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Follow-up on “Rigorous Truth In Duluth”

We just received a comment from the mother of Alex Balluff, who was the victim of a hit-and-run a year and a half ago. Here is a link to our original post: Rigorous Truth in Duluth.

Here is a follow-up story on Alex.

I can’t imagine the nightmare this family has gone through, but I can imagine the financial burden. Anyone interested in helping out the Balluff family can do so here: Bricks For Balluffs.

Let’s hope for a brighter future for Alex and his family.

Dick B is On Youtube

Some of you may be unaware that AA historian and California Raisin, Dick B., has a new Youtube channel. I highly recommend it for any of you who subscribe to Dick’s brand of AA, and made it to our blog by mistake; or for anyone with sadomasicistic tendencies. HERE is a link.

Speaking of Dick, it looks as though another of his lectures to Jesus wound up in in the comment section of our old blog, donewithaa, by mistake. This often happens when a person channels Jesus through the ‘Big Book’ instead of the ‘Good Book’. It’s like reading a Windows document on a Mac, or using translation software to read a foreign website. Sometimes things get lost in translation.

Knowing Jesus reads our blog, because He is as perplexed at using a doorknob to perform miracles as we are – I figured I would link Dick’s post here, where Dick answers Jesus’ question, “what the fuck you are muttering about, Dick?”:

Dear JC:

I make every effort to reply to any courteous email that comes to me at However, some people try to send me messages by clicking on the “Reply” button when they receive one of my “Dick B. FYI Message” newsletters. Such “replies” have been going to a different email address ( that is associated with the program we use for sending out the “Dick B. FYI Message” newsletters. Those “replies” have not been going directly to me. In fact, most never reached me until today, when my son Ken discovered this “secret cache” of backlogged responses and forwarded them to me in a large batch. Sadly, I do not have the time to sift through them all for happy birthday cards vs. genuine questions.

One other point about how people identify themselves when they contact me. When someone writes me—through any medium—and just uses initials like “J.C.” or “Jim C.,” I really don’t care to reply until and unless they identify themselves by using a fuller form of their name and by including their regular (“snail mail”) address. You have no idea how many “Jim’s,” “Jim C.’s,” “JC’s,” and even “James’s” and others—not including spammers—cross my path.

I’m Writing A Book

So, I’m writing a book! And my writing partner is Stanton Peele.

I don’t know what I was waiting for, exactly, to make this announcement… Maybe, at first, I just wanted to be sure that it was actually happening. But, we’ve been working on it for a couple of months now and we just signed with a brilliant agent, who is excited about the book. So, it’s totally happening.

The book is going to be an addiction recovery guide that focuses on developing one’s inner resources. I don’t think I should splash too much specific detail about the book here on the blog, but I was wondering if any of you would like to volunteer to be a little “focus group” — to give your feedback on certain elements of the book.

If you would, please send me an email!

Well, I’m really just so freakin’ excited about this book, and I’m so so happy to finally tell you all what I’ve  been up to.

SOS Sobriety Call for Personal Stories

Joedrywall just posted this in the comments. I thought I’d put it up here. From the SOS site:

Faith Based Treatment Progarms

Are you aware of instances where individuals attended alcohol/drug treatment programs run by faith-based organizations and found these organizations were trying to proselytize to them rather than help them end their addiction? If so, please contact Jim Christopher at He is collecting stories from people who have gone to faith-based organizations that receive federal funding for their addiction recovery programs. Specifically, he is looking for stories that demonstrate how religious organizations that receive government funding are sometimes just as interested in converting individuals  to their religion as they are helping them get sober. Attn: James Christopher

Calendar: Stop 13th Step in AA

The AA members at Stop 13th Step in AA are hosting an event that we would like to call your attention to. If you are in the area, please support their cause. As AA members, they are on a mission to root out sexual and financial abuses within the rooms of AA.

Their Mission Statement:

We of Alcoholics Anonymous feel that NO MEMBER should be sexually or financially harassed in any way, especially Newcomers.
It’s up to us, individuals in the room and in the groups to protect the Minor, The new person, young and old from Predators of any kind.  It’s up to us to make AA Safe.  WE want NY GSO to hear our voices and take responsibility with us.

The Details of the Event:

Saturday, April 3rd from 1-3PM
Doors open at 12:45
Please arrive early as this is a working /workshop event.

Grace Lutheran Church
4427 Overland Ave
Culver City, Ca 90230

Upstairs in the big meeting room.

We want our voices heard in meetings everywhere and in NYGSO.
Plan to attend and bring a friend. There will be round table discussions.

We will discuss the problem both financial and sexual.
We will discuss solutions that can be implemented right away.

please contact us at


So, Tony J has been permanently banned. It’s kind of an event, since we really never thought we’d have to ban anyone, but  I bet nobody’s wondering why. Instead, I bet you’re wondering what the hell took so long.

I’ll tell you what took so long: MA and I really want to make sure that this site is open, and we do not ever want to be accused of censoring someone’s opinions, or banning someone because they disagree with us. Obviously, Tony J stopped disagreeing with us a long time ago, and just started trying to fillibuster and derail any discussion with a spew of the nastiest, unprovoked personal insults and toxic sewage. It never seemed to occur to him that Stinkin’ Thinkin’ is not the town square – it’s our blog. He was here because we let him in, not because he has a right to be here.

When things turned ugly with him (day one), we though that he was proving our point for us more effectively than we were. But, the problem with that is that no matter how much we disagree with AA or AA members, we really don’t think that Tony J is representative of anyone at all, except other abusive, raging, foul-mouthed bigots.

And last night, when Tony J used the term “gay” as an epithet (of course, exposing way more about himself than anyone else), I blew a fuse. So, that’s it. He’s gone. He’s not gone for disagreeing with us – because he doesn’t. He’s gone because he’s despicable and hateful, and he stunk the place up. He can go stink up his friend’s place from now on.

I am sorry for letting the level of discussion take the turn it did over the last few weeks. It won’t happen again.

MA on Radio Skid Row! Welcome Australia!

Goooooodmorning, Stinkin Thinkin!

Hey, Hank Hill…. I mean, MA is gonna be on the radio today! The Morning Show hosts at Radio Skid Row, 88.9FM in Sydney, Australia, have been exploring the cult aspects of 12-Step fellowship recently, and will be interviewing him at 5:30 PM  Atlantic Standard Time (UTC -04), which is 8:30 am GMT  in Sydney.

You can listen live to Radio Skid Row here: .

Radio Skid Row’s website is a little buggy (at least for me) but you can read about them here. And you can visit their facebook page here.

Edited to add:

I just tuned in, since the Morning Show has just started. The hosts are interspersing great music (The Pixies “Monkey Gone to Heaven”) with news and commentary about religious intolerance and human rights. Turn on the radio.

Update: Listen now!

The Serenity Corner

It is difficult, but not impossible, to get banned from our site. We really don’t like to do it, and disagreeing with what we write does not meet the criteria.

Even though our censorship standards are loose, it does not give a person carte blanche to shut down dialog by whatever means they feel is necessary. We tolerate some pretty nasty comments — not to trivialize them, or because we condone them, but to highlight them. Things like racial slurs and personal attacks say more about the person saying them than we could ever illustrate in our blog. We also realize that we write satirically about a group that many feel is a part of who they are as a person. This makes what is cerebral to us, emotional to those who have made AA a part of them. Obviously, that will create an emotional response in some people. That is why we tolerate a lot of anger, but when it becomes obvious that a person is simply trying disrupt the site by filibustering and making an ass of himself or herself, we have to do something about it.

We created The Serenity Corner at the top of the page to highlight those who choose not to play nice, and who we are forced to block from commenting for a period of time. It isn’t banishment, although it might actually lead to that; and a person has to really show his or her ass in order to get here. It is simply a place for someone sit down and cool their heels until they decide to play reasonably nice.

You may agree or disagree with what we write. Express it any way you see fit, even if that happens to be with a joke or a smartass comment, and even if it is at our expense. We do wish that you do say it while making a valid point, but if you have none, that’s fine. Just don’t let your enthusiasm to make your point turn you into a ranting fuckwad, or we’ll have to put you in the serenity corner.