffended.

But the chances of Williams knowing about a previous Class C arrest are slim – there is no statewide database for Class C misdemeanors.

Whitney always orders youthful offenders to attend a series of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. He said it’s not unusual for them to take a laissez-faire approach to the sessions initially, but the message eventually gets through.

He recalled a case 10 years ago in which he fined a teenager $300 and ordered eight hours of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

“I really didn’t think that I would get anything out of Alcoholic’s Anonomous [sic],” the young man later wrote to the judge. “I sure didn’t think I had a problem. After I listened to the first three speakers I started to see a pattern in all of them, that being their childhood and their younger drinking days sounded a lot like my life.”

The youngster went on to tell the judge that the sentence “was not actually a punishment at all but a great lesson,” and that he planned to continue attending AA even after his court-ordered sessions ended.

“If you can show them the way, get them in a program, you’re usually able to turn them around,” Whitney said.

In Williams’ court, every juvenile offender – and their parents – must meet with a social worker for an assessment. If Williams’ staff identifies a substance-abuse problem, she refers the child for treatment.

Here’s the whole story…

Updated to add a link to Corey’s comment about a child predator in AA.

Family Foundation School Responds

The latest, from Kenny at the FFS TRUTH Campaign:
The Family Foundation School TRUTH Campaign has obtained a copy of the Family Foundation School’s response to the State investigation that we published on our website yesterday.
See for yourself why The Family Foundation School has a declined enrollment by over 50% during the past two years and it continues to decline.  The Family Foundation School continues to deny any allegation or conclusion of anything that has to do with their lies, manipulation, and abuse.  They even openly stated that the State shouldn’t expect FFS to comply with all their recommendations because FFS doesn’t have to listen.

Remember, in their own words, they are a “boarding school” and not a “residential treatment center”
CLICK HERE to access our main website and access the Family Foundation School response to the investigation.
We do all we do for all those who were at all, in any way harmed at the hands of The Family Foundation School!
Thanks all for your support!
Keep on keeping on
Founder & Campaign Director
The Family Foundation School TRUTH Campaign
Dedicated to exposing a more than 30 year history of abusing kids, all in the name of “TREATMENT”

The Family Foundation School Investigation Update

I just received and update from the Family Foundation School TRUTH Campaign. The investigation is complete and The office of Mental Health and the Center for Quality Care for Youth with Disabilities have published their findings. I guess it’s not going to come as a shock to anyone to learn that this school is run by a bunch of 12 -steppers all suffering from a debilitating case of the Dunning-Kruger effect.
It’s an outrage, and I wonder why this school wasn’t shuttered altogether. These people have no qualifications or even the means to fulfill the promises they make to the children and their families; they use dangerous restraint practices as a matter of course; have no proper channels in place for discipline, supervision, medical or psychiatric care;  impose shockingly inappropriate responsibility upon children (requiring them to restrain each other or supervise other students who are having psychiatric problems); and provide housing that ranges from sub-par to downright hazardous.
Here’s the email I received this evening. Congratulations Kenny! Congratulations TRUTH Campaign! I hope this receives the publicity it deserves.
As founder of the TRUTH Campaign, I want to let you all know that the State investigation into the Family Foundation School has been released.
Refer to this LINK to access the investigation, or go to our homepage on our main website.
I know many of our supporters have been waiting for this day….well, it’s here.  The Family Foundation School was investigated by four state agencies.  They did not find any physical abuse during their visit, but they found many other issues that are means for serious concern.
Thanks to all those who came to Albany with us for the meeting with State officials.
Keep on keeping on,
Dedicated to exposing a more than 30 year history of abusing kids, all in the name of “TREATMENT”
Founder & Campaign Director
The Family Foundation School TRUTH Campaign