AA Responds to Predation in the Rooms

Originally Posted July 31, 2011

In 2010, Paul E. Clearly, Trustee of the General Service Board of AA, Inc. submitted a report about child sexual abuse in AA to the GSB’s Subcommittee on Vulnerable Members in AA (I know!). He detailed several shocking instances of predation and implored the GSB to take responsibility for the safety of AA’s most vulnerable members. He concludes:

For a host of moral, ethical, and legal reasons, it’s time for the General Service Board to provide leadership in addressing the issue of child sexual abuse in AA.

Read Paul Cleary’s very revealing 7-page report, “Predators in AA,” and don’t miss the GSB’s predictably despicable abdication of responsibility on the last page. There is some reference to GSB’s response around the web, for instance here,  here and here, but I could find only one  reference to Cleary’s original report (which I was unable to download as a pdf, but could view in google docs) [No longer available].


  • I am sure this is one leaked memo AA wishes never got out. But it was great that it did as it exposes AA how they turn their back on the same members they profess to serve and care about. All they care about is bringing in money.

    http://www.nadaytona.org Violent Criminals in AA and NA

  • Clarabelle12

    I doubt it. AA doesn’t have dominion over its members. SMART makes a point of specifically distancing itself from behavior away from its rooms.

  • Ray Black

    I remember attending A.A. in Vancouver, Wa. and hearing about 10% or 20% of the time some guy saying, they didn’t join A.A. to quit smoking, or gambling, or having sex, etc.. But I never heard one say they didn’t join to quit being a ChoMo. Because they would have been jumped in the parking lot. So the problem is to Make being a Chomo and/or even a 13th stepper an offense and against the bylaws and/or make it the new real 13th step. Came to realize that preying upon newcomers of all ages was repudiation of all preceeding 12 steps.

  • Anon

    AA is not for profit and has only ONE primary purpose.