AA Member Beats Sponsor to Death


COVINGTON – Shain Pierce returned to his apartment after having a toe amputated and found the man he was sponsoring in Alcoholics Anonymous drinking alcohol inside.

When Pierce tried to kick Leslie Haun and his son Robert Haun out of the Scott Street apartment, the elder Haun beat him with an aluminum baseball bat and table leg until he died, a Covington Detective testified Tuesday in Kenton District Court.

Leslie Haun, 47, who has long history of mental problems and a lengthy criminal record, is charged with murder. His son, 19, is charged with complicity to murder and tampering with evidence.

Pierce’s body was found Sept. 20 inside the first floor apartment, said Det. Mike Thompson. The upstairs neighbors told police that they heard a loud fight the night before.


Pierce, 54, often took in people that needed help, said his sister Tammy Callen.
“He took in I don’t know how many people,” she said. “He was well loved and well respected.”

Callen said her brother was not an alcoholic but participated in Alcoholics Anonymous in order to help others.

“He went there for friends and to see who he could help,” she said. He became Leslie Haun’s sponsor and allowed Haun to stay with him, she said.

Haun had been participating in Kenton County’s mental health court, a jail diversion program for people with mental problems, after pleading guilty to stealing two cars earlier this year.

Haun has been diagnosed numerous mental problems including having hallucinations, delusions, depression, anti-social personality disorder and schizophrenia, according to court records.

In August, Haun was kicked of the Droege House, a drug and alcohol treatment facility in Dayton.

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  • Covington, Kentucky in Kenton County is separated from Cincinnati by the Ohio River. The Droege House in Dayton, where Leslie Haun was recently kicked out of is listed on the Kentucky Department of Corrections website. The Northern Kentucky Regional Mental Health Court is part of the 16th Circuit and 16th District and covers Boone, Campbell and Kenton counties.

    Leslie Haun seems to have a very troubled psychiatric past and he was dumped by the court system into the fellowship of AA, putting all AA sponsors and members in danger.A little bit of history about Leslie Haun and his troubled past:

    “After Leslie Haun stole a car and led police on a more than 50-mile chase last year, he told a judge that “Jesus provided the car for him to escape the demons that were chasing him,” according to court records.”


    “After his guilty plea, Haun was ordered to stay in jail until a bed was available at a treatment program. In June he moved into the Cold Shelter in Covington, but was kicked out after one day when he came in drunk, court records show.

    Three weeks later he was in the Droege House for inpatient treatment. Records show he was doing well in the program until Sept. 9 when he admitted to smoking spice, a mixture of herbs and spices sprayed with a synthetic compound similar to THC, a chemical in marijuana.

    After leaving Droege, Haun reported his new address as the apartment in the 1300 block of Scott where Pierce was found.

    Pierce also had a lengthy criminal record. Pierce was released from prison in February 2008 after serving 21 years of a 30 year sentence for burglary, according to the Department of Corrections.”

    Read more: http://nky.cincinnati.com/article/AB/20110921/NEWS0103/109220324/Murder-suspect-has-history-criminal-mental-issues?odyssey=nav|head

  • DeConstructor

    It doesn’t sound as classy such as when Christopher did it on ‘The Sopranos’

  • Sally

    Oddly, the sponsor wasn’t an alcoholic himself. How was he able to sponsor anyone?

  • disclosure

    Violence, fire, sex, con-men; AA is just like TV only live.
    PS, I didn’t go tonight because an old friend of mine is off his f’ing rocker.
    I think he may go to the meeting to show his appreciation for all the help.

  • katieshrike

    I’m confused about this part:
    “[Pierce] was not an alcoholic but participated in Alcoholics Anonymous in order to help others.”

    What the hell is the point then? I’m surprised the “real alcoholics” in the rooms would even let him come around if thats really the case.

  • Interesting…… The Coventry Kentucky AA meetings are part of Area 26 and are organized in a unofficial manner by the Northern Kentucky Central Service Office located on the NEW address of 1545 Scott Street (recently moved from 1727 Madison Ave). I have to wonder if the controlling Intergroup of this area is near the the Scott Street apartment where Leslie Haun allegedly beat his AA sponsor Shain Pierce?

    I wonder if the AA members of Northern Kentucky realize the dangerous criminals that the Northern Kentucky Regional Mental Health Court are sending to them?


    It would appear that the court system in Northern Kentucky is making it very danger to be an AA Sponsor. Potential AA sponsors in northern Kentucky should be very careful in picking sponcees sent to them by the court.

  • OKAY_ WOW that is some scene from The Sopranos now that I am gone from AA. It all takes on a new meaning.

    These stories all need to be sent to staffcoord@aa.org ftg- anyone just send them every story of violence in the news. Wait… no don’t. Then they’ll send out their PR Letter asking the Reporters to leave the AA part of the story out of it . Like, Lie to the public just a bit more.

    One story after another. After another. Pretty grim.
    Right now I have 48 singatires on my Petition. it needs 50. Some of th esigner actually wrote a few sentences along with their vote. WHich btw is great to do.

    One guy said he was sober 34 years and for the past 15 has been going to AA to scare them away from AA. He tells them about the alternatives. Its been great to see the names and cities all over the country of people I dont even know. The stories are all so individual its very touching. If you can forward to more people I would appreciate it. I plan on taking this one all the way. I cant get the link on my stop13stepinaa blog for some reason . I feel so technically challenged its not funny. Anyway…we must stop this mandating 100%.

  • Amy


    Last I looked, you only need two signatures. That’s great !!

  • Amy

    wasnt thinking, probably should not have posted the above here.

  • Mona Lisa

    It is shocking that any mandating is still going on in California, which is part of the 9th Circuit. The law throughout that Circuit (California, Arizona, Alaska, Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Idaho) is that mandatory AA without alternatives violates the establishment clause of the constitution, and court officials can be held liable for money damages if they violate this rule. Inouye v. Kemna, 504 F.3d 705 (9th Cir. 2007)

  • Border Collie Mix

    So much dumping by the courts and mental health professionals, it’s getting very scary, people have a right to know if they are around dangerous people, the so-called professionals have no right to drop the criminals they can’t handle off on lay people who are guilted into ignoring their own well-being, but that’s what they’ve been doing for YEARS. Cities provide crime statistics, but AA ignores dangers that could be right across the table from some innocent person, or in their home if they take the caretaking stuff completely to heart. Some people think that because Bill Wilson took drunks into his home that taking someone in and saving them is the ultimate in recovery goodness. I will have to keep an ear to the ground on this story, I’m in “Area 26”, though not near Covington. I must make sure people I know in AA around here know about this.

    My guess is that Shain Pierce probably got involved in AA in prison. It probably helped reduce his sentence or something.

  • Tallmike

    The guy trying to be helpful did not have a drinking problem but he certainly swallowed the AA Kool-aid. Unfortunate victim and, as is said, “No good deed goes unpunished.”

  • disclosure

    That Sopranos video about covers it. Bottom line; you got to stay the fuck out of other peoples business. AA opens all kinds of doors.

  • The mugshot of Leslie Haun charged in the murder of a Covington man on September 20, 2011.


  • My husband said that he heard there are guys carrying guns into meetings in LA. Yup.

    They are like the mob now. Good wholesome AA. Let’s bring the cookies and milk and have a party. Maybe not. Wait let me rethink this. Shouldn’t we trust all those good AA members. After all, Love and Tolerance is their code! Isnt that special.

    Maybe I should contact Stuart Smally and get his take on all this violence in 12 step, being he is an AL ANON stepper. OMG ALl my favorite comedians are steppers. WTF.

    Let me call

  • Mona Lisa says
    It is shocking that any mandating is still going on in California, which is part of the 9th Circuit. The law throughout that Circuit (California, Arizona, Alaska, Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Idaho) is that mandatory AA without alternatives violates the establishment clause of the constitution, and court officials can be held liable for money damages if they violate this rule. Inouye v. Kemna, 504 F.3d 705 (9th Cir. 2007)

    Thanks for this specific quote. All and any research of facts helps what I am doing. I really appreciate it. 🙂 Thanks Mona Lisa.

  • disclosure

    Massive, I have seen the same stuff as your husband.
    AA is A-Abomb waiting to go off.
    I am afraid to go any more, I have been attacked 3 times now.

  • Sally

    Well frick. With scammers, rapists, abuse and brainwashing people may think they have to protect themselves with guns at meetings. Doesn’t it click with AA’s at some point that if you feel a need to bring a gun to a meeting to protect yourself, there is something wrong with the meetings!

  • Lucy

    I often gave money to a homeless schizophrenic in return for paintings he would make for me. I knew he was trying to get better, and that he always took his medication. I liked him and I was glad when he worked his way into a living facility.

    On one of the last days I went to a meeting, he waited outside for me while I talked to a friend. When I asked him if he wanted to sell me a painting, he said that he was more concerned that I make it back to my building. He had met one of the new men in the meeting in a shelter and knew that he was a rapist. He didn’t like the way the “new man” was looking at me.

    I understand that the police picked up the “new man” a couple of months later for trying to climb through a woman’s window.

    AA members like my friend try to protect other members, but most of them don’t take their advice. The sponsor in the story was likely trying to help someone that other people wouldn’t, and his crime was thinking that he could.

  • disclosure

    I won’t chance it any more.
    AA is dangerous.
    I quit.

  • causeandeffect

    disclosure, you won’t regret it. Not one bit. Sometimes I just sit and bask in the knowledge that I don’t have to be in that toxic environment for the rest of my life. The rest of my life. And when I really ponder that, it feels like the sun warming my skin while a cool spring breeze blows over me. It’s a beautiful thing.


    I never saw anyone packing a gun, but I’m fairly sure there were a few at some of the sleazier meetings I attended. Then again, at one of the last meetings I attended, a guy new to the club, boasted (at least it sounded like a boast to me), that he had carried a gun for the first 16 years of his sobriety, I assume he was trying to show “sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly”. He just came across as a creepy fellow to me. But he had like 20 some years of sobriety, mostly down at the ‘hardcore’ (read asshole) meetings. Downtown LA, Clancy’s Bunch, etc, blah, blah, and I am sure he was well on his way to to guru status among his new peers (peers? lol).

  • The familyy of this man should sue AA. He was a nut and putting this man in harms way.

    I remember seeing one of the NA members in Daytona and he had a horriffic black eye.
    I asked him what happened to him. He said he had been in NA for years and a new guy had come to a meeting. He ended up letting this guy move in with him and the guy robbed him and beat him up.

  • disclosure

    Thanks Cause,
    I haven’t believed the AA banter for some time now so I feel safe in my decision. I am in a truly safe place, my living room, which as some of you may suspect is also a very productive place.
    I was just thinking tonight about an old sponsee who just got out of prison for dealing cocaine. He called and left a message, if I run into him I’ll just say I have disconnected from everyone and everything AA.
    One day at a time I will not go to meetings.

  • disclosure

    I have been drinking beer occasionally now for about a year now and haven’t…
    Gone to Jail
    Been Institutionalized
    Become engulfed in the phenomenon of craving
    Found it necessary to run out and get alcohol compulsively
    Become angry
    Sold all my belongings
    Lost my job
    Or any other nonsense AA preaches

    Grown up is just grown up.

    HARM reduction= Better is Better! 😉

  • The “How to be a Sponsor” sections of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) should be updated to have a “How to pick a Sponcee” section. We are seeing more and more murders and assaults on Sponsors by Sponcees and and I am afraid that because of misguided Anonymity many go unreported.

    We have some reports such as the Sponsor Shain Pierce being beat to death with a baseball bat allegedly by his Sponcee Leslie Haun in Kentucky in September of 2011, Eunice Field stabbing to death her ex-Partners AA Sponsor Lorraine Wachsman in August of 2010 in Massachusetts, Sponcee Jared Mugrage of Edwardsville Illinois stabbed and killed his AA sponsor Sponcee Bill Giedemanin with an ice pick in 2007, Scott Gordon Reynolds shot and killed his AA Sponsor Uriel Noriega in Long Beach California in October of 2006.

    AA Sponsors need to be aware how dangerous some of these people are when picking Sponcees and they are putting themselves in danger of financial scams, physical assault and even death. Many Sponsors are doing it out of the goodness of their heart to help other struggling Alcoholics, but what happens when your elderly grandmother is just going to AA to have friends and wants to Sponsor the wrong person, putting herself in danger not to mention her children and their grandchildren?

  • FKABB- scary! They think they are sooo special.

  • disclosure

    I met that same AA-Tard at a meeting in LA. Probably that dumb ass White Flag Mens Stag down at Father Terrys joynt. Thank goodness I dont have to go down there and get hugs from those queers any more. I am so tired of going to meetings and coming home smelling of toilet water.

  • AnnaZed

    @disclosure ~ wtf? tards, queers?

    Is this some brilliant satire and I am missing something?
    The use of joynt would indicate that maybe this is an attempted funny, I dunno.

    again, wtf?

  • disclosure

    I’m responding, please do not erase my above comment, this will take a moment.

  • disclosure

    Thanks for asking AZ.
    The term “queers” as defined by Webster refers to odd individuals. The term “Joynt” is derogatory and refers to the place the alcoholics congregate.
    The post was not at all intended to be funny. It is intended to bring to light the ridiculous nature of political correctness in the context of thought censorship and mind control. These very tactics are used in AA, the media, and yes here. We all have special agenda and potentially derogatory and inflammatory insult-able backgrounds which we do not hesitate to use for power.

    The many homosexuals that I know are not at all offended by the term “queer or queers” they know the meaning can be odd or unusual. They may be offended by the word fag depending on how it is used. Example; A friend might say in a loving way “stop being such a fag”, not an insult. In a cruel use of the word the context is completely different.

    In regard to the Monday night men’s stag it was assumed that the word queer was used in the context of sexual orientation because of the reference to male embrace and toilet water. While these characteristics are stereotypically homosexual they are certainly not diagnostic, I rarely see homosexuals embrace in public, when they do it has much deeper meaning than at an AA meeting.

    My point is this; all prejudice derails thought, damages perception, and halts productivity. Even prejudice toward a bigot, racist or someone just perceived to be so.

    All races and orientations are capable of good work, love, and open mindedness. Race and orientation should never be used to derail a contributor through political correct thought censorship. It is a bad habit and puts us all in harms way.

    I see political thought censorship growing in the media. It limits our language and communication. It is already being used to control large groups of people. For example, it is illegal to say “there was no holocaust” in some European countries.
    It is however perfectly legal to deny other genocides.

    The entire premise of thought censorship is unbalanced and destructive to all those except the privileged who program us through the media.

  • AnnaZed

    Alrighty then, the race part of your post must have gone clear over my head or was that post just copy-pasted from a Bill Maher website? I like Bill Maher, so that’s ok I guess, but tards (?), nigga’ please.

  • Mark

    That explanation sounded a little teabaggish to me.

  • disclosure

    I have no political affiliation if that is what you mean by teabaggish.

  • Irv Goldenberg

    Oy vey, you’re all a bunch of mashugana!

  • mashugana (plural mashuganas)

    1. nonsense, silliness, craziness, garbage (as in useless)
    2. (pejorative) A person who is nonsensical, silly or crazy; a jackass

    reckless (comparative more reckless, superlative most reckless)

    1. careless or heedless; headstrong or rash
    2. indifferent to danger or the consequences

    sponsor (plural sponsors)

    1. A person or organization with some sort of responsibility for another person or organization, especially where the responsibility has a religious, legal, or financial aspect.

    “AA is full of reckless sponsors who are a bunch mashugana!”

  • Sally

    JR, reading this blog is like going to school. I get to learn so much! 😉

  • I tried to find Slim Gaillard’s “Mishugana Mambo,” for Irv, but I had no luck. I hope he enjoys the “Dirty Rooster” instead: