The Non-Randomness of Addiction

Go read “The Addictive Personality and the Non-Randomness of Addiction” by Rob Arthur on his blog, Narco Polo.

  • Border Collie Mix

    What the article describes as “the addictive personality” and what 12 step entities describe are two different things. In 12 step culture it is “Selfish and self-centered or self-centered fear” or the ever popular “thought we were God” or “wanted what we wanted when we wanted it” and “director of the show”. There are more, ad nauseum..

    The article states something I believe is quite true, mental/emotional health issues figure prominently in whether someone becomes addicted to a substance, as well as poverty/hopelessness. That is quite a different “addictive personality” description from someone with a God complex that needs for their ego to be deflated completely.

  • Jonny Quest

    The addictive personality has been debunked, though. While tempting to assume junkies and drunks are “different,” just one look at the cast of characters on any recovery web site or rehab is enough to put that idea to rest. The are all very different, at least until they crawl until the recovery ghetto and the group-think gets them.

  • disclosure

    I don’t get it, you mean that everyone who puts their hand in fire will get burned??? That must make us all fire-o-holics.

  • Mona Lisa

    JonnyQ: That’s right. The addictive personality theory is, essentially, bullshit. The thing addicts have in common is that they are addicted to stuff–that’s it. Beyond that, they are people, and have the same variety of personality features as the general population.

    The notion that all addicts are “selfish and self centered” and in need of “ego deflation” is nonsense. Now, Bill W., he was selfish and self centered and in need of ego deflation, but if his behavior following sobriety is any indication, AA did nothing to change that.