Daniel Gordon: 12-step Hero

Today’s 12-step hero is Daniel Gordon, an AA and state representative in the Rhode Island legislature. It seems he’s run into a bit of legal trouble that he did not disclose:

The first-term House member from Portsmouth was arrested Friday on charges stemming from a 2008 police chase in Massachusetts. He was released Monday on $1,000 bail. The arrest exposed past legal problems, including a four-month sentence in 1999 for assault, an attempted murder charge dismissed in 2004 and a long list of traffic infractions.

When questioned about it, he reminded us to worry about keeping our own sides of the the street clean:

“I have redeemed myself and I have paid my debts,” he said. “Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone.”

And naturally, he broke his anonymity. He really had no choice, because he need to reassure the voting public that he had a very good reason for being bad, and he is now in good hands:

Gordon said he considers himself an alcoholic and has been sober for three years thanks to counseling and Alcoholics anonymous.

I’m sure the good people in his district can sleep better now. Thanks, Daniel, for all that you do! It works if you work it!

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  • humanspirit

    This is hilarious (except, perhaps, for the good people of Rhode Island).

    “A state lawmaker facing calls for his resignation over his previously unpublicized criminal record refused to step down Wednesday but said he might change parties.”

    So that’s all right then. What other party does he think would accept him? Will he change his whole political philosophy? (This is an example of the rigorous honesty in action he learned in AA.)

    “Who in their right mind would campaign for public office knowing they had an active warrant?” he said.

    Possibly someone whose higher power had decided not to restore to sanity?

    “Right now I need to refocus on what’s going on at the Statehouse with the pensions,” he said, speaking of the state’s public pension crisis. Lawmakers met Wednesday for a briefing on the pension problem by Treasurer Gina Raimondo.

    Gordon said he planned to skip Raimondo’s briefing because previous meetings on pensions weren’t helpful to him.

    “They were quite frankly boring to me . . .”

    OK, so he has to refocus on the public pensions issue, but pensions are too boring for him to think about.

    I think we all now feel the need to have more steppers with criminal records prominent in public life. I know I do.

  • It would appear that the chanting of Bill Wilson does work miracles, especially when you delve a little deeper into some of the past chargers of Daniel Gordon:

    “PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) – Rhode Island State Rep. Daniel Gordon has been in and out of Massachusetts jail cells since 1999 and has been charged more than a dozen times over the past 18 years, according to records obtained by the Target 12 Investigators.

    Gordon served nearly six months over a five-year period at the Bristol County House of Correction in North Dartmouth, Mass., according to records from the Bristol County Sheriff’s office.

    Gordon, 42, of Portsmouth, served four months in jail after being convicted of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon in 1999, records reveal. He was back in 2003 for a one-month stay on another assault and battery charge and again in 2004 after being charged with attempted murder, the sheriff’s office said. That year he was also held on an outstanding warrant for a “larceny of a motor vehicle” charge issued by police in Falmouth, Mass.

    Gordon has been charg 18 times since 1993, according to criminal records from the Mass. Office of Public Safety and Security. He was charged six times with assault and battery, twice with a gun and once with a pool cue. Gordon was charged with possession of marijuana in 1996 and convicted of operating under the influence in 1993.

    Records show Gordon was convicted of the 1999 assault and battery charge but the attempted murder charge was dismissed.

    Target 12 obtained the police record from the attempted murder charge. According to Fall River police, Gordon allegedly strangled his girlfriend, leaving red marks around her throat. The police reports said the girlfriend claimed “he tried to kill me” by putting his hand on her mouth and nose. It’s unclear why the charges were dropped.”

    Source: http://www.wpri.com/dpp/target_12/ri-rep-jailed-3-times-in-mass

  • SoberPJ

    Well, it IS Rhode Island. In certain areas of Providence he would be considered a light weight. However, in Newport, he would be considered an abomination. The remainder probably see him for the joke that he is.

  • OKay-
    OKay fellow bloggers here are willing to run for some political office. It seems like we need some new blood in our government!!!

  • god my typing is awful! I meant to say ” Who wants to run for a political office”? There are more guys like this I hear. Some Senators as well are AA members! Good God!

  • Jonny Quest

    The degeneracy and hubris at the heart of the recovery group movement is astounding. If I were a judge, anyone using the “Imanalcholic, and I’ve gone to 90 in 90” defense would get an additional few years.

  • Sally

    So much for writing your stat rep about AA. Might give some ideas.

  • Mona Lisa

    “Gordon, a 42-year-old former Marine, said he ran for office last year to atone for years of mistakes and alcohol abuse related to post-traumatic stress. At Wednesday’s news conference, he recited the poem “Invictus”…..”

    This reminds me of Newt Gingrich saying that he cheated on his wife because of his patriotism.

  • Sally

    There is a reason for everything. The question is if people will accept the answer.

  • Mona Lisa

    There are reasons, and there are bullshit excuses…..

  • Sally

    lol. Yes, that’s better put.

  • DeConstructor

    I wonder if people in political power opposing this individual might be interested in the information we know.

    We all have access to this article, however since AA has changed actual history, concocted ‘medical’ evidence to fulfill their prophecies, and continues to lobby in direct conflict with the truth, we at this site are better equipped to deal with the BS spin that is promoted by these people.

    I would hope that persons googling the name “Daniel Gordon” will be directed here. If people in real political power had our knowledge big things could happen.

  • I think that things are changing already. As Jonny Quest pointed out yesterday, SoberRecovery is no longer advertising the 12 Steps of destruction of the human Ego devised by the Adulterous originator of 13 Stepping, Bill Wilson, on their website………..

  • MikeAugustine

    Another good reason not to live there any more.

  • disclosure

    For monkeys whirling through space on a molten dirt claud, anything is possible. It all started with fire (the AA’s favorite tool) back in the cave man days. Next thing you know 100’s of years before the alien invasion of Christ a bunch of monkeys got together and wrote the first version of the big book, the Bible (Old Testament). Then a clever diamond salesman invented the Jews to kill our Lord. Today we’re much the same monkeys, just with better fire starters and fuel. Looking for love (mating like Newt, for God & Country) in all the wrong places (House of Representatives), God bless the day I discover, another heart lookin’ for love.

    Ridiculous theory you say? We think not, many among us have recovered from a seemingly hopeless state of mind, body, and incarceration; AA membership.

    Truly Yours,
    The next Bill Wilson

  • Mona Lisa

    Wow, I hadn’t noticed that Sober Recovery took that awful step crap off their site. That’s a positive development, for sure.

  • It would appear that Daniel Gordon isn’t the only state representative in Rhode Island. We may have another state representative chanting Bill Wilson soon……

    Lawmaker pleads not guilty to DUI: Rep. Bob Watson maintains innocence

    “PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) – State Rep. Bob Watson pleaded not guilty Tuesday morning in New Haven Superior Court to drug charges stemming from an April arrest.

    Police say the East Greenwich Republican had marijuana and cocaine in his system when he was stopped at a sobriety checkpoint on April 22, 2011.

    The incident caused Watson to lose his position as House Minority leader.

    Rep. Watson is due back in court on November 15, 2011.”