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Alcoholics Anonymous and the TABOO of the GEOGRAPHIC change.




Geographical Cure (a.k.a Geographic ):
An effort to cure our alcoholism by getting a ‘fresh start’ in a new location. It doesn’t work. There is a saying around AA, ‘Wherever you go, there you are.’

I remember having about five years sober in AA and approaching my sponsor for guidance. I had done well and established a very successful business. In my success I started to look at property in an idyllic location where my family and I had always wanted to live. I had saved enough money to buy a house there for cash. My wife and I had picked out a house and were ready to make our move. Being a good AA I decided to check with my spiritual advisor and sponsor first. Much to my disappointment, he told me that it was dangerous for me to buy this house and move so far from my support group. Clearly I was brainwashed; AA and my sponsor had become my lifeline. I had such a lack of confidence in myself from working the AA program and listening to the rhetoric of the group that I was unable to stand on my own two feet. I was completely dependent on the program and fellowship. As someone who has disconnected from AA, I can look back and see what a shame this is. I see now that AA did not give me power but that it completely crippled me. I have not been living my own life but have been living the lives of others. I remember hearing how bad it was to move away from a persons AA group but never recall hearing anyone share about experiencing a move in which they drank. Members would share that if an alcoholic were to move away from their group they would drink. They would even share that subconciously it was probably an underlying reason for the move. Remember, the great obsession of every alcoholic is to drink normally.

Another factor that plays into the AA’s management of the geographic move is the God implication. Whether implied or by direction the AA seems to rely heavily on the notion that God will do for the alcoholic what he cannot do for himself. Live and let live and let go and let God would seem to directly conflict with any sponsors direction regarding a geographic change, unless of course the AA sponsor is a direct channel from God.

Bottom line; what business does any AA have meddling with the personal life choices and goals of anyone who wanders in their door?  Have you been incapacitated by a sponsor who told you not to make a geographic change?  Were you pressured to stay in your community?  This may be the place to talk about it and share opposing viewpoints so that those who are still crippled by AA can gain insight and make their own decisions.

A Call To Action. Stinkin’ Thinkin’ input wanted!

I am working on our first web printable Stinkin’ Thinkin’ PDF pamphlet: S.T.A.M.P. Stinkin’ Thinkin’ A Meeting in Print.

I would like to hear your ideas for this project so we can achieve the best possible result. Remember what we are dealing with.

I think it is a losing battle to attack something that society has embraced so thoroughly. Effective condemnation of AA is similar to convincing people that diamonds are undesirable after a ten million dollar DeBeers advertising campaign. We need to put a “chink in the armor” of AA. Society needs to understand that AA is not effective for everyone even though it has had a seemingly profound affect on someone they know. Options need to be available so that an individual can have the dignity of choice and achieve the best possible outcome.

So be nice, come up with good ideas, and have fun. This printable PDF will give people the ability to carry the message of Stinkin’ Thinkin’ wherever they go!