Name Change

Due to the fact that our usernames were stupid, FTG and I have changed our usernames to our actual names. We’re still the same people.

FTG  = Ilse

MA = Mark

Study this, and we’ll test you all on it in the near future.

  • Jonny Quest

    I have trouble with names…

  • When Mark started the blog, I didn’t realize that it was going to be A Thing, and I just picked a name off the top of my head. Friendthegirl is the name of a comic book character from one of my favorite artists. I’m not the only one out there with this handle (there are a few other nerdy comics fans out there using it), but what sucks is that when you google the name, my handle appears well above the actual artist. That sucks.

  • I always thought the screen name of “Rigorous Honesty” would be kind of cool. I see the posts now…………..

    Rigorous Honesty says…..

    So whats your take on this Rigorous Honesty?

    Well, according to Rigorous Honesty Bill Wilson was an adulterous, LSD dropping, unemployable con man who invented 13th Stepping with Helen Wynn.

  • Sally

    But I really liked your reference ……… “friendtheboyfriend”. It cracked me up.

    My husband asked me when I was going to get a cool name. I actually thought Sally was was a randmom name of a friend on fb. But not cool? I was hurt.

    What is MA?

  • WastedSpacer

    Sorry… is that Ilse or lise? I have bilingual dyslexia… 😉

  • Gunthar2000

    My name is Mojave-Ghischnah

  • Mark

    Sally – I used “MA” because they are the first two letters of my name. I was gonna use “Cuggle,” but that was already taken.

  • Mark

    WS – It’s ILSE

  • WastedSpacer

    @Mark – thanks – I was kidding this time, although I did make the mistake honestly last week in a private mail.

  • It looks weird in sans serif.

  • Since we are doing confession session on the name thing, I guess I can put forth a bit of rigorous honesty, as well. My real name is Mike. No relation to this guy, tho.

  • That sans serif thing, and all.


    I have always used my real name, however, after the legal spot I have been in and still am in for defending us………some days I wanted to be Ladybug. It would have been harder to identify me. After thoughtful consideration with Ilse, we decided to keep my real name, because I have friends here and didn’t want to confuse anyone. Because of the threats, I left for a while and Ilse and I decided to fight for my rights (freedom of speech/press) and come back with my real name; when I was comfortable.

  • AnnaZed

    I have a couple of real names, none of which I have the slightest intention of deploying on this blog.

    [just sayin’]

  • AnnaZed isn’t your real name???

  • Isn’t this great coming out in the light. No more hiding even here on ST.
    I’m Monica ….hi Isle, Hi Mark! 🙂

  • Amy


    I really did not want to change my real name to the current. However, because of my living situation, I feel more comfortable now posting. As I said the other day to someone on the blog; other than one person, I would not give a rats but who might identify me in AA.

  • 13steppierre

    My name is John P. Guanoloco, Jr.; Pierre is my middle name. I’m sure these tales of how you people chose your usernames are fascinating reading, if only this blog’s comment threads could go more than three posts before blurring into the same stupefying, off-white smear of self-absorbed dullards shadow-boxing with their personal demons in the delusion that anyone else here cares.

  • causeandeffect

    Are you saying that you’re Pierre I don’t care? “I don’t care” said Pierre. We don’t care if you care, Pierre.

    It’s scary putting the real name out there. Some of these steppers are certifiably insane. You guys are brave.

    AnnaZed’s name is cool cuz it looks like amazed. And it truly is amazing that AA exists in this day and age. This is not the age of enlightenment.

  • c& e I agree
    The AA nutjobs are not to be trusted with our real names. Oh well. I’ll need bodyguards when my film screens at film festivals.

  • I’m me and always have been. I’ve never understood usernames. One person told me he/she was afraid of stalkers. Dude had three blog followers 🙂

  • Send some of those AA nutjobs my way. They’re so easily brainwashed I’d have ’em painting my garage before lunch

  • SoberPJ

    I think it needs to be a chicken, or other barnyard animal, for him to reciprocate …


    Mr 13steppierre,
    You have mastered our blog! You do exactly what we do over and over and over again. That is we complain, bitch, vent about our time in AA and you come on and bitch/vent over and over again about our time in AA, while you should (if a true AAer) have your ass in a chair at a meeting chanting how great thou are. Nope, you find us more interesting and helpful than AA. WELCOME John Pierre Gaunoloco Jr.; Chime in anytime we always need either someone to help or in your case laugh.

  • Amy

    “Comments blurring into the same stupefying, off-white smear of self-absorbed dullards shadow boxing with their personal demons in the delusions that anyone else cares.”

    Sounds like a typical AA meeting to me.


    You’re fantastic!

  • SoberPJ

    Guano loco … Bat Guano Loco …

  • Has anyone else considered changing their legal names after going through the, well, what everyone here seems to have also gone through? Oh, I know what the steppers think on this one, but that’s one thing I never let get to me. I just want it all OVER. I don’t want to call places and give my name anymore, and yes I am embarrassed about how I acted under the influence and all that. More than anything, I feel I kind of ruined my name and just don’t want it anymore.

    Does that sound extreme? Hell, the steppers who pop up in my life rather frighten me, I don’t even use anything tied to my normal identity online to discuss this–with one exception, I did want to use only one YouTube account for anything dealing with this subject matter, but I felt a bit too empowered on the “blamethenile” videos and just had to jump into that fray with my normal account….lol.

    Carolyn, what on earth happened to you? Holy jeeeebus!

  • Tallmike

    My real name is actually Michael, but Mike has worked for a long time and I really am 6′ 5″.
    Tallmike seemed fitting a number of years back. Still works today though young folks are getting taller and taller. If necessary at sometime in the future, I guess I could become Almost_Tall_Mike but for now… Tallmike it is

  • Mona Lisa

    I am sure you will all be shocked to learn that my real name is not Mona Lisa.

    I am going to continue to use that name, though. Call me chicken if you want!

  • Gunthar2000

    Just another stupefying, off-white smear of self-absorbed dullard post. 😉

  • Sally

    Since ML isn’t changing her real name I cannot change mine. Mine is actually Mona Lisa 😉

  • MikeAugustine

    Always been Mike…at barely 5’8″ I suppose Little Mikey would fit too. Ilse, schöner Vorname (:



    Per counsel, I cannot discuss it, however, no one is going to bully or tell me what I can and cannot do, when exercising my personal GOD-GIVEN RIGHTS!!! I will go down fighting every time, however, this last time I wasn’t the one left down =) It’s convoluted especially dealing with wackaloons and AA. I will keep everyone posted when I can.
    Thanks for asking.

    Speaking of names, has anyone heard from TRIX lately? =) I hear she’s down =)

  • I hope no one thinks we’re making a statement by changing to our names or feels pressured to reveal yours. We really were just unhappy with our handles, and have been for some time. When I mentioned to Mark yesterday that I wanted to change my handle, he said “me too” and that’s about all the thought that went into it.

    Mike, danke.

  • DeConstructor

    Mark and Ilse, thankyou for not adding the words “and I am an alcoholic” to your new names.

  • hulahoop

    You will always be MA and ftg to me.

    Pierre, you know you care.

  • hulahoop

    DeConstructor says Mark and Ilse, thankyou for not adding the words “and I am an alcoholic” to your new names.

    Yes Sir, I’ll second that.

  • Border Collie Mix

    I just used the description of my running partner, middle of the bed hogger, food begger, cuddle buddy, and all around precious little furry love. (I didn’t even use HER real name, LOL, but she’s black and white with brown eyes, a bushy tail, and low feline tolerance).

  • humanspirit

    @Pierre – Sounds like you have a lot of pride, anger, and resentments, and that you probably need a meeting – otherwise you will inevitably drink again. I hope this site figures in your fourth and fifth steps. On the other hand, there’s a vacancy here for a resident troll that you might consider filling. . . .

    @Persephone – I love your name. My mum used to call me Persephone sometimes when I was a little kid because I loved picking wild flowers, and she told me the story of how Persephone was abducted by Hades, god of the Underworld, while she was picking flowers in the meadows. P’s mum and Hades got into some fierce bargaining, and because P had eaten six pomegranate seeds while in Hades’ care, she had to spend six months of the year with him (when her mother, one of Zeus’s wives, went into mourning) but was allowed out for the other six months (when she made the earth flower again), hence explaining why we have summer and winter. Sounds a bit far-fetched, but it’s no less nonsensical – and a much better story – than anything you’ll find in Bill Wilson’s writings. At least the Ancient Greeks had the excuse that they developed their mythologies several thousand years ago and that they made sense within the context and beliefs of the times.

    (Hope you’ll come come out of exile soon, though, Persephone!)

    I don’t particularly like my username (not that I think about it much). But, well, it kind of stuck.

  • The lack of a resident troll is worry some. It’s very hard to highlight the absurdity of the AA faith without one. I was thinking of putting an advertisement in the Grapevine to help them out a little. How does this sound:

    “Wanted – Resident AA Troll. Must be a master at gas lighting and have a proven track record of manipulating multiple sponcees at a time. Team player with contacts in the Rehab, Sober House, Bankruptcy, Real Estate (selling distressed properties), House Cleaning and Yard Work businesses. Experts in helping to liquidate the assets of prospects that are made to hit bottom if they fail to work the simple program of “hitting bottom” and they refuse to chant Bill Wilson and prospect hunt for the rest of their lives. Interested parties can apply at any site that comes up with the Google search of “AA Sucks.”

  • humanspirit

    JR . . . I think there should be something in there about the need for rigorous honesty too, as defined by Bill Wilson (just because it’s always very funny when they eventually expose themselves to be completely dishonest, as with JD and Diablo/Cuggle/ [insert one of a myriad other user names here], etc.)

  • Mark

    That is awesome, JR. I do believe a good troll presence is necessary here, because they make our points better than we ever could. Our problem lately is the real crazy is coming from our side of the fence.

  • Gunthar2000

    Yes, I can be a bit crazy from time to time.

    I’ve made the decision (again) to stick with ST and stop interacting with AA folks completely.
    I’m sorry for any problems I have caused.


    Your ad is a definite…LOL

  • naughtystep

    My real name is Marc, as it was on my original posts

    I only changed to naughtystep for a little anonymity, not that I really care as I only post what I believe to be true.

    naughtystep was only used due to my aversion and loathing of doing the steps, of which i formally did all none of them, and my refusal to get a sponsor. My approach I guess therefore must have put me on the naughty step of AA with dissaproving looks galore, well if its good enough for Frank S then I’ll do the same…..

  • raysny

    I thought I had chimed in on this already, maybe typed it and never posted it.

    I’ve been using ‘raysny’ for Ray S. NY when I first got online and was living in NY state. The folks I argue with figured out my name is Ray Smith, luckily, that’s fairly anonymous. I use my picture so the wrong Ray Smith doesn’t get beat up.

  • Amy

    Thanks for the laugh !!!


    JR Harris’

    I’m with you on inducting a new troll to our blog. We get bored every once in a while, need a troll to set by example why we left AA and keep us up to date on their new recruiting & brainwashing tactics. Only the grandiose, slogan spouting and trolls oblivious of the real world and human/civil rights need apply.

  • Mona Lisa

    “I use my picture so the wrong Ray Smith doesn’t get beat up.”


  • disclosure

    I think I may change my name from disclosure to disrespectful. I may even re-join AA and apply for that troll position you guys mention. I just can’t muster up enough hate for the AA organization any more, it’s just so non-existent. I would however like to character assassinate the membership “one person at a time”.

    Mark and Ilse, are you guys married? You are starting to look like a couple to me.
    I personally miss Isles’ old avatar of the pretty woman who writes sitting in profile; no offense Mark, I’ve never 13th stepped in my life. The impression of an avatar or gender specific name personifies the blogger in a way that influences my interaction. JD strikes me as a lawyer, the eaglet also spouts justice except a female bald eaglet is brown. The triangular stained glass window conjures up images of the AA so in love with the program that they are moved to do a craft. I guess the point is that we are not going to be able to escape the biological impression of the situation (thank you Freud).