Hey, Kool-Aid!!!

Here is a fun story about Sheila “Hey Kool-Aid” Lockhart. A racehorse owner and serenity hornet in the UK:

How top racing figure rammed her friend’s car in fury over gossip

As the owner of a renowned racehorse named Go Ballistic, Sheila Lockhart might be expected to have an explosive temper.

So after she rammed her Audi into a Mercedes owned by jockey Warren Marston – sending it smashing through his front door as he slept, and prompting him to jump naked from his bed to shout abuse at her down the stairs – it would be easy to assume the worst.

The police certainly did, and matters escalated when they breathalysed Alcoholics Anonymous member Mrs Lockhart, 63, and found her over the drink drive limit.

The details of the events which preceded this little accident are in the linked story, but real entertainment is in Mrs Lockhart’s explanation of the events. You see, she wasn’t really angry…or drunk, at the time she pile-drived this guy’s car through his front door. After all, she is in AA, and therefore doesn’t get angry or drive drunk:

She realised the jockey must have told all to the trainer, and set off to see him.

According to prosecutor Simon Emslie, she angrily leapt in her car, drove to a pub, and then on to Mr Marston’s home near Stow on the Wold, Gloucestershire, to confront him.

When she arrived at his house, said the prosecutor, she rammed her Audi A6 into his parked Mercedes, pushing it through his front door.

The court was told that Mr Marston was woken by the smashing glass and leapt from bed naked to look down the stairs and see his car bonnet protruding into the hall and Mrs Lockhart standing at the door.

When police got to her home later they found a half empty bottle of Prosecco in the kitchen and was breathalysed. She was duly convicted of drink driving in July.

Mrs Lockhart told her appeal yesterday, however, that she had been totally sober when she crashed into the jockey’s car and sent it smashing through his front door.

She had only gone to a pub beforehand to look for him, and had not drunk anything there, she said, and if her speech sounded slurred, it was because she had taken Mogadon tablets that afternoon.

And far from being ballistic with Mr Marston for breaking her confidence, she insisted, she was not even angry. She only wanted to talk to him, she said.

Mrs Lockhart said: ‘I rang the front doorbell and tapped on the windows.

‘I then remember banging his car and kicking the bonnet, thumping it, in the hope that I would set off the alarm and wake him.’

The alarm did not go off so she decided to ‘gently nudge’ his car with hers, she said.

She decided to go home – but accidentally put her automatic car into Drive instead of Reverse, she told the court, causing the crash.

‘I went into Drive and walloped his car,’ she said. ‘I could easily have just driven away because there was no sign of anybody but I wouldn’t dream of doing that.

‘I climbed over the damaged door frame and broke the glass. Mr Marston was naked at the top of the stairs.

‘He had some very fruity words to call me – quite rightly – and told me in no uncertain terms to get the hell out of it.’

She said she told Mr Marston she would pay for repairs, then drove home.

Only once home did she drink Prosecco and a tonic she did not realise was alcoholic.

As a member of Alcoholics Anonymous for 13 years she would never drink drive, she insisted.

Makes sense to me!

  • disclosure

    GREAT Mukrak!

    Luxury problems?
    But there for the grace of God go I?
    I can only wish…

  • SoberPJ

    Yep, she’s an AA member all right. Just make shit up and hope somebody believes it. Kind of like Bill Wilson. Evidently, this “I said it, so, therefore, it is true” really is contagious and people get the affliction simply by being in the rooms.

  • And I’m supposed to believe……… “Only once home did she drink Prosecco and a tonic she did not realise was alcoholic.’

    “Prosecco is an Italian white wine — generally a Dry or Extra Dry sparkling wine[1] — normally made from Glera (“Prosecco”) grapes. DOC prosecco is produced in the regions of Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia in Italy, and traditionally mainly in the areas near Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, in the hills north of Treviso.”


    Maybe when Sheila Lockhart returns to AA, she will remember to pick up the brain they suggest you leave at the door on her way back out……………..

  • I don’t get it – what’s not to believe? It’s an honest program and there is no way her lawyer would have advised her to suggest that. 😉

    My favourite part is the following line:

    “As a member of Alcoholics Anonymous for 13 years she would never drink drive, she insisted.”

    Such is the reputation of AA, artificially achieved of course, it is impossible to believe that anyone actually that calls themselves a member of AA would ever drink and drive. No, really, it’s never been heard of. Not once… Incredible.

    I guess it is ok to lie under oath, just not to your sponsor.

    B l A m E

  • causeandeffect

    Awww, too bad she was sober(tm) because it would have made a great drunkologue.

  • Swamibedpan

    Well I am glad that has been explained. But there is the issue of Mr Marston wilfully exposing himself to Ms Lockhart while shouting expletives at her. No doubt traumatic for this very spiritual women. She should lodge a complaint with the police about this and hopefully when convicted he will attend a 12 step recovery program where he can learn to make a rigorously honest amends to her.

  • Swamibedpan,

    Ha ha – not to take away from the very legitimate point you make. Poor woman 😉

    B l A m E

  • Swamibedpan

    She should also sue the entire Italian wine making industry for substantial damages. Who ever heard of Italian wine being alcoholic. Ridiculous!
    Now I need to go talk to my neighbour but I don’t know if he is home. I think I will nudge his car to find out.

  • Sally

    (raising my hand). “Oh oh oh. Pick me, pleaaaaaase!”

    🙂 Thanks! My favorite quote is:

    “I could easily have just driven away because there was no sign of anybody – but I wouldn’t dream of doing that”

    She wouldn’t dream of committing a hit and run…but she reveals that she thought of it when explaining her other little mishaps.

    “Yes officer, I beat that man with a baseball bat. But remember, I didn’t kill him. What kind of animal do you think I am? People in management anger classes would never do a thing like that!”

  • Elisa

    dual diagnosis……

  • Swamibedpan

    Go Ballistic retires

    No-one knew at the time that this was his last run, but it was announced in April 2003 that Go Ballistic had been retired. He gave many happy days to those involved in racing. Full credit must be given to Sheila Lockhart, who always believed in her horse, despite the amount of times he was written off by the press and experts.

    There is as yet no word on whether the horse still believes in Ms Lockhart.

  • SoberPJ

    Somebody needs to get a Google Earth picture of how far the Mercedes was “nudged”. There has to be a picture if his parking area somewhere. Was it a 20 foot nudge or a 5 foot nudge? Even a 5 foot movement of a parked car takes some extreme force. If it was 10-20 feet she is so full of shit they should enroll her in “How to Find Reality” classes.

  • I think I just made this statement of disbelief and amazement at the Orange Forum, and will say it again here:

  • AnnaZed

    All I have to say is Prosecco, really?

    That is some world class nasty stuff. It is simply not possible to open a bottle of that crap and not realize that it is an alcoholic drink. Goes to the rigorous honesty™ of the entire declaration but is remarkable in and of itself.

  • DeConstructor


    Can you find a pic somewhere of the ‘nudging’ of the Mercedes?

    SPJ may be on to something here.

  • I love this so much:

    “And far from being ballistic with Mr Marston for breaking her confidence, she insisted, she was not even angry. She only wanted to talk to him, she said.”

    See, after being in AA for so long, she’s completely forgotten what this thing is that you people call “anger.”

  • Also, I love the title of this post.

  • Of course the home of the jockey Warren Marston that Sheila Lockhart drove into, has been in the news before with royalty;

    “Miss Phillips, 19, the daughter of the Princess Royal, and the jockey Richard Johnson, 22, were said to have been involved in a late-night fight outside a friend’s house. Sue Johnson, the jockey’s mother, said she had lunch with the couple the following day and there had not seemed to be a problem.”


    “The couple were reported to have been seen “screaming, swearing, kicking and punching” at each other outside the Gloucestershire home of another jockey, Warren Marston, on January 20. In a report in the Mail on Sunday, Mr Marston’s chauffeur, Jeremy Hill, 26, said: “She [Zara] was doing as much as he was. They were kicking and hitting out at each other. There was a lot of screaming. He was swearing at her demanding his car keys.”



  • Warren Marston does look a little younger than Sheila Lockhart who was angry with him over a “break of confidence”.

    “Lockhart hastily left the scene and drove home before contacting the police. Officers found a half empty bottle of Prosecco in her kitchen and when breathalysed, she gave a reading of 46 micrograms – 11 over the limit – the court was told.”


    “The judge said the only issue the court had to decide was whether Lockhart was over the limit at the time she drove. It accepted her evidence she was not.”



  • humanspirit

    Prosecco is the Italian version of champagne, and in my opinion is much better. To drink it with tonic is a very strange thing to do. (Philistine.)

    Is she saying she didn’t realize that Prosecco is alcoholic or that the tonic wasn’t? 13 years of AA doesn’t seem to have taught her many useful things about drinking.

    JR – The Telegraph is a supposedly serious paper, albeit extremely right wing. However they unashamedly fill their pages with royalty and society gossip like this and present it as news.

  • disclosure

    A day at the rAAces.

  • SoberPJ

    OMG ! I’m drinking alcohol.. how did that happen? It couldn’t be me, because, well, I don’t drink at all. I would never do anything like that, so, obviously, it was a big mix up of some sort .. wait, let me make up a story ….

    She should have said she saw gawd and the wind of the spirit was blowing through her. It would be an awesome story at meetings and she could get a circuit speaker gig. She could have everybody on the edge of their seats. Or, more likely ROFLAO.

  • Ben Franklin

    She took Mogadon tablets that afternoon. Mogadon is a benzodiazepine. This is similar to valium. It is used more as a sleep aid instead of an anxiety reducer (it does both). You shouldn’t mix with alcohol. Someone is being rigorously honest here.

  • WatchSurvivingStraightInc

    (sits on hands) 🙂

  • Sheila Lockhart

    I would never lie, it’s an honest programme don’t you know? there but for the grace of god go all you heathens of little/no faith.

  • Mark

    Sheila, you scamp. You make me chuckle.

  • Lucy

    Maybe, it’s because I’ve been out of AA for awhile, but I always thought the perfect thing to celebrate a car wreck was gin and tonic.

    Proseccon just isn’t fruity enough.

  • disclosure

    That is brilliant Lucy. Would you consider employ in the bar trade?

    • Mark

      I remember speaking with my friend, who is a criminal defense attorney in Texas, who told me that someone can be arrested for a period of time after they arrive home, if they are drunk. It’s to prevent the very defense. Maybe our resident attorneys can explain how that works.

      Of course, only an idiot would believe this crazy story.

  • Swamibedpan

    Most places you are not allowed to leave the scene of an accident. No mention of that. But this case is an appeal solely for the purpose of quashing the drink driving conviction. That is what matters to our racehorse owning landed English country lady. Status. She is not going to let a little thing like the truth take away the status acquired from 13 years in the madhouse. Actually overcoming a drinking problem ceased to be relevant if it ever was a long time ago.

  • Lucy

    Mark, Texas has had something called “suspicion of” driving while intoxicated for a long time, and it means exactly what you described. The arresting officer can use his or her own judgement to say whether the drunk in question drove to the place of drunken arrest while drunk whether the officer sees them drive there or not.

    One of our finer citizens passed out in the line at a fast food joint, and was arrested for drunk driving (even though the car was turned off and he was, well, passed out). Another was found by police under his moped in the middle of the street and deemed to have gotten there by driving under the influence. Still another was arrested while motoring up the median of a major interstate highway on a child’s Razor and charged with drunk driving. And last, another was arrested in a liquor store, which he had reached on the back of his riding lawn mower.

    And, of course, all of these fine citizens were my fellow AA members.

    It’s a far cry from the days of Texas before the weak Yankee influx, when we could drive around with up to four (ONE FOR THE DRIVER AND THREE PASSENGERS) open alcohol containers in the car before there could be cause for a breathalyzer test.

  • WatchSurvivingStraightInc

    The law in America, as far as I know, is that any alcohol in the car has to be bagged. In Britain you could drive with a whole bottle of vodka between your legs and swig as you went along but you would still have to pass a breath test. There is an anecdote/joke about two men, one in a Bentley, one in a Rolls-Royce, who have a collision, neither being to blame, just a bad luck collision. As they survey the damage, one of them pulls a flask of whiskey out and offers the other driver a big swig, which he takes. The swigger asks the hip flask owner, ‘aren’t you having any?’. The flask owner says, ‘No, I am now going to call the police’. Sure that that is a well worn old chesnut.

    I think, but I am not sure, that Anne Robinson, a journalist who wrote a book called, ‘Confessions of a Bad Mother’, used to keep minature gins in her glove compartment, and if she had an accident and was worried about being breathalysed she would say that she had just downed them then and there to deal with the shock if the prang. (Not sure if I have got that right; I read it ages ago. She definitely had contingency plans to deal with being breathalysed.)

  • WatchSurvivingStraightInc

    Not that anyone should dui, but my brother in law was caught driving just under the influence. He demanded a blood test because (he is like that) the reading was marginal and could have been faulty. This entailed getting a doctor to the police station, which took some hours. He spent the hours in the police station jogging manically on the spot, sweating a lot and drinking lots of water. He was watched by a police officer throughout all of his hours of jogging/sweating. The police officer kept telling him that it wouldn’t work. It did work. I am not condoning dui-ing; just find it a little bit funny thinking of him taking off his pinstripe trousers and jogging away.

  • Mark

    Thanks, Lucy.

    I remember those open container days. One time when I was in high school, I was pulled over and told to drive straight home, since I was sloppy drunk and all. That would never happen today.

    How I never got a DWI in my drinking career, I have no idea. I’m a lucky bastard.