Progress, Not Perfection for Al U.

The steps seem to be working for racecar driver Al Unser Jr. Sure, he got popped for a third drunk driving charge a few weeks ago – but this time he didn’t beat up his girlfriend or flee from the scene of an accident. I’d call that progress, and so does he:

Unser Making Progress After Relapse
“You know, considering the circumstances I’m under, things are going a lot better, but it’s still one day at a time,” he said. “So I’m back on my program and that sort of thing and we’re going to do the best we can and get over this speedbump that’s in my life.”

Nice work, Al!

  • SoberPJ

    “So, I’m back on my program, and that sort of thing… ” Nothing like true committment and specificity. If he was on the Sinclair Method he could just say he is actively doing something about his drinking problem.

  • I just had to comment on how much I’m craacking up over the label “12-Step AAll-Stars”. I do love the wordplay.

  • Sally

    After each frick up.. you can always go back…That’s what I love about AA.

    Kind of like a quarterly confession. Afterward, you’re free to mess up. And can then go back out to sin, and all will be well next time.

    “Wellllll, I AM improving”

    Lol SPJ, “that sorta thing”

  • causeandeffect

    Just read Tipsy McStagger. That was a good one, but I still like sciency girl. Why didn’t she make it to the AAll-Stars? Too bad she never came back. It could have been sooo much fun. And I’ll never see the word rhetoric the same. Haha

  • ‘One day at a time’… ‘Back on the program’… Slogan alert – or damage limitation AA style. Amazing that people buy this sh!t.

    Not really on topic, but I’d like to mention that another former Indy 500 winner, Dan Wheldon (he won it twice actually), was killed racing at the Las Vegas Indy 300 on Sunday. He was a fellow Brit and a real star of the motor racing world.

    R.I.P. Dan.

    B l A m E

  • Mark

    I saw that on the news. I feel sad for his family. He had two kids.

    Very sad.


    I had missed the Tipsy thread….a good one for sure. But have to agree with c&e, sciencegirl was a real classic. What a hoot….LOL

  • Mark, indeed it really is. I am a huge racing fan; in fact I once showed some footage of me driving a Formula Renault around Thruxton, a race circuit in the UK. I think Mike will probably be the only one that remembers that video unless you knew of Blamedenial before ST.

    B l A m E

  • Elisa

    Chaz Bono “can only share my experience, strength and hope.” sounds familiar, I must be getting better, I don’t recognize the slogans instantaneously. His other favorite is “it gets better.” He credits his sobriety (since 2004) for his transition.

    I hope the gender transition is what he really wanted to do, cuz if he ever realizes he was duped, recruited and used as a pawn in the AA neverending search for member dollars, he’s gonna be one unhappy camper.

    Robert Downey pleads on an awards show fellow stepper Mel Gibson should be given “another chance” by the movie industry, cuz Gibson what there when he needed “help”, aww poor Mel, please, what do these people not have. Why should we care? These two are so narcissistic.

  • Tallmike

    Even though there are these AA “all stars”, their existance does not seem to prompt anyone to discredit AA, the organization or the program as a methodology for leaving addictions behind. AA as an organization and methodology gets a pass. You see, none of these all stars worked a good program. They let their disease rule over them. Until far more college professors of psychology come to the conlusion that their addictions treatment modality (12 stepping) is a totally flawed paradigm, we will continue to see additional AA all stars. I find this rather sad because I believe that some of these all stars, were they given evidence based methods to change their behaviors, they might actuallly get a grip and not be so prone to repetitive relapses. The entire flawed system just seems to perpetuate itself and with the approval of the mental health “professionals”. More confirmation about the importance of making a living off people’s troubles, not offering meaningful methods for change. Keep them going in and out through the recovery revolving door and keep those bucks flowing in.

  • Elisa, some things you just cannot make amends for. “The Beaver” is one of them.

  • Elisa

    I looked at some clips of the Beaver, it was so stupid it was funny, but other parts seemed really sappy/pathetic. Plug for the program? Everything gets filtered through the puppet, “let us (the puppet) do your thinking for you)” , it does kind of look like the puppet is a filter like the program that cult members put between themselves and everyone else, they want you to “act as if” this puppet thing is for real, I doubt anyone ever conquered serious depression with a hand puppet, any more than AA leads to “recovery” from “alcoholism.”

    Maybe I read too much into it, I can’t tell if it’s promoting the program, a sly dig at the program, or mocking Gibson himself. I would imagine everyone involved was aware of the cult and its sayings and ideologies.

  • One thing that sticks out, to me anyway, is the following quote on the linked article:

    “Unser also has had bouts with alcohol abuse and depression. He underwent treatment for alcohol abuse in 2002 after his girlfriend said he hit her in the face while drunk in Indianapolis. Prosecutors did not file charges against him. ”

    So much for HIPPA, CFR42 and medical privacy. As is glaringly evident in this article, these laws provide little if any protection. It may be that Al Unser himself leaked the information about his treatment for Alcohol Abuse to the media, but it can also be found from court records and even Interstate Drivers License Compact databases.

    Unfortunately, not only is AA/NA being used as a way to circumvent the establishment clause of the first amendment on religion, it is also being used as a way to circumvent the fifth amendment of the constitution against self incrimination. The US court systems in the individual states have manipulated the twisted logic of Bill Wilson to break these laws by mandating people to these programs despite the fact that what they are doing is illegal.

    Think about it. A court mandates you to AA/NA, regardless if you are using it for a “get out of jail free” card or not and usually some type of counseling. You have to sign paperwork giving this information to the court, probation department and usually the DMV. You have to finish the counseling to stay out of jail. You are marked for a prospect for AA/NA for the rest of your life, you either start chanting Bill Wilson if the court or DMV catch you,or you end up in jails, institutions or death because the pesky steppers won’t stop trying to make you hit bottom. It’s totally up to you.

  • R Ludwig

    At least he didn’t cause a personal injury to someone else in a car accident. The world will be more healthy with him locked up.

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