Man Threatens Fellow AA with Gun

Man sent for psychiatric exam after allegedly pointing gun at AA member in Cass City Church

A man accused of pointing a loaded revolver at another man at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting inside a Cass City church will be examined to determine if he is mentally competent to stand trial.

John R. Dillon, 74, of Tuscola County’s Almer Township faces 10 criminal charges in connection with the Sept. 5 incident at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, 6820 Main, in Cass City.

Dillon “put a gun in someone’s face and threatened to shoot him,” said Trooper Ruth Osborne of the Michigan State Police post at Caro.

Osborne alleges Dillon also pointed the gun at a man’s back before handing over the weapon to one of the A.A. group members.

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From the story’s comment section: This is so sad. If this man gets sent to prison, he most likely will never get to see his great grandchild’s first 12-steps.

(Does this mugshot look familiar to anyone else? I really think I’ve seen this guy’s face on this blog before.)


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  1. AnnaZed says:

    Well it’s probably familiar to the Tuscola County Prosecutor who says here (I had to access the cached page so this link is huge, don’t know why) that Mr. Dillon was a felon on parole for other crimes involving firearms:

  2. Mark says:

    Isn’t he the banjo playing inbred from Deliverance?

  3. Lucy says:

    Perhaps, sometime when those of you who drink are having a cocktail and I am nursing a cup of tea, I will tell you about the time my treatment center admitted a genuine CIA spook, and then subsequently allowed him to wander out into the desert to get to town.

    He came directly from Moscow, where he had been a sniper at the US Embassy.He had gotten drunk on the job and thought it would be fun to take a few shots at the flagpole.

    His superiors thought he needed treatment, and set him to our little facility. They brought him there with a couple of armed guards. (He himself brought a large cache of guns with him, including an AK47.)

    The spook didn’t like treatment, although many of us tried to make it worth his while by asking for stories of Russian kill jobs, He decided to check out, and the lady of duty GAVE HIM THE SUITCASE WITH HIS GUNS.

    As he was walking up to the highway to hitch a ride to Las Vegas, a number of my fellow patients tried to reason with him. (The treatmen people wrote down all their names and made them go to Al-Anon.)

  4. SoberPJ says:

    THAT’s a great treatment story .. sounds like a new permanent thread to me. We have had some doozies on here !

  5. JR Harris says:

    The Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, 6820 Main St, Cass City, Michigan 48726 where John R. Dillon was arrested in the parking lot of an AA meeting for being a felon in possession of a firearm is on the outskirts of Cass City near Baker College and Campbell Elementary School.

    The AA meeting appears to be controlled by Central Michigan Itra-Area 32 ( with the sub group of the THUMB AREA UNITY COUNCIL of Alcoholics Anonymous district 24 as its listing agent:

  6. SoberPJ says:

    Problems with guns – send them to AA
    Problems with violence – send them to AA
    Problems with innapropriate sexual aggression and rape – send them to AA
    Problems with pedophilia – if the Catholic church doesn’t want them, send them to AA
    Problems with theft – send them to AA
    Problems with Arson – send them to AA
    Armed robbery, murder – guess?

    How in the hell does ANYONE expect this to actually work? “We are people who would not normally mix.” No shit. And somehow it’s a good thing? And who says they actually DO mix? Seems like with all the murders and arson and rapes and suicides these people DO NOT “mix” very well.

  7. ez says:

    If convicted what are the chances he will be assigned to AA?

  8. Lucy- Crazy fucking story! It’s neverending…

  9. humanspirit says:

    @Lucy says:

    “As he was walking up to the highway to hitch a ride to Las Vegas, a number of my fellow patients tried to reason with him. (The treatmen people wrote down all their names and made them go to Al-Anon.)”

    A wonderful story, and I absolutely love that last bit about Al-Anon! You really couldn’t make it up.

  10. AnnaZed says:

    I will say this again (for those keeping track it is redundant, so apologies for that) but this business where a judge releases a criminal on the condition that he join an anonymous group is just insane. I beggars belief actually.

  11. ilse says:

    I was just going to say the same thing hs said. That Al-Anon part elevates the story from the hilarious and absurd to the sublime.

    I know I have seen this guy’s mugshot before.

  12. AnnaZed says:

    He looks like one of the Kalispell gang, he could be Jay Spreeuw’s cousin.

  13. SoberPJ says:

    Ok, everybody, time to close the meeting. Put in your teeth, put down your weapons, let’s hold hands and chant the lawd’s prayer.

  14. Rick says:

    He thought they said AA had a revolver door…

  15. SoberPJ says:

    Gawd, I offer my teeth to thee …

  16. Rick says:

    to chew with me as thou wilt….

  17. MikeAugustine says:

    smith & wilson, smith & wesson. A matter of semantics, I suppose.

  18. SoberPJ says:

    Isn’t Alanon a helper organization? Doesn’t that make them a co-dependent organization? You care too much, we are sending you to an organization that helps people not help people. And round and round we go…

  19. SoberPJ says:

    to chew with me as thou wilt .. totally cracked my ass up… I would have continued but I couldn’t find something that fit .. but Rick did… I’m not worrtthhheee ..

  20. Rick says:

    I feel bad for making fun of the guy, but the way these stories keeping adding up… It’s getting tougher for steppers to say that AA just has a few bad apples.

  21. SoberPJ says:

    You can’t sentence a continuous stream of criminals into AA and claim there are a few bad apples. At some point, most of the barrel is rotten. This wacko toted a gun into an AA meeting and showed it. How many other wackos bring a gun to an AA meeting and don’t show it?

  22. Rick says:

    I remember one guy that used to bring his knife collection to meetings. He would polish them during meetings the way some of the women would do their needle point. I never thought he was a threat, but it was still creepy. You’re right though, there’s no telling how many guns are in the rooms at any given time.

  23. Sally says:

    “Osborne said she didn’t know the motive for the alleged crimes.”

    I’m interested to know what the motive was. Was he just crazy, happen to have an episode during a meeting, and took it out on some innocent AA’s? Was he suffering from sponsor abuse? Did some 5th step work send him over the edge?

  24. causeandeffect says:

    Relieve me of the bondage of handcuffs, that I may better do Thy will.

  25. disclosure says:

    The motive is that he HATES AA members because they are arsewholes!
    Could you imagine looking like that and trying to get a 13th step date, or even a sponsor?
    I’ve seen that mug before, this dude is a repeater.

  26. I took a course required for getting a concealed handgun permit in Ohio a few years ago. EVERY student there was either AA, ex-AA, or Alanon-eligible. There is no doubt in my mind that around here, there are concealed handguns in just about every meeting, regardless of church carry being prohibited by state law.

  27. Lucy says:

    In one of my first weeks in AA, a drunk came to the Al-Anon meeting and opened fire on his wife. He said that she drove him to it, because she kept getting restraining orders. He had to come to Al-Anon to shoot her because he couldn’t come to the house.

  28. disclosure says:

    Holy shit Lucy!

  29. causeandeffect says:

    Lucy, did he kill her? I’ve always said restraining orders are worthless because you can stab or shoot someone right through paper Apparently he thought the paper was a little stronger than I do, I guess.

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