The Mondotuna-LifeRing Armageddon Guessing Contest

“I planned a good laugh in Nov about ST referring people to the non-AA forum I help out with, but doing it this early was a decision I was not involved in, and I take offense with those who took it on themselves to violate my privacy to this degree. That’s not something you or I or I believe most people would do.”

JD (also Mondotuna, Jerry, Cabledude, Mr Guestperson,  farquar the quail); in a response to us outing him as a double secret agent.


There’s a coming apocalypse over at LifeRing, at least according to our favorite cyber lunatic, JD – who channelled his inner Harold Camping and informed us that something big was happening there this November. He was really disappointed that we prevented him from being able to laugh about it all from the inside, but I’m sure he was able to supplant what we took from him with other things that give him the jollies. You know…taking candy from babies and pulling the legs off of frogs and such.

Still, we’re left to wonder exactly when this will happen. And what exactly will be the cause of their demise? Will it be a natural occurrence, or will Mondotuna himself help to bring them down? I have no idea. I’ve got two balls, and neither one of them are crystal. I’ll leave the predicting up to our soothsaying cyber stalker, and the guesses up to you people. Let’s have a contest!

On what date will the LifeRing rapture happen, and how?

The one who predicts closest will win my undying admiration, and get to pick my next set of lottery numbers.

Good Luck!

  • Jill


  • Jill

    by “Anonymous”, the shadowy group of computer hackers

  • Oh, the joys of getting to know this blog! (I do mean that!)


    Aside from JD taking offense to his invasion of privacy (being outed as a scummy, game playing hypocrite) , I believe the November thing was going be a revelation on his part of the oh so clever manipulation of people on this blog site. I’m sure he would have doctored the story to put himself in the best possible light.
    Alas, if he had channeled Camping a bit more clearly, he would have realized that November will never arrive.

    And so it goes!

  • ez

    Nov 28-1943 – Bill gets to be guest speaker at San Quentin Penitentiary,

  • disclosure

    Imagine that dude…

    Now imagine that dude drunk and on drugs…


  • Trying to determine the exact day of the November 2011 Mondotuna apocalypse revelation is proving to be quite a problem. Mondotuna, like Harold Camping of the Christian based Family Radio out of California, appears to be using advanced numerology to determine the exact day of Armageddon. The mathematical computations necessary require the use of a “rigorous honesty multiplier” which was first noted by ilse (FTG) when it was discovered that AA trolls have a propensity to post under several different screen names to fake the appearance that they have more support than actually available. This number must be determined for an actual precise calculation and has been complicated by the joining of forces of Mondotuna, DannyB II and A.A. Alfie of the JREF forum. Taking an educated guess at how many actual screen names these three use I am going to surmise that it is 13, correlating to the 13th Step of Alcoholics Anonymous that Bill Wilson popularized in the 1940’s and 50’s.

    Taking the “rigorous honesty multiplier” of 13 and transposing the numbers I come up with the number 31 which corresponds to Halloween October 31st, which is when the Anonymous coven of Bill Wilson chanters are going to be hiding in church basements all over the world, cloaked with another layer of protection from being detected dressed in masks depicting their true persona of the Devil, Zombies, etc…….. Using the new math of the Bill Wilson faith, I believe that the down fall of AA Spirituality will begin on midnight October 31st 2011 and start precisely on November 1st, 2011.

    Please check my calculations, I may have missed something. To get an accurate number it may be necessary to visit the “Spook Room” at Stepping Stones to consult the 15th century monk Boniface on a Ouija board while doing LSD like the co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, Bill Wilson did. Do not forget that Boniface talked to Bill in Latin and an interpreter will be needed. May I suggest JD’s son, the doctor?

  • causeandeffect

    Oh my doorknob!!! I think I strained a muscle laughing!!! Oh it hurts, it hurts!

  • SoberPJ

    So, with JD … people in AA seem to like to be clever .. outwittng the nasty disease doing pushups in the parking lots of AA meetings needs people to be clever. Bill Wilson was clever. Whatever he was planning would have to be clever. It would also have to prove something. I think that in this case, it would have to prove how JD had a superior intellect and to make the collective “us” anti-AA people look really stupid ( in his mind). He was also a people manipulator and a bit of a con man himself so it would involve persona’s somehow. He also hated the alternatives and believes AA is the most pure form of relief from alcohol abuse into sobriety. If we put all that together, he would create multiple persona’s and have those people appear to be on the anti-AA side. There would be one or more and they would become “friends”. Then one of them would ask for advice in a very specific way and get us to respond like we were telling them what to do. The person would follow said advice and after much dramatic wobbling, would end up dead. We would hear about it from one of the other “friends”. The blog would then get accusations of murder and he would make damn sure it got publicized in as many places as he could on the net. His problem was he was outed as a multi-persona fake, so the whole thing fell apart before he could get it into place. Yeah, well, or not … but be sure it was something that would feed his ego in a big way and make him “right” in front of the world. He so wants to be right it drives him to the heights of pedestrian cleverness and dishonesty.

  • Ben Franklin

    “I’m sure he was able to supplant what we took from him with other things that give him the jollies. You know…taking candy from babies and pulling the legs off of frogs and such.”

    MA, you forgot pissing on ants.

  • I always love a riddle. Here’s some other ones:

    Riddle #1: How many Steppers does it take to get to the center of the Monodotuna-Lifering Armageddon plot?

    Answer #1: Three – Mondotuna, DannyB and A.A. Alfie.Unless you take into account their multiple online handles, in that case it would be thirteen.

    Riddle #2: You take an undercover Stepper in a non-AA forum, a Stepper that was so bad in his manipulation that he had a book written about him and an Australian Addictions Counselor who demands to have proof that an organization that will not collect or publish any information on itself has a better efficacy than not being a member and what do you get?

    Answer #2: Hopefully the world will never know…………..

  • Dick Conley

    SoberPJ, I’m impressed. I’ve never seen one human being own another human being so thoroughly in my life. In fact, the last time one man owned another man that thoroughly, Abraham Lincoln had to give a speech to reverse the results!

  • Yeah, we get Steppers with the fatal Bill Wilson disease come by here every once in a while and try to pull the race card on us. Just like SPJ said, they think they are cleaver, but there just sick demented sociopaths that don’t know any better because their Sponsor told them so.

  • The rapture is next Friday, the 21st. I have found someone to take care of the dog.

  • Jill

    I hope it happens before my Friday evening Cult meeting!
    Otherwise they’ll be reading John 3:16

  • It can’t be the 21st, something must be wrong. The “rigorous honesty multiplier” is 13 which means it has to be the 31st. I have been trying to get a hold of Bill Wilson on the Ouija board to verify, but he won’t accept my calls. I keep getting Helen Wynn saying “he’s busy right now” and can you call back after we take a shower. I’m trying to contact Lois Wilson on the Ouija, but her number is unlisted. I’d go to Stepping Stones to go to the spook room and hold a seance, but I’d have to break in through a window, just like when Bill and Lois did it on January 4, 1941 to case the joint to swindle Helen Griffith out of it, but I’d probably get in trouble.

    I don’t know what to do now. I’ll just have to leave it up to my Higher Power, but Google isn’t giving very good answers right now. Maybe I’ll switch my Higher Power to Yahoo. What would Bill Wilson do?

  • Jill

    Magic 8 Ball?

  • Mark

    OK, we’ve got Jill coming with 11-11; EZ with the 28th; Primrose the 21st. JR is still working on his algorithm.

  • WatchSurvivingStraightInc
  • WatchSurvivingStraightInc

    What do we wear. I have completely forgotten the dress code since May.

  • Well for high ranking members of the AA fellowship on rapture day, the proper attire would be the 1800’s Hans Christian Andersen “The Emperor’s New Clothes” ensemble in remembrance of Helen Wynn and Bill Wilson and 13 stepping. Please remember to stay away from church basements and Alano clubs on that day, it may be pretty ugly.

  • WatchSurvivingStraightInc

    Thanks, jrh, I have that in. I have remembered, and it is nothing do with this blog, so do not trouble to comment, y’all, that the people involved wtih the Rupert Murdoch phone-tappping thing were going to be interogated in October. I had so many October/November things to remember back in Spring. I now have the Rebakah Wade/rapture down for some time this month and the JD thing for the end of November. All clear now.
    As you were.

  • BL xxx

    LOL MondoGeddon. Seems to be a cult and they’re infiltrating all recovery forums regardless whether the agree, disagree or give a damn about them. Soberrecovery, liferimg, SOS, mollydom, dailystrength and that ones rife with his little band of merry men or Gailly girls in the shape of Scottish lass, Petra and Gail from Cheshire and whoever else he steps into his Mondochamber. He rewards with positions of admin and visits when they succumb to his pre-troll preparation. They all seem to suffer from NPD and sadly are in denial. They fool no-one except themselves. Go ask those at dailystrength how they feel about this little band of mondotrolls.

  • Mark

    Oh yes. We are aware of their work at Daily Strength. Petra is a real sweetheart. They deleted their really good stuff, but we took some screen shots of their greatest hits. They’re awesome.

  • SoberPJ

    I wonder what drives them? Seriously. Most bands of merry lads and lasses have an agenda, and they are generally proud of that agenda and will state it and stand up for it. But there is no stated agenda here. Just dishonesty, gaslighting and unending argument … in the name of what? Specifically. I know why I am here and have stated so a couple of different times, and it isn’t to “piss on ants.” If they can’t come out and say they are defending the honor of AA and they will use any means necessary, then what kind of gutless turds are they?

  • Mark, Shuuuty! Don’t you know that bullying is not as bad as taking screen shots of bullying? I don’t know how I sleep at night.

  • causeandeffect

    Dick, who the hell would want to own JD? He’s like a bad case of herpes. He never really goes away and keeps breaking out everywhere. But Dick, if you want him, you can certainly have him. It just seems like such an appropriate relationship for you, dick.

  • BL xxx

    SoberPJ, I think it’s because they ‘belong’ somewhere. Have their ‘needs’ filled and somehow they’ve found people just like themselves and they feed each other. “If I get … onside, they can get ….. and I’ll feel good”. Let me try an amateur psychobabble…………

    Enable if you like the mental obsession they’ve left. They no longer belong to the mainstream ‘alcoholic’ set who have grown and learned much since the BigBible was written all those years ago. Sociology, psychology and the medical profession in general have learned to adapt and change as science and education has given them resources to help others.

    Mondohood resent this as it might expose their exclusive ‘private club’ of AA for the cult it is. And I’m talking the ‘Primary Purpose’ puritan groups cropping up over Europe. They’re not well people. They don’t want to be like anyone else. They want to be special and they want you to know it. Oh I’m laughing now at the absolute ludicrosy of all of this because I truly believe they are in denial about the damage they do with their trollish behaviour. Sorry for going on and on but running a search on Mondobabble has returned some interesting hits. I’m an xstepper by the way.