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Progress, Not Perfection for Al U.

The steps seem to be working for racecar driver Al Unser Jr. Sure, he got popped for a third drunk driving charge a few weeks ago – but this time he didn’t beat up his girlfriend or flee from the scene of an accident. I’d call that progress, and so does he:

Unser Making Progress After Relapse
“You know, considering the circumstances I’m under, things are going a lot better, but it’s still one day at a time,” he said. “So I’m back on my program and that sort of thing and we’re going to do the best we can and get over this speedbump that’s in my life.”

Nice work, Al!

Because you need donuts when you are torching a building to save lives

Thomas Downey had just been released from prison and needed a meeting. He also needed donuts.

The story is here.

Today’s 12-Step AAll-Star: Hogwashed

Today’s 12-step AAll-star is from our very own comment section. Hogwashed was able to step away from his/her serenity long enough to give us all a good scolding. Now, normally if an AA relies on the standards like “judges are sending these clowns to AA, and it isn’t our fault”; or, “AA had a 90% success rate back when Bill and Dr. Bob rand the show,” it doesn’t warrant AAll-star status. These things are easily overplayed. But some people just play the classics really well, and I’ll be hogtied if this isn’t one of those cases. This is one fine serenity rant. Congratulations, Hogwashed!

Slogabosity: 8
ad hominemnitude: 7
Serenitude: 9
Truthiness: 10

Total: 8.5

LOL, I see most of the negative comments people are leaving are from those who have never been to an AA meeting, or went to a few and quit going. Sounds like to me you are fear mongering over something you have no clue about, or are soured by something in your personal life, and taking it out on AA as a whole, If you’re going to speak about something, get your facts straight before you comment, and stop being ignorant.
AA doesn’t recruit first of all. If somebody wants to beat their addiction on will power, then go for it and see how far you’ll make it, because no one shows up at an AA meeting for coffee and conversation, so something must be seriously wrong with you if you’re there in the first place.
Secondly, AA cannot be held responsible for some deranged people that should be in jail to begin with, so why don’t you take it up with the judge or jury that released these convicts. AA is a non profit organization that wants nothing but to help other suffering alcoholics, in order to help themselves.
Thirdly, if anyone is a DR. or scientist here and has the cure for alcoholism, why are you keeping it a secret?? If not then close your lips, and get off your soap box.
AA has been the only thing that has been closest to a “cure” for addiction since 70 years ago when it started. And was started in part by 2 doctors in addition to Bill W..
Fourthly..Convicts are sent mandatory to AA and such programs by the judge.
People who voluntarily go to AA have an 90 % success rate since Bill W and DR Bob started the program. It wasn’t until the 60′s and 70′s that rehabs got their hands into the money pit that the AA message became washed and weak, and the courts starting sending convicts to it.
AA is not really a religious program, the only thing is you believe in something greater then[sic] yourself. weather[sic] its the fellowship, the meetings, God etc. Because like I said before, If you’re in an AA meeting to begin with, you obviously have some problems, and haven’t been able to deal with them by yourself.
I’d be interested in hearing rebuttals, but obviously a majority of people here are too fat headed and ignorant, to change their minds. Which I could care less, because I understand, “Ignorance is Bliss” Have a miserable day. : )
Oh and by the way, If anyone wants to call me a big book thumper or such, I’m not necessarily in any program or belief, I just research things and experience them before i start spouting off ignorant spittle at people or about people.
I’d take on anyone in a conversation like wise about politics, current events, or religion.

AllyB’s Quote of the Day

AllyB posted this comment in MA’s “Quotes of the Day” post, and I thought it deserved to be on the front page, along with AnnaZed’s response. So, finally (sorry it took so long)! Here it is:

AllyB says:

We just don’t understand you see, we’re just amateurs. Heres’ what I learned on S[ober]R[ecovery] yesterday:
That’s the difference between amateurs who think they know all about this disease and professionals who have been educated in the different stages of recovery and how to bait, cajole, feed, shove and rejoice with an alkie who actually becomes a healthy, productive person. If you do things in the wrong order, you’ll just loose the alkie and they’ll end up dead.

Not that different from working with an abused woman. They go thru their own stages as well, and if you use the wrong approach at the wrong time she’ll end up just as dead as the alkie.

When you see the Moderators here at SR removing posts and locking threads that’s the reason why. Some amateur has gotten a big head and is interfering in the work that is being done by people who actually know what they are doing.

Moderator, SR

And then later:

Continue reading AllyB’s Quote of the Day

Today’s 12-Step AAllstar: William Hay

UPDATE!: Here is a link that DeConstructor found with reviews from Dr Hay’s patients. This whack job is perfect for AA!


Here is blog entry from William Hay titled: Stinking Thinking and Dry Drunk. This guy is an AA poster boy:

“In AA the characteristic of being a ‘legend in one’s mind’ was recognised as evidence of close mindedness and isolation and not attending enough face to face AA meetings. When one goes to enough meetings, sometimes to break out of the insaneity of ‘dry drunkeness’ one needs to do meetings daily or more, or whatever it takes to recognise that others have problems too, that one isn’t terminally unique and that no one, especially drunks, have a monopoly on suffering. Specifically drunks learn that they are more likely themselves to have been victimizers than victims and that they need to make amends routinely because they are by nature of their disease very angry people who carry resentments to people, institutions and especially to principles.
Further, the strange malady of alcoholics is that they rarely can see or hear themselves but must see and hear another alcoholic’s emotional drama before they can identify, empathize and realize that they too are in that state again.”

How would you like to be stuck on an elevator with this guy? Sheeeesh.

Quote of the Day

Donald Quinn sent in this post he found on craigslist from a poster called “anylengths.” Hopefully it will give Murray his fix of I don’t want what they have for today.

Just wanted to top post something . . . < anylengths > 04/29 10:56:50

For the bigbookbobs, mrbullshits and moldysaras to recommend against and malign an organization which has by the testimony of millions has helped them to recover from the depths of hells they can’t imagine is the most hateful, spiteful and unconscionable act of evil one human being can perpetuate upon another.

Over half a million people have died horrible and pathetic deaths from alcoholism this year already partially because of the likes of mr. bull_shit and bigbookbob.

These guys are accomplices to the murders of some of these suffers who could have recovered and lead full lives like many of us here and I really feel bad for these hate mongers because the universe is going to give back to them what they put into it.

Many mostly anti-AA’ers like smurf, spa, daeg, starfodder and the likes have either found for themselves or witnessed the absolutely remarkable benefits of 12-step programs (or just the fellowship part) in their own lives or the lives of others and have given testimony to that here, and yet you call them all liars, I just don’t get it.

Now the bobs, moldies and mr.bullshits are trying for some kind of martyrdom here in this forum by calling all of these recovering and recovered people here fucking liars and telling them that their personal stories are lies and not real and AA/NA hasn’t and never did help any of them?

Well, the universe is watching and I wish them all the luck in their pointless hate and chaos campaign they’re waging against the good souls here trying to help alcoholics and addicts to recover the way they’ve been blessed with recovery.

AA saved my life, my family and my soul and you calling me and the rest of us liars doesn’t diminish these truths in any way.

Remember kids, there’s always a price to be paid.

I Can't Help Myself

I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t share this quote that “stevesien” left over in the Caledonia Courier “Were You Conned?”  comments section. The sheer, sparkling lunacy of it all just makes all weepy:

“Two hundred years from now, the 20th century won’t be remembered for penicillin or landing on the moon, but for the 12 Steps,” says Graeme Cunningham, director of addiction with Homewood Health Centre in Guelph and associate professor of psychiatry at Hamilton’s McMaster University.

Today's 12-Step AAll-Star: Misfit

starI ran across today’s 12-Step AAll-Star on a google search. It isn’t from a site about drinking, but from one about conspiracy theories and such. One of the members proposed the question as to whether AA is a secret society, and a nice little debate started. It is a pretty interesting discussion, but got even better when today’s All-Star, Misfit, stepped into the ring for battle. This guy is full of all kinds of AA goodness. Enjoy:

“I can’t it hide any longer.

Yes, we are a cult. Damn good one being it is just now questioned.
We sit outside bars more than cops do, looking for recruits to initiate (10 points each)
The “can’t leave” bit, kinda true: you can leave, but that first handshake you got from a member actually had a skin-pricker in it, you were tagged with a micro-implant, we will always no where you are and what you are doing. The closed meetings are the nite we sacrifice little babies and virgins (babies are easier to find)”

Now, even I can detect he is being sarcastic – but this paragraph might not play too well to an audience of of conspiracy theorists who are already in bed with the idea of Area 51 little green men, and LBJ and Castro hooking up to knock off JFK.

“K, back to rationality. Just venting at the ridiculous theme this thread is.

Seems the author of that little write-up has a serious alcohol problem, could not banish it with AA, and instead is now venting his own demise targeting AA for the outlet. (to that rehab counsellor that posted – you did not see this theory? That’s it, you’re FIRED !! lolol)”

Misfit starts out with a classic full frontal attack. He accused the writer of a posted article as being drunk and angry because AA failed him. This comes naturally to Misfit, because Continue reading Today's 12-Step AAll-Star: Misfit

Today's 12-step AAll-Star: Tipsy McStagger

starThis is the first installment in our new Category: 12-step AAll-Stars. Here, we find a quote from a 12-stepper in one of the many AA forums and websites. Steppers say the darndest things, and there are a lot of honorable mentions out there, but it takes someone really special to make the 12-step AAll-Star team

Today’s AAllstar is Tipsy McStagger, who posted the following quote over at this forum, under the title “Anti-AA Rhetoric”:

“I often come across people who have very negative thoughts about AA. They talk about it like it’s either some sort of evil cult that’s after all your worldly possessions and your first born child or like it’s some sort of spiritual Amway that’s brainwashed you into trying to sell your new found “faith” to anyone who will listen….”

We don’t believe AA wants all of our world possession or first born children. That is just absurd to say. No way could they ever get away with this, although we are fairly sure they would take these things if they could. As for the second point, I think Mr McStagger is dead on. At least, this describes my opinion in a fairly accurate way.

“One thing I’ve noticed is that some of the most vehement anti AA people are former AA members. Maybe because the people who leave feel animosity because AA didn’t deliver on what was promised or they don’t want to take responsibility for their own failure to follow the simple program so they lash out and justify their quitting by insisting that AA is a cult and that they were “too strong willed” to be brainwashed, etc….”

Actually, the only anti-AA people he hears criticize AA, is former AA members. Why? Because current members aren’t allowed to question, much less criticize, the program. It isn’t that current AAs don’t hate the program. Most do, as is demonstrated by the fact that nine out of ten newcomers sitting around him at any given meeting are going to leave. Sure, they aren’t saying anything critical while they are there, but if they had cartoon-like thought bubbles pop up out of their heads, he would read such things as “How many times has this insufferable know-it-all spewed this same drunkalog?” or “Three more meetings, and I’m done with the court order!” or “Is that the gal my sponsor is screwing?” or “I wonder what time the bar closes. This is making me want to drink”.

Notice, also, that he makes the assumption that those who question AA are bitter because AA did not work for them. AA works for nobody, although some within AA fall under that percentage of Alkies who quit. What he is really expressing here is the fallacious idea that leaving AA means a person has returned to the sauce. This is the “do the steps or die” mentality.

“My question is this, when you encounter the people in your life who express these thoughts and feelings, whether they’re former AA members or just people with ridiculous misconceptions, how do you respond? I love a good heated debate so I usually get right in their face and give them a verbal bitch slapping that usually leaves them feeling quite humiliated and embarrassed for being foolish enough to condemn something they know so little about. It makes me feel good and I’m sure I do it more for my own ego then to defend AA. Lets just say that I doubt Bill W. would approve….”

This paragraph is just beautiful, and is what makes this AAer today’s AAll-Star. What he is saying here is: “When I encounter someone who thinks it is ridiculous that AA will provide them with humility, peace, serenity; and an end to selfish and self-seeking behavior – like it did with me – I get so fucking angry that I want to verbally abuse them to feed my ego (which I no longer have, thanks to AA). It makes me feel good to degrade others when they don’t feel the inner peace and serenity that I feel.”

I wonder if this guy crosses his fingers during the Serenity Prayer. This post is two years old, so the chances are probable that Tipsy is no longer in AA, but I really hope he is. He will make a great sponsor one day.