AA For Kids

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    That you are not special or unique BS is a total lie. Could you imagine telling Speedy that? Calm down Speedy, you are just like the other children, now go over in the corner with Timmy and look stupid.
    Where is that picture from Mark? I was just thinking about this yesterday while reflecting on the special uniqueness of my AA friends lost to suicide. I remember when I first got to AA seeing the “so you think you are different” pamphlet.
    Would someone please kill pop psychology, or at least wound it.

  • I think I just had my “Ahhh Haaa” moment of clarity**. AA was actually started by a 15th century monk named Boniface which Bill Wilson claimed to Father Dowling in one of his letters,helped him to write the “Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions.” Through the Spiritual media of the seance, not only did Wilson discuss how to indoctrinate 20th century adults into a cult, Boniface also behind the scenes influenced the late 1600’s Mother Goose nursery rhyme, the precursor of the Serenity prayer of:

    For every ailment under the sun
    There is a remedy, or there is none;
    If there be one, try to find it;
    If there be none, never mind it.

    The conspiracy deepens…… they have been going after the children all along with the cunning, baffling, powerful chemical induced spirituality of Bill Wilson.

    ** NOTE – “Ahhh Haaa” moment of clarity – not to be confused with the “senior moment” of Bill Wilson, the flashback of pharmaceutical grade LSD used to find Spirituality or the “Hot Flash” of spiritual conversion caused by the delirium of Belladonna Atropa which Bill Wilson practiced. CHILDREN – DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS AT HOME, it should only be attempted by faith healers being paid by your parents at $1000 a day who have talked your parents into believing that you have a terminal disease that can only be put in remission by chanting Bill Wilson in church basements for the rest of your life.

  • JR – Yea I think Bill W was taking a bit a acid then too. Bill was nuts.

  • Tallmike

    Yes, Bill Wilson was both nutty and a charlatan. Now, the question is, as it has been since about 1935, why are his erroneous ideas and nonsense not summarily dismissed? The quackery ought to be exposed not just by us who hang around here at stinkin-thinkin but by learned people of every stripe, doctors, lawyers, psychologists, and every day folk who pause to think about this stuff. Psychologists claim they are practiciing a science. Where is the proof of this when the addictionologists push people into a faith based recovery plan? I believe you would have just as much luck by seeing a witch doctor with one caveat: the witch doctor would probably do his hocus pocus in less time and you would most likely not have to attend meetings the rest of your life. Hey now… it’s just another therapy. Might even have a better efficacy than 3-5%. Who knows?

    Every child in that room is special to his parents and grandparents, even extended family. I am wondering if that was a posed picture. If not, it’s a disgrace.

  • Luther Blissett

    where is that picture from? isn’t there a way to drop the picture into the google serach box on images? I’m serious-i heard something like that-lemme try-but meanwhile, please advise!

  • Luther Blissett

    ok, it looks like it came from an autism talk-maybe they’re telling the kids, hey you’re not different plenty people have what you do and you can thrive type of thing-if you got to the google image sit and click on search a box will come up to put the url in-try it! (If i told you I learned that trick on porn site you’d believe me right?)

  • The meeting after the meeting?

  • Sally

    Oh ilse, LOL!

  • But wait! There’s more……………

    Once the children have been exposed to AA by the many nicotine addicted members of the fellowship hanging outside of Church basements, they can get help from the 12 Step program devised by Bill Wilson who continued to smoke cigarettes despite having emphysema and needing to be on an oxygen tank by joining Nicotine Anonymous:


    Bill Wilson couldn’t follow the simple 12 program to help him stop his addiction to smoking cigarettes, but at least he wasn’t drinking.

  • disclosure

    You people are clearly from AA.

  • Fear and more fear

    Sucks not being special huh?

  • AnnaZed

    That’s a Fight Club reference (a strange visual one involving children). I rather doubt that that image is of any kind of it gets better pep talk for young autistics.

    Tyler says: Listen up, maggots. You are not special. You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake. You’re the same decaying organic matter as everything else.

    Any self-respecting Fight Club aficionado knows this quote. Of course, Fight Club is (at least in part) about AA and pop psychology so the reference is apropos.