Monica Richardson’s “13th Step — The Documentary”

It’s really happening! Congratulations, Monica!

  • massive

  • Joyce

    Is Stinkin Thinkin back in business? I used to post here regularl-like 2-3 years ago before the gracious host shut it down.

    • massive

      me too. Cant wait !!! I loved this blog !

  • Glad to see the film is progressing and that Stinkin Thinkin will come back in some form. Let me know when you are back in action!

  • Leslie Bary

    Said your best thinking was wrong, oh yes — how destructive it is! (Greetings from Al-Anon refugee Z!)

    • massive

      Leslie- I know. I think that is so damaging and I got so mad when Kali told me they said that to her. They are stuck in 1955!!! LOL

  • Great to see the film is finished and has won and award in Beverly Hills. It is being shown at Cannes this week and will be shown in London next week. I put some details on my blog

    • Yes this is a great achievement of the anti AA initiative to expose AA and NA for the dangerous fear mongering cult that it is! Violent Criminals in AA and NA

  • Monica is showing the film in London on Wednesday 15th of Feb Tickets are free.