AA Club Owner Breaks Bad

Alcoholics Anonymous Host Allegedly Sold Drugs at Meetings

“We took a closer look and realized what we had here was a pretty significant drug operation,” said Sgt. Sean Whitcomb with the Seattle Police Department.


“It’s like, show-up early, stay late and get your drugs and in-between,” Whitcomb said. “If you want to learn a little more about AA,  we can talk about that too.”

Read the whole thing, plus video…

  • Holy SHIT what a great report! Thanks for posting this

  • TheLasordaRauAccords

    Speaking of drugs at AA meetings, I’ve been picking around looking for any reports of arrests or other horror stories from ACYPAA 2013, which crapped all over Fresno a couple weeks ago. Anyone . . . anyone . . . ?

  • StarWanderer

    The drinking and drugging is now no longer relegated to the A.A. parking lots. Com’on A.A. Fuck up some more so we can close you down!!!

  • Drea Corsie

    My name is Ondrea, I was wondering if you would contact me I read your blog about Jim B…I know him, and not in a good way if you could please email me it’d be greatly appreciated.