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The Doctor’s Opinion: You’re Hot!

A Minnesota AA and doctor is in a bit of hot water for violating her ethical responsibilities, and seducing one of her patients. Ann Friedmann, an obstetrician and gynecologist, put a unique spin on 13th stepping. She befriended and began treating another AA with a history of psychological problems, became her sponsor, and set forth on a sexual relationship for the next several months. Her argument was interesting…and typical:

Friedmann denied wrongdoing, arguing that the patient initiated the sexual relationship, and that their professional relationship ended four days later in September 2005.

But the board found that Friedmann violated her legal and ethical duties to maintain professional boundaries, and that she had blurred the lines for months by taking overnight trips with her patient.

Friedmann, who worked at the Women’s Health Center in Northfield, did not dispute the facts: She began treating the patient in January 2005, after they met at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. The patient, a 39-year-old woman with “a complex medical and psychiatric history,” asked Friedmann to become her AA sponsor that April, and for a month, Friedmann agreed.

Medical practices board reprimands two doctors

First, she held true to the AA script by reminding the patient/sponsee of “her part” in the abuse, and then minimized her abuse as a physician by claiming the professional relationship ended within a few days. What she or this article does not mention is the fact that she continued in her role as an AA sponsor to manipulate the very person who she was supposed to be counseling. Nobody from AA will speak out about this, and she will not be held accountable for her manipulation of her sponsee. Unlike the medical board, there is no oversight. It will be business as usual in the separate universe of AA.

In a second case, the board suspended another physician for failing a required drug test. Maybe she should give Dr. Friedmann a call, and join her group. She has an open slot for a new sponsee.

Thank you, Truthseeker…

Our new commenter, Truthseeker, revived and old post about Lance Glock — generating more hits to that post, and, thereby, increasing its page ranking on google. He also inspired MA to post an update to that post, in which MA called Glock a scumbag in the title. All this is a good case in point for how sometimes it’s really best not to poke at old dogpoo with a stick.

Lance’s Hot Tub. Ew!

In his righteous indignation, and blustering obfuscation, Truthseeker also accused a competitor of Glock’s of maliciously conspiring to take him down on a bogus rape charge — and he mentioned this woman here by name: Verna Sanchez.

Now his mention of this woman’s name sent me off on a google mission, and what I found was a very interesting thread, in which people who know Glock personally, are part of his community and are acquainted with him, speak out about their personal experiences with him. Check it out: Continue reading Thank you, Truthseeker…

13th Stepping North Carolina Style

Douglas LePage is an AA in North Carolina who was convicted of drugging and raping a 14-year old girl. In this case, he laced the girl’s banana cream pie with clonazepam and benzos, and sneaked into the guest room where the girl was sleeping, where he sexually assaulted her. His wife, who he had also drugged, lay passed out in her bed at the time.

This was not the first time LePage had done this type of thing, of course. He had honed his molestation skills in AA, where picked up another AA, who was sixteen years old, and who he eventually molested:

“At trial, the State presented the following evidence pursuant to N.C. Gen. Stat. § 8C-1 Rule, 404(b). First, the trial court offered the testimony of B.E. B.E. testified that in July 2006, when she was sixteen years old, she met Defendant at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. Within a few months of becoming friends with Defendant, Defendant began to discuss his sexual problems with B.E. Defendant told her that he could no longer have sex because he had injected drugs into his groin. However, Defendant told B.E. that he could “make [B.E.] feel like a woman, meaning perform oral sex [on her], touch [her], protrude [sic] [her] in other ways.” Defendant told B.E. that he did not have a problem with her age because “it’s legal in North Carolina.” B.E. ended her relationship with Defendant because she “got scared.” Defendant contends that the ‘trial court erred in admitting this evidence because it was not sufficiently similar to the charged offenses.'”

This an interesting take the ‘amends steps’ 8 and 9.

As they say in AA, “some are sicker than others”, and this scumbag is about as sick as it gets. It seems that in addition to drugging underage girls he seduces in AA meetings, he enjoys drugging family members so he can molest them, as well:

“The State also presented a videotape displaying sexual activity involving Defendant and his female cousin, L.E. The video was taken during the time Defendant left his home and went to stay with L.E. in Ohio. In the video, Defendant can be seen inserting objects into L.E.’s vagina. L.E. did not appear to be conscious during the activity, and she testified at trial that she did not remember the activity. L.E. also testified that she did not consent to the activity and that she remembered being ill and vomiting during Defendant’s visit.”

Fortunately, this piece of garbage will continue his AA spiritual growth in a North Carolina prison, where he will be spending the next 27 to 34 years. No doubt he will find plenty AA meetings behind bars, but maybe this time the person getting 13th stepped will be him.

Treatment With A Bang

The founder of a California 12-step treatment facility has been arrested and charged with rape. Lance Glock, who owns the Johnson Sober Living House along with his wife, decided to take time away from her to have a sexual encounter with another AA:

The 27-year-old alleged victim was the only prosecution witness to testify at the preliminary hearing for Lance Glock, co-owner of Johnson Sober Living House.

The woman testified that in August she and Glock took a motorcycle ride into Azusa-Canyon, where she said he forced her to perform oral sex.

After leaving Azusa-Canyon on Glock’s motorcycle, the woman testified, Glock brought her to another one of his sober living homes in Azusa and raped her.

“I said, `No, you’re hurting me. Ouch. You’re hurting me. Stop,”‘ the woman said. “We think and we blame ourselves, but this is not my fault.”

The woman said she initially told the owner of a competing sober living home and another woman about the alleged rape during an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in September.

Not knowing the facts of the case, I have no opinion as to whether this guy committed a crime or not, but I do know that at a minimum he abused his authority and status in AA in order to receive sex from an AA subordinate who was not his wife. Even if this is not rape, it is 13th stepping to the degree of which Bill Wilson would be proud. Of course, in true AA style, he paints a different picture of himself on his website:

“Lance believes a Sober Living community is an integral part of the process of recovery, and that sober living helped him to become a better person, teaching him compassion and concern for the well being of others. He says sober living houses offer viable, tangible solutions for homelessness, starvation, employment, and an opportunity to learn to care for the well being of others.”

This is standard AA nonsense, and this piece of shit – who boasts 23 years of being in Alcoholics Anonymous – is typical of the narcissistic jackasses who serve AA as old-timers and role models. The saddest part of this story is that it is not uncommon. I’d bet my dog that his isn’t the first time this asshole has done this sort of thing, but hopefully it will be the first time he is held accountable.

Another AA Sexual Assault

Here is a story out of Winnipeg about an AA whose character flaws include raping and beating women. His first victim was his ex-wife, who he met at an AA meeting. Naturally, AA welcomed him back with open arms. The second victim was another woman he had 13th stepped in AA and started dating, and though they had stopped dating, she remained his friend, and drove to his home to help him when he phoned her in a drunker stupor. She was met with this:

The man put duct tape over her face, bound her hands and legs together and then sodomized her. He also demanded she call her 18-year-old daughter to come over so he could sexually assault her while she watched. She was repeatedly beaten when she refused. The man also threatened to hit her with a lead pipe.

I wonder why this woman’s higher power™, an all-knowing AA god who was kind  enough to take away her shortcomings and keep her sober, would not keep her out of harms way by advising her not to show up at this guy’s home to help him in the first place.

Ask a true AA believer, and you will be told this guy was obviously not working the program correctly, or he would not have been drunk in the first place. Or, maybe he was not a real alcoholic, as the steps only work for real alcoholics. What I wonder is why his higher power™, who was standing idly by, waiting for him to really start working those steps properly, would not step in and intervene in this situation. It seems like if He (the higher power) were going to allow this guy to victimize a person, He would have forced this AA to grab a bat or a baton and sodomize himself. Now that would be a higher power™ I could believe in.

Calendar: Stop 13th Step in AA

The AA members at Stop 13th Step in AA are hosting an event that we would like to call your attention to. If you are in the area, please support their cause. As AA members, they are on a mission to root out sexual and financial abuses within the rooms of AA.

Their Mission Statement:

We of Alcoholics Anonymous feel that NO MEMBER should be sexually or financially harassed in any way, especially Newcomers.
It’s up to us, individuals in the room and in the groups to protect the Minor, The new person, young and old from Predators of any kind.  It’s up to us to make AA Safe.  WE want NY GSO to hear our voices and take responsibility with us.

The Details of the Event:

Saturday, April 3rd from 1-3PM
Doors open at 12:45
Please arrive early as this is a working /workshop event.

Grace Lutheran Church
4427 Overland Ave
Culver City, Ca 90230

Upstairs in the big meeting room.

We want our voices heard in meetings everywhere and in NYGSO.
Plan to attend and bring a friend. There will be round table discussions.

We will discuss the problem both financial and sexual.
We will discuss solutions that can be implemented right away.

please contact us at

"Safe Haven"

I have been making reference in the comments to an opinion piece in the August issue of Grapevine, which is titled: “Safe Haven, Keeping the rooms free of predation: Whose responsibility is it?” and I think it’s about time I actually put it up here. It’s not available online, and it’s rather long, so I’ll transcribe some of it.

It begins:

How safe is your AA meeting? Have you ever personally not felt safe? Have you ever had someone give you a hug and walked away with an uncomfortable feeling?

I ask these questions because I view with concern the sexual predation that I’ve seen in AA meetings. I have seen it happen in all gender relationships, but my personal experience is as a woman being preyed upon by men.

I know what many of you are thinking, “Well, that’s an outside issue,” but I disagree. How can it be an outside issue if it affects my safety in the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous? Continue reading "Safe Haven"