Greene, 51, was shot four times by Woodry with a .25-caliber revolver. She then dismembered his body, wrapped his torso in a blanket and stored that in a closet in his home. She took his legs back to her apartment, where she cut hunks of flesh from his legs. Investigators found bite-sized chunks of human flesh prepared in a stew on the stove at Woodry’s home.


Woodry’s release will be closely supervised under a 12-point plan that will include continuing her twice-monthly injections of a drug to control symptoms of her schizophrenia, and three meetings a week with her case manager. Conditions for her release also include holding a job, attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, and writing daily diary cards and a journal for review by a social worker. Romantic relationships, should any develop, will also be subjected to close monitoring.

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More here and here.


  • DeConstructor

    A good sponsor would overlook the main course to see if she was using wine to deglaze the pan.

  • eddy

    all the more reason to avoid the 12 step rooms

  • Border Collie Mix

    What kind of professional idiots actually believe that the lay people of AA can help her? Alcohol isn’t your worst problem if you think human is “the other white meat”.

  • humanspirit

    I wonder if she’ll end up getting a sponsor who will advise her to stop taking her meds?

  • hs, that would be a great test of a sponsor’s faith in the program.

  • I don’t know, for the first time I actually feel fear for the AA Sponsors in Colorado, instead of the AA newbie prospects they are going to maniplulate. Reading about Jane Lynn Woodry being sent to AA just keeps making me remember the 1991 movie “Silence of the Lambs” with Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lecter. I just keep thinking about Woodry talking to her Sponsor on the phone and saying;

    “I Do Wish We Could Chat Longer, but I’m Having an Old Friend for Dinner. Bye.”

  • Betty

    The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop stewing your friends.

  • This is insane, send a cannibal to cajole with a bunch of Anonymous People.I really am feeling bad for the poor AA Sponsor that has to help her with her 4th Step,”Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves” and then the 5th Step,”Admitted to God, to ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs.”

    What happens to AA Anonymity if Carolyn Gloria Blanton confesses to her Sponsor about other people she has cooked up for dinner? What happens when the Sponsor doesn’t know she changed her name to Jane Lynn Woodry or has changed it again?

    Worse than that, in 2008 they also said they had let her go to College in Colorado and were going for more release on Jan. 2, 2009:

    “Blanton/Woodry entered a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity and entered the state hospital in 1994. In 1999 she received permission to go on supervised outings off the state hospital grounds, and in 2001 she was granted unsupervised off-campus privileges. At that time she continued to live at the state hospital and at some point began attending college in Pueblo.”

  • SoberPJ

    Where is she today? On Facebook, wookin pa nub.

    Must be hungry…

  • Betty

    But seriously….if(-higher power of my own understanding-)forbid someone tells a sponser that he/she committed a crime, what sponser in their right mind would not report this? I don’t get it. A woman told me a while back that she does not hear 5th steps from anyone. She won’t do it because she doesn’t want to know and doesn’t want to be put in that position. She then proceeded to repeat something third hand to illustrate the point. Without going into detail, it was about a crime of a sexual nature involving a minor. I asked if the sponser who heard this 5th went to the police with this or if she did. No. I asked if this person is still around? No Do I know said deviant? No And the person is long gone…

    How often does this happen? What the f*%#!k makes people think that they don’t have an obligation to report crimes just because they were privvy to the info via an AA meeting? What kind of mixed up isane thinking is this? I guess the rooms of AA are the perfect place for Ms. Blanton/Woodry as it’s not bloody likely that anyone will report her if she fesses up to another faux pas such as barbequeing her landlord. This is a tragedy on so many levels. Failure on so many levels.

  • AnnaZed

    The thing that is so crazy about this business of granting leniency based upon (even in part) AA participation is that all practical science indicates that people who commit crimes while intoxicated do so more in spite of being intoxicated than because of it. Someone else posted about this today in another thread. Don’t judges know this?

    My own observation is that while the drug or alcohol might act as a disinhibitor that the urge to do whatever ~ rip someone off, attack someone, sexually assault someone, indulge in cannibalistic ritual murder ~ exists inside of the person to begin with. Alcohol can not make you a person who wants to do these things though AA certainly does go out of its way to convince adherents that it does.

    This goes back to Wilson himself and his pal Dr. Bob who were both criminals. Wilson was a financial grifter and continued to be one. Dr. Bob committed medical malpractice apparently pretty routinely. The doctor solved that problem by simply never practicing as a doctor again and sponging off of AA for the rest of his life, but he never stopped being the person who gave himself permission to operate on patients while impaired.

  • DeConstructor


    I think it goes to a very convenient defense for an attorney to use.

    In the case of drunk driving fatalities, the ‘disease’ of alcoholism is nearly always used as a mitigating condition for the defense.

    It compounds the problem because -particularly in the cases of injury or death- these drivers belong in jail.

    In the case of actual mental disease, AA people are the worst people in the world for the person of interest to be around.

    All I can say is this whole thing is very very sick, but I am thankful a thread was started on it, if for no other reason than the jokes.

    Certainly one more thing people should consider when attending any potluck, AA or otherwise 🙂

  • SoberPJ

    Sponsors leave a bad taste in her mouth ..

  • Bettty

    Food, Fellowship and fun.

  • DeConstructor

    You can’t change a pickle back, but you can pickle your sponsor.

  • SoberPJ

    Fresh-kill happy, joyous and free-range always tastes better

  • Colorado would appear to be a very dangerous area for any AA members. When looking for an AA sponsor in Colorado, you or your loved ones could end up with Richard Horace Mayfield who recently was convicted of using his connections in AA to steal many $100,000 from the fellowship of the friends of Bill W:

    But then again when members of the AA fellowship are “helping” you to sell your home to pay for rehab that has a very poor success rate you, may meet AA member and Pueblo Colorado restaurateur Tony Ianne who hid behind the fellowship while committing bank fraud, mortgage fraud, forgery, witness tampering and many other Bill Wilson style rigorously honest acts:

    And then we have the story of the cannibal and AA member Jane Lynn Woodry (a.k.a. Carolyn Gloria Blanton) who may be going to nursing homes, rehabs, AA women’s groups or just plain old church basements looking for prospects for AA in Colorado to have for dinner. They’re Anonymous you know, and you may not know who they actually are. I would say that you should just stay completely away from AA and you will be safe, but then I realized you ma be going to one of Tony Iannes pizza places where he may be planning on opening up a rehab. Next to him may be Richard Horace Mayfield planning the financing and Jane Lynn Woodry planning the daily meals. All three of these people are a product of AA and you may be sitting next to them in a church basement or think you are safe while your reciting the Ten Commandments from Moses and they’re chanting the 12 commandments of an unemployable adulterer named Bill Wilson.

  • WastedSpacer

    The big problem with adult schizophrenics is that they generally cannot be forced into treatment unless they are deemed to be a threat to themselves or to others. This is basically impossible to prove unless they actually attack somebody, fatally or otherwise. The tragedy is that the parents of a schizophrenic adult have no say in whether their child requires treatment, unless the child agrees to permit their involvement. Schizophrenics are treated as if they have the same rights and freedoms as any normal person, and have the attendent decision-making capabilities. You can decide you don’t want to be treated for a broken arm; you can decide you don’t want to be treated for schizophrenia. It’s ridiculous, because a feature of the disease is that about half the people who have it are incapable of realizing they are ill. It’s not “denial” – it’s a lack of comprehension stemming from damage to a particular part of the brain.

    This case had some dramatic features, as did the case of the guy who cut off the head of a stranger on a Greyhound bus. But usually what happens is that a schizophrenic murders their primary caregiver, who is usually an aging mother. These murders are viewed as slightly puzzling but unremarkable domestic cases, and sink without a trace in the media.

    We have an adult son who is schizophrenic (ironically, schizophrenia does not normally develop until a person is a young adult). He doesn’t think he’s sick, but he takes his medication because he knows he’ll end up in the psych ward if he doesn’t. We had extremely frustrating encounters with the legal and mental health systems at first, but things are stable enough now. There were times when I wished he WOULD attack somebody, just so that he could be forced into treatment.

    We sat in meetings where government-funded lawyers were helping him exercise his right to avoid treatment – and we were nobodies, just incidental witnesses. But of course he always landed up back in our laps because he couldn’t look after himself.

    Anyway, the stories about this woman make no mention of why AA would have any involvement. Presumably drink was a factor in the original murder. I’d view it as an irrelevance necessitated by current legal practices. The fact that she gets her treatment by injection twice a month is the key point – the rest is window dressing. Periodic injections are not an optimal delivery system (daily oral medication is better), but they are useful when compliance is an issue.

    The prosecutor following the case is an idiot: “Mullens said, ‘My concern is from the justice standpoint. She has not paid for her crime.’ ”

    That’s just indicative of a completely moronic approach to mental illness and justice in general. “Paid for her crime” – what a load of bollocks. Paid who what? The whole system is based on pernicious idiocy, but that’s another story. What about protecting the public and rehabilitating people with problems? The whole system disgusts me.

  • Thanks for that comment, WastedSpacer. I have really been dwelling on this story — despite the morbid filppancy and jokes, it’s shocking all around. There can’t possibly be a reason for them to send her to AA. Even if she was drinking at the time, drinking has got to be incidental to her schizophrenia. And requiring her has a great potential of putting her and others in a dangerous situation, especially if — as humanspirit mentioned above — she gets in with a “the 12 steps are all you need/go off your mind altering meds” crowd.

    I really appreciate your insight into this.

  • Ben Franklin

    Schizophrenics do use alcohol and other substances to stop the voices in their heads or other problems. They are also less likely to hold a job and are likely to be homeless. To say they need AA is beyond senseless.

  • DeConstructor

    I for one think it is okay for the schizohrenic person to have these rights.

    There are many of us here that were forced into involutary ‘treatment’ for an alleged medical ‘disease’. I personally not only view the physchological community with contempt, I consider them dangerous. Think of it as the Marchmann Act for all.

    I would place some blame on the person that provided a gun to her. I would place a lot of blame on the physchological industry for overusing words such as ‘disease’ ‘denial’ ‘enabler’ and so on, as well as diagnosing her and treating her in the past without any success. Perhaps a medication change could have prevented this. If she has had prior criminal convictions I would also blame the justice system who did have the legal power to detain her.

    In my view, the simple fact the phychological industry is giving any credibility (and therefore actual money and power) to the AA faith and 12 steppism is a total dealbreaker. They are promoting fraudulant faith healing and harming a lot of people. They should be at the forefront screaming that the inmates should not be running the asylum.

    This is actually an issue that deserves national recognition and a national debate.

  • SoberPJ

    If the general public could actually be made to care about this circus freak show. Hey, Lindsay Lohan may get thrown back in jail, Lady Gaga has a new meat bra, Apple has a new iPhone, and, oh, there are economic protests happening all over the country. Yeah, too bad about those alcoholics, but at least they have a place to go …. I heard AA works great and there are more important things to focus on ….

    It’s da truth ..

    People would actually have to sit down, listen to the long and boring arguments in the (endless) debate and then decide if they even give a shit. Obviously most people don’t.

  • Lizzi

    People who are suffering from mental health issues (for those who are able to recognise that there is a issue) are just as vunerable as those who are newly Clean/sober or attempting to be. Often trying to find the right medication can be a long long process, first second and third attempts are often unsuccesful, most medications can take up to six weeks to show true results. So self medication during this period can be the only medication that ” works” for them during this time. Some can drop the drink/drug once stabilised, others cannot. If they havent been able to drop it, and are sent to the program they are told to stop the medication trials anyway.
    So most us who have attended any 12 step program know we where vunerable/desperate in the beginning. Someone who has been dually diagnosed with a mental health issue and a drink or drug issue is extremely vunerable, they are a nice and easy target for the 12 step recruitment department. Well recruitment into any kind of faith healing program. A family friend who was a paraniod Scizophrenic was recruited by Scientology, off the meds he came and into the path of a on coming train literally.

  • Swamibedpan

    Anthony Hopkins is a high steppin true believer. That is truly frightening.

  • raysny


    Ben Franklin is right, often schizophrenics will drink to still the voices or to pass out knowing the voices will be gone in the morning.

    I work in mental health, at the last program I worked at, all our clients were labeled dually diagnosed, all had been through 12step programs and/or treatment unsuccessfully. One client in particular, a large, scary man, would come to the atention of the police 3 or 4 times a year when he was in crisis, each time he had been drinking, attempting to pass out. The police figured he was an alcoholic, passed that incorrect information on, and he would be sentenced to rehabs/programs.

  • raysny


    At the program where I am currently employed, we had a schizophrenic client who got involved with Scientology. They were very interested in our client until he ran out of money.

  • @Swamibedpan – yes,the portrayal of Sir Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lecter is extremely disturbing. Hopkins now resides in Los Angeles in Clancy I Pacific Group territory. In fact Mike Q, under the Sponsorship of Clancy founded the Midtown Group in Washington DC and Clancy is also attributed with helping Hopkins:

    “Hopkins embarked on an arduous, testing 5 year recovery plan and constant battle against alcoholism, which he won hands down. During that time he said he had ‘found God’. Clancy Imislund is one person who he did find then to help him through his battle. Today Clancy is the MD of the LA charity Midnight Mission, who honoured Anthony Hopkins last year for his work with the charity. It was Clancy who pursuaded Hopkins to help others and give something back to society, as part of his own recovery from alcohol addiction all those years ago.”

    AA is actually a small world after all, with all of the pieces connected to just a few well connected people.

  • Lizzi

    @ raysny
    Interesting that you say that, the family this person came from was/ is a wealthy family.

  • Swamibedpan

    A few years ago Anthony Hopkins stared in a film called The Worlds Fastest Indian. This was largely shot in the South Island of New Zealand. During this period Anthony attended meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous in the nearby town of Invercargill.
    I live on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia. It is the largest tourist destination in the southern hemisphere bar none. In my time in the rooms I witnessed many people from all over the world rockin up and and telling me how to be happy joyous and free. I did not have to go to America or anywhere, the madness came to me.
    Anyway sure enough one time this guy rocks up from Invercargill (On Holiday) and tells us all about Anthony Hopkins and what he shared in meetings over there. Fuck anonymity, fuck confidentiality he was just big noting. It was pathetic.
    I do not think Anthony Hopkins is a great actor. Almost every character he plays seems somehow demented. I find this quite disturbing.

  • disclosure

    I’ve met quite a few of the Hollywood types in my business and in AA. The ones I met at work were all somewhat over self protected. They were so pre-determined to be defensive that it was awkward to be near them. Their apparent assumption is that the whole world wants something from them and they wear it on their face. Even folks in the shadows of “the industry” that I meet seem to be arrogant. So many are cold, discourteous, and dismissive, until you have something they want.
    The celebs I met at the meetings were different. They were comfortable in large groups and the groups seemed to respect them.
    The issue isn’t whether or not you are a cannibal or just play one in a movie. The issue is that AA is the only place in town where you can meet both of them in the same room for just a dollar.
    To me the more offensive characteristic of the AA celebrity phenomenon is the individual member’s inane patronizing attempt to protect their anonymity. Now that’s offensive!
    Tony H is OK, much better in person than on the television. The talk I heard him give was down to earth and not at all full of AA bullshit. In the end movies are just make believe and actors just people. I hope AA helps all our cannibals, both pretend and real.
    They say you can even eat an elephant “one bite at a time”.

    I know a schizophrenic in AA. She goes of her own volition and gets some relief from what she hears in combination with her medicine.

    This said; be sure to skip the free babysitting and dishes that look like stew.

  • Swamibedpan

    In the early nineties I was a bartender in Covent Garden in London. World famous celebs were run of the mill where I worked. This was at the peak of my own drinking problem and my memory about it all is not that great. But I like what you say about them being ‘over protected’. They all seemed like soft cocks to me.

  • Jim French

    If she knows you are coming..she will bake a kike..👅