Monica Richardson’s “13th Step — The Documentary”

It’s really happening! Congratulations, Monica!

  • massive

  • Joyce

    Is Stinkin Thinkin back in business? I used to post here regularl-like 2-3 years ago before the gracious host shut it down.

    • massive

      me too. Cant wait !!! I loved this blog !

  • Lovinglife52

    Glad to see the film is progressing and that Stinkin Thinkin will come back in some form. Let me know when you are back in action!

  • Leslie Bary

    Said your best thinking was wrong, oh yes — how destructive it is! (Greetings from Al-Anon refugee Z!)

    • massive

      Leslie- I know. I think that is so damaging and I got so mad when Kali told me they said that to her. They are stuck in 1955!!! LOL