TriBeCa Twelve

A Shiny Failure, Reborn as a Rehab Center

With buffed hardwood floors, a fireplace in the living room, marble in the bathrooms and Silestone in the kitchen, the 2,200-square-foot, full-floor apartment on West Broadway looks exactly like the luxury condo it was meant to be. The furniture is plush and neutral, original artwork hangs on the walls, there is a Wii console hooked up to the flat-screen television and, when the sights of TriBeCa’s bustle from the second-floor windows are not enough, there is a planted, furnished roof deck upstairs, with views stretching from the Empire State Building to ground zero.


The project, called TriBeCa Twelve, is a collaboration between Hazelden, the Minnesota-based network of rehabilitation centers, and the Columbia University psychiatry department, and it represents an unusual resolution for a high-gloss condo development that went belly up.

The apartments did not go to buyers at fire-sale prices or to a new developer, nor did they simply stand vacant until the economy rebounded. Instead, the project is becoming a sober residence that combines a clinic and treatment programs solely for a college population.


Hazelden looked at about 35 properties in New York, said Ann Bray, vice president for strategic initiatives, and purchased the building for just under $8.3 million last year, according to property records.

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And read the follow-up, in which the NYT asks:

Have you or has someone you know been in rehab or a similar situation and found the temptations of city life hard to resist? Or do you think that treatment centers need not be remote to be effective? Please share your thoughts and experiences.


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  • Sally

    Paraphrase from the BB

    “There is one that has all power, and that one is God. May you find him now”

    If this holds true (as Hazelden and other 12 step recovery treatments teach), than to me it doesn’t matter where the center is located. How beautiful or beat up it is wouldn’t make a difference. If God has all power than He can certianly had NYC and all of it’s temptations.

  • disclosure

    When you go to the pawn brokers you encounter a business that thrives on the financial misfortune of others.
    When you go to a recovery center or group you encounter a business that thrives on the misfortune of others under the supposition of a made up disease. The snake oil salesman has moved from the wagon to a hi-rise in New York City.

  • SoberPJ

    The religion expands and the circle gets wider and wider and in this case encompasses the rich. $8.5 million would help a lot of street drunks, but that isn’t their aim. Their target market is college kids from wealthy families. Oh, they will throw in a pedestrian every once in a while to make it look good, but make no mistake, their “applicants” are screened for money and ability to pay.

  • Swamibedpan

    I just don’t drink.
    Cost $0.00.

  • SoberPJ

    Hazelden will suck the money out of those families just like the Oxford Group used to suck the money out of their wealthy converts. And they were both about finding gawd, that one who has all power, and you don’t have any, so give up your money to those that helped you find the imaginary power. Same lyrics, different melody.

  • SoberPJ

    Hazelden is a religious business, period. The reins are shared by a priest and a savvy businessman, what does that tell you? They had over $150 million in reserve and had to start using it, so they decided to expand the business. They are slick and sleazy and will accept your second mortgage money in a heart beat. Unlike AA however, they have actually posted their 2010 financials and even have a slick 2010 Annual Report . I wonder where the 2010 financials of AA are hiding?

  • SoberPJ

    Hazelden .. wow, nearly $200 million in NET Assets. That’s a nice asset position for a 12 Step religious machine. With publishing revenue of nearly $21 million, they are bigger than AA in 12 Step propoganda sales. No wonder they can buy an NYC apartment building – drop in the bucket and it gives them a book outlet in NYC. I wonder if they will use it as a distribution center for the propoganda? Beats paying warehouse prices and if your tenants pay the bill for the place, that is even sweeter. I wonder if the tenants will get to do some service work for Hazelden?

  • KellyRyan

    Cringe worthy … and how much to they receive in public funds. The rehab, “industry,” is known for it’s heavy lobbying in DC.

    And where are the attorney’s who could make a viable class action case against religious treatment for a medical condition?

  • Hazelden’s brand of “recovery” requires a lifelong commitment — either to the program or to perpetual 12-step-inspired relapse. They are spending a staggering amount of money on outreach to children and young adults, and I want to emphasize again and again, that they are taking a lesson from the tobacco companies by targeting a generation of replacement addicts — people who will be lifelong relapsers (they must know that 12 Step programs create binge relapsers) or lifelong evangelizers and recruiters — to take over for the previous generations that Recovery Culture has chewed up and spit out.

  • AnnaZed

    @PJ ~ Hazelden has far bigger fish to fry than book sales.

  • SoberPJ

    ” that Recovery Culture has chewed up and spit out.” or killed.

    AZ .. yeah, I just thought it was interesting. I’d take a $22 million publishing business where you will be hard pressed to see people reading from an e-reader in a meeting. Guaranteed paper sales for a long time.

  • Protest signs can be borrowed from Wall Street Protest nearby.
    Telling them its a Billion dollar industry rip off!

  • hazelton is not a non profit so why does it get that status. Maybe another Attorney General Campaign in their state is necessary. Im all over it .

  • causeandeffect

    Well, sometimes I”m an optimist, and I guess this is one of those times. I’m hoping these college students won’t become sheeple. They’ll be a bit rebellious, find the orange papers and it’s all over for them stepping. Once word gets around how crazy it is, well…

  • wayne kernochan

    Sounds like Bloomberg is in the Rehab business. Dude is in deep with the pharmaceutical industry, why not them?

  • wayne kernochan

    Bloomberg made cigarettes $12 a pack, so they stopped smoking them and went on the taxpayer funded patches. Yanno, to save the taxpayers money. Anyway, he then made it illegal to smoke in jail and gives his pals a couple hundred million a year to them for pills patches and gum. (They smoke th patches in Rikers)

    It was a hate supported tax that costs the city half a billion dollars a year. I wonder what the rehab industry is going to cost in the end

  • AnnaZed

    I don’t know about all that Wayne.

  • Lucy

    The rocks in his head matched the holes in her head.

  • eddy

    thriving on the misery of others