Pernicious Propaganda for “Moderate Drinking”

Kevin Jones, who for the sake of anonymity shall henceforth be referred to as “Kevin J,” is a 12-stepper who has taken enough time off from his serenity and otherwise strict adherence to AA’s 10th tradition, to post a must-read review of Stanton Peele’s and Ilse’s book. He didn’t much care for it, and gave it a single star.

“Peele attacks Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) repeatedly, in ways that show no real knowledge. Yes, there is religiosity in AA, but many members simply ignore it. Since 1975 there have been explicitly secular AA groups, with such names as “We Agnostics”. Peele never mentions the AA-published book, “Living Sober”, which is secular and gives excellent advice for getting and staying sober. Peele never mentions two important organizations: Secular Organizations for Sobriety (SOS) and LifeRing. Peele never mentions the AA Preamble, which concisely tells exactly what AA is and is not. He never mentions the Traditions, which have kept AA alive for three-quarters of a century. He never mentions the great freedom in AA — for the group and for the individual — nor the fact that AA is entirely free.

In short, this book is both worthless and harmful. One star is one star too many.”

On the plus side, Kevin J gives the Lance Dodes Serenity Voodoo Doll™ a full five stars. Maybe I’ll buy one to help relieve the stress of Ilse charging me full price to read her sham of a book.



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