Monica Richardson’s “13th Step — The Documentary”

It’s really happening! Congratulations, Monica!

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  • Joyce

    Is Stinkin Thinkin back in business? I used to post here regularl-like 2-3 years ago before the gracious host shut it down.

    • massive

      me too. Cant wait !!! I loved this blog !

  • Glad to see the film is progressing and that Stinkin Thinkin will come back in some form. Let me know when you are back in action!

  • Leslie Bary

    Said your best thinking was wrong, oh yes — how destructive it is! (Greetings from Al-Anon refugee Z!)

    • massive

      Leslie- I know. I think that is so damaging and I got so mad when Kali told me they said that to her. They are stuck in 1955!!! LOL

  • Great to see the film is finished and has won and award in Beverly Hills. It is being shown at Cannes this week and will be shown in London next week. I put some details on my blog

    • Yes this is a great achievement of the anti AA initiative to expose AA and NA for the dangerous fear mongering cult that it is! Violent Criminals in AA and NA

  • Monica is showing the film in London on Wednesday 15th of Feb Tickets are free.

    • Tom Cross

      I need an exorcism

      Freedom Fellowship is an AA group located in Los Altos in the South Bay Area. Please google for their current location. They were located in Mountain View CA a few years ago. I am charging a member of Freedom Fellowship in mountain view with the crime of possession. I have been attacked by a man named “Dave” for 5 Years. His spirit visited me at my mom’s house 5 years ago and possessed my body. I took detailed notes and gave the notes to Freedom Fellowship. The spiritual attacks continued. Dave tried to steal my identity “spirit” from me. I tried to make peace with Dave’s spirit many times and tell him to return to his Christianity which didn’t work. Dave’s intent was to steal my liberalism from me. His method was to possess my sex attraction and slowly siphon my spirit off of me. He also used my Christianity against me. He tried to bribe my Christianity in order to buy my soul. He gained my trust and channeled his spirit through me through a process called relating. Dave wanted to get rid of his spirit by dumping it onto my body. He wanted me to join his fellowship and assume his identity. He wanted to “trade” spirits with me. I have approached the church for help. Dave overstepped the rules outlined in his Freedom Fellowship and attacked outside people. My phone is 6504305429

      Detailed information about the possession:

      From: Tom Cross
      Date: September 27, 2013 at 11:44:20 AM PDT
      Subject: Demonic Possession

      * Reverend Gary Thomas,
      * I have been terrorized, infected, with an evil spirit. The spirit is from a old man in AA. The evil spirit describes itself as the “fat old man”. I need your help exorcising the evil spirit. The evil spirit has tried to infect and threatened to infect my mom. The evil spirit is an occultist from Freedom Fellowship in Mountain View. Freedom fellowship is an AA location where the evil man spends his time. This man is practising witchcraft against me. His name is “Dave” and you can find him at Freedom Fellowship near Castro street and Central expressway. His friend attends the same meeting and her name is Barbara in case you can’t find him there. He may be in hiding.
      * AA offers a salvation for people that want/need it. The AA program says that the program is “voluntary”. I chose to leave AA. Much of the evil occurred after I left the program. This proves that there are some evil people in AA that possess you and brainwash you in the privacy of your own home. People in AA have spiritual skills that can be used against you. I ran into a Pink Nazi guy that thought he can steal your identity/spirit from you. This is criminal and satanic. I now understand that conservatives do not know more than liberals. Before I joined AA, I thought that they might know something that I didn’t.
      I am going back to my liberal/Christian life before I joined AA. If my memories are not all there, I will have to rebuild.
      Please note that not all AA people are criminals out to steal your identity.

      Tom Cross • 6 months ago AA people receive an AA salvation that is a type of love in their head that they can stand up with. Some AA people think that because they have received Eternal Life that they can attack outside people and get away with it. They ruin your spiritual appearance(the way your eternal spirit looks). The ugly dumbo that attacked me said, “I’m ugly and I make you ugly!” This old conservative man in AA is a psychotic self-deluded individual that needs to be locked up or executed.

      Tom Cross • 6 months ago Yes. That would be great.

      Tom Cross • 6 months ago AA people run mind control experiments on unsuspecting visitors of AA. Beware!

      Tom Cross • 6 months ago I said that the dumbo demon didn’t possess me. This is incorrect. It possessed me and caused a lot of damage to my spirit.

      Tom Cross • 6 months ago The pink spirit violated Christianity trust tonight. I showed it kindness through Jesus Christ. The pink spirit then tried to dismantle a chunk of love in the right hand side of my head. It doesn’t believe in Christianity. The pink spirit tries to hum people into submission. This is like someone standing next to you making humming noises.

      Tom Cross • 6 months ago the old man in AA tried to destroy my Christianity. and every salvation offered to me. But my Christianity remains with me. Jesus Christ is a salvation. I will look for him outside of AA.

      Tom Cross • 6 months ago AA is a salvation. I did not want to make war against a salvation. However, there are individuals in AA that are misusing their salvation to destroy other outsiders lives. They have spiritual skills in AA and they know how to negatively effect your spiritual body. I believe that a man in AA possessed me last night or pressured me to write the comment that “He did not possess me.” The truth is he did possess me and ruin my bright liberal spirit. My spirit is now in a state that when I die, I won’t go upstairs into heaven. My spirit is full of fear that they created and it will go downstairs into hell.
      Be careful of people in AA. They are not all honest.

      Tom Cross • 6 months ago Peace to those people.

      Tom Cross • 6 months ago He did not possess me.

      * Discussion on Stinkin’ Thinkin’
      “Every time I walk into an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, I’m reminded I’m a liar and a sneak.”
      Tom Cross • 6 months ago I am going to try and make peace with the guy whom is possessing me. If it doesn’t work, that’s his problem.

      Tom Cross • 6 months ago I feel my head cracking and breaking up. There is a disgusting evil spirit blob around my head. I hear the voice of the irritating old conservative man from AA and the blob appears to be the spirit body of the old man. I get the idea in my head that my spirit head with break up if I attempt to follow my dream and that the AA man is holding me hostage. He wants to steal my liberal spirit and get me to forcibly accept his pink, stupid looking spirit. That man is a moron.

      Tom Cross • 6 months ago I have isolated the root problem to be one member of AA who “piped” his spirit onto my spirit which caused all of the problems. The AA organization as a whole probably does not support possession. I am working on a solution. Sorry for the confusion.

      Tom Cross • 6 months ago I have new information that verifies and validates what I originally reported about my AA/after AA experience:
      I saw a spirit blob oozed very near my mom and I saw what
      * appeared to be fear in my mom’s appearance. My mom used to have Nice Things
      * appearance. The dark ooze is the same hairy blob I saw near my own head.
      The evil spirit appears to want to turn me against Steve
      * Jobs, Bob Marley, my mom, and Jesus Christ.
      The evil AA spirit appears in me whenever I doubt. 2nd
      * thoughts are fear. They AA evil spirit attaches itself to my fear and manipulates the fear in me … a fear monger.
      The evil spirit impersonates people that I know or know of.
      * It acts like them and gives false advice.
      I do this to fight the evil spirit – Laugh at the the Pink Dumbo’s stupidity.the evil spirit says this over and over with a monotone humming voice “I am a moron. I am a moron.”
      The Pink Dumbo looks through the old fear on the right hand
      * side of my head when I don’t care on the left. Care on the left!
      The Pink Dumbo found the inner most fear on my head and
      * related onto it. He disabled my Hollywood Music standup. He said that he would “hold
      * onto me wherever I go.”
      I was offered a new Liberal Spirit for keeping these emails.
      * Was it Jesus Christ or Liberal Spirits that offered me the spirit? The new
      * spirit should exorcise the demon which is ruining my life.
      One more thing … Some(not all) AA people appear to be
      * misusing their salvation as a way to attack normal drinkers. The brainwash
      * normal drinkers in such a way that they “Ha Ha Fool You.” Ha ha fooling is a
      * technique where one person gets you to pay attention to them and then they
      * confuse you. Believe it or not, this allows them to “brighten their spirit” at
      * your expense. They steal spiritual brightness from you. This kills your spirit.
      * These AA people are not human beings but predatory criminals who are trying to
      * set themselves up for a bright afterlife. Your own spirit loses it’s brightness
      * and dries up. This is what happened to me. A complete loser at AA did this to
      AA (or one AA loser) ruined the life I had planned down in Hollywood.

      Tom Cross • 7 months ago I had a really bad experience in AA because of one person. I am not sure what exactly happened. I don’t think that everyone in AA is bad. Maybe it is only one person that affected me. Please don’t think that AA is bad for every person. I just didn’t fit in to AA because I didn’t get along with one individual. This ruined my AA experience.