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The First Lady of AA

I found this video while looking for more information about VJ Hume‘s new play about Marty Mann, called Lush  – The Story of Marty Mann “The First Lady of AA”.

If Marty Mann is the First Lady, what does that make poor, long-suffering Lois? The Lunch Lady?

(h/t raysny!)

Susan Cheever’s Sanitation Campaign

As for profiting off its intellectual property—the crown jewels of any corporation—AA declines to do so. — From Susan Cheever’s “No Money, No Problems” at The Fix.

What is Cheever doing? What is her interest in cannonizing Bill Wilson and so aggressively rewriting and revising AA’s history? Why is she reframing AA’s motives, tailoring and omitting facts that are common knowledge to anyone who knows anything about AA?

AA already has the stellar reputation. Bill Wilson has already been mythologized. It’s already conventional wisdom that AA is what you do.