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Welcome and Last Post

From Ilse:

Here’s Stinkin’ Thinkin’ in its museum incarnation. All the posts and comments are available to read, but it’s no longer active. We won’t be posting (unless we have a really good reason or feel like it) and the comments have been disabled. You can read our goodbye post here.

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Happy Independence Day

Freedom to all of you. I hope everyone had a beautiful day!

Jimi Hendrix traditionally kicks off the fireworks here in downtown PDX, blasted from the the barge in the middle of the Willamette:

Spam Filter Is On Warp Drive

Regular commenters have been randomly sucked into the void recently, for absolutely no reason at all. ST now gets several hundred spam comments a day, and there are thousands sitting in the filter — which we purge every few days. We’ve stopped scanning them for stray legitimate comments because it makes our eyes bleed. So, if you have lost a comment, please email me and let me know. I’ll fish it out for you.

This is what I’ve been trying to say.

My blogger crush, John Cole, just said it way better than I ever did. So, I am going to link to this post forevermore.

What the man said:

Lighten Up, Francis: An Illustrated Guide to Balloon Juice Commenting Policy.


Reeling Things In

So… I guess some of you will notice that the community link is gone, and so is the outreach link, and the radio show link. I’ll explain as much as I can without getting shitty, and hope that you’ll at least be understanding if these changes have proved confusing or disruptive.

Stinkin’ Thinkin’ has been spinning out way beyond our ability to manage it, generating some very good things, but mostly a lot of behind-the-scenes divisiveness that has been chewing up time and energy, which I simply cannot afford and genuinely hate with the white hot passion of a thousand suns.

MA and I decided to pull things back in and focus on the blog for the time being. It might seem extreme, but for plain sanity’s sake, it’s a necessity.


Heads Up


Yesterday, a new member named “cuggle” was posting in the neverending thread: March 13 12:34

After a few people responded to him, I found a comment from diablo in the spam filter (where all his comments go, because he is on the blacklist). I thought the comment was bizarre, even for diablo, but then realized that this was actually cuggle’s response to JRH and Mike. Apparently, diablo had forgotten to clear his info from the comment form and replace it with cuggle’s (click to embiggen):

Cuggle/diablo wasn’t on my radar — he steered clear of me. But I know he was working on ingratiating himself with some of you. Since he’s coming in through proxies, I can’t keep him from creating new handles or re-registering on the community pages. The best I can do is whack-a-mole. So, I wanted to make sure that everyone is aware of this, and please be so careful about sharing your personally identifiable information with anyone.

UPDATE: Diablo is having a meltdown in the moderation folder (click on the image and read from the bottom up):


You Can Take the Lunatic Out of AA, But You Can’t Take AA Out of The Lunatic

I made the mistake of approving a comment from Diablo, one of our resident trolls. In a fit of rigorous honesty™, he changed his name and personae, and tried sneak a multi-paragraph tirade through. It began:

Hey I am Steve I am new here. I came around last night and read for awhile trying to see if I fit in here.
This is what I came away with from my reading. Now mind you I am not the best writer nor do I make any attempt to try….

I deleted it, and I’m posting this as a warning, because he is also going through our community pages. These types have a sense of entitlement, and he will likely show up again at some point. If you happen to see any comments here or in the community section that have a tinge of lunacy, and that you suspect may be Diablo, let me or FTG know, and we’ll delete it if it is him.

Fussy Filter Again

Sorry, guys.  The spam filter is on overdrive again. It’s culling regular commenters, which means it will probably start approving spam, too. If anything of yours doesn’t show up right away, don’t worry — it’s not you. I’ll find your comment and approve it.

Life Calls

I have a book to write and some other pressing and consuming business, so posting is going to be light for a while. If anyone has an idea for post they’d like to write, please run it by me — now is a good time. And don’t stop sending me tips and links — I’ll get those up. I mean, I’ll be here, but I won’t be here-be here as much for a little while.

There’s a New Page

I added a Neverending Thread page to the menu bar. What do you think of that?