AA Sends Out Its Anonymity Letter

And Romenesko has picked up on it!

A day after a Romenesko reader noted that Roger Ebert was an Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor for reporters, A.A. sent a message to journalists on its email list. It says that “our fellowship does not comment on matters of public controversy, but we are happy to provide information about A.A. to anyone who seeks it.”

Check out some of the comments.

  • AfricanRockFish

    The Republican Party would probably blow up Harlem for the chance to dictate their coverage as much as AA gets to dictate their own coverage in the media.

    • dave

      is that your real picture, you look like you could use a meeting

      • shysterbill

        He just came from a meeting.

        • guest

          Shut up!
          That’s his sponsor, after the last GS convention..