Yep, He Ain’t No Doctor

The Seattle Times confirmed that David Scratchley, the crack-addled director of the Matt Talbot Center in Seattle, is not really a doctor. In fact, he hasn’t even met the standards to be a drug counselor. And if what is contained this police report is true, he is one sick son-of-a-bitch.

  • Of course he is a doctor, just like every other high-school drop-out who is qualified to practice medicine, psychology and counseling based upon the ability to parrot dogma and wisdom acquired by meeting attendance and the accumulation of sobriety coins. Here is the conferral:

  • Swamibedpan

    kudos to the crack smoking women, she saved that kid. Yes he is a sick son of a bitch.

  • So what’s with this “Matt Talbot center” in Seattle? Is this Matt Talbot any relation to Dr. G. Douglas Talbott of Talbott Recovery Center (now Campus, apparently) in Atlanta and former president of ASAM, or is the name (except for the one t at the end vs. two t’s) just a coincidence?

    A little research shows the original Matt Talbot was a drunk who got sober through the Catholic Church, and lived and died before AA was formed, and became a “patron saint” of alcoholics:

    Here’s an archive of an old page at Stanton Peele’s site on Dr. G Douglas Talbott. I don’t know why this page was removed from his site, but I can imagine the threat of a lawsuit was involved – it sure is damning to Talbott:

  • DeConstructor

    I have never understood the stupid incriminating things people text. Texts do not go away. They are evidence. This guy apparently is a perv, an idiot, and a user of unlawful drugs.

    A perfect trifecta for a drug counselor. If he ever gets out of prison I bet there is an AAWS trustee position opened for him.

  • Interesting biography of Dr. David Scratchley on zoom info…….

    Dr. David Scratchley
    Psychology and Neuroscience – Clinical Director
    Employment History
    Lakeside-Milam Recovery

    The Matt Talbot Center
    2313 Third Ave.
    Seattle, Washington 98121
    United States

    Company Description: The Matt Talbot Center was founded in 1985 by a small group of businessmen with a vision for solutions to homelessness in Seattle. Over the years, this group was joined by other men and women of vision and compassion. The Matt Talbot Center began as a “totally privately” funded program, and has remained true to this commitment. We receive no operational grants from the government or United Way. We depend on the support of individuals, businesses and private foundations. Having begun as a “drop-in” facility, MTC has evolved in to a place for those who are serious about living drug and alcohol free. Members are provided with the tools and opportunities to restore productivity and self-sufficiency to their lives and to reestablish relationships with their families.


    Ooops……….. According to the above information Dr. David Scratchley worked at Lakeside-Milam Recovery which is based out of ALASKA and works with wayward youth in a very remote part of the country. I believe a very vocal Sarah Palin had a daughter that was having problems and has recovered…………………..


    Ben B
    Fascinating story with that link! It seems that the one size fits all approach is at work. Diseased thinking, compliance with accepting the 12 step approach, not much in the way of medical/physiological help. The old daily reprieve scheme. shoveled out by counselors who more than likely have gone through the process, drank the cool-aid, and are now ‘professionals’. Ah yes, the tough love approach for one and all.


    I see the self described Dr. has received a dishonorable mention in The Freethinker…

  • The story of Dr. David Scratchley, and the Matt Talbot Center in Seattle is an award winning performance of how a nobody can use the system with fake credentials. The Dr. David Scratchley Story has enough intrigue to be made into a movie, like the 2002 Steven Spielberg movie “Catch Me If You Can” about Frank Abagnale Jr., who used the system to the highest level. The question is “How can a person with no verifiable credentials, become the Director of a supposedly reputable Rehab Facility, be an accomplished author internationally known and have his Rehab backed by the Seattle Seahawks of the National Football League (NFL)?”

    This story needs to be told and movie exposure would be the best media.

  • SoberPJ

    Lakeside-milam is based out of the Seattle area and has a number of offices in various western states. They have a wide range of services and 12 Step meetings are a BIG part of their regimen. Many steppers work for them. Jim Milam co-wrote a somewhat groundbreaking book on the chemistry of the effects of alcohol on the body system. It has some good stuff in it, but then they use faith healing as the foundation for their program… go figure

  • SoberPJ your right, I jumped the gun due to the prominent placement of Alaska on the front page of the Lakeside-Milam Recovery webpage. Currently they advertise 12 is Washington(WA):

    Anyone been able to find the resume of David Scratchley online yet to see what he has done in other Rehab facilities?

  • FKABB, if you didn’t look at the two links at the bottom of that page, you should, there’s more about this Dr. G. Douglas Talbott:
    The site is often slow, so be patient or hit reload if it doesn’t show up the first time.

    Another mention of Dr. G. Douglas Talbott, in nothing but glowing tones, is in the pro-12-step memoir “White Rabbit” by Dr. Martha Morrison.

  • SoberPJ

    Ben, there is good information at those links and others on his site. There is detailed illumination of how patients are treated in these types of facilities. It is appaling that Talbot’s Center has a high suicide rate amongst some of the most valuable professional members of our society. Is Talbott still alive?

  • J

    I attended Dr. Scratchley’s lecture on 8/31/11, and he is an incredible speaker. I was blown away to hear that he isn’t who he appeared to be. I look forward to the movie.

  • MA

    Hi, J.

    Yeah, I would be shocked, too. I saw another comment in one of the articles about him saying that he was a good teacher. I watched a few minutes of his Youtube videos, and he sounded kind of boring. I guess he comes across good in person. He’s obviously a bright guy. Sick, but bright.

  • Before this disappears off the web like most of the stuff on Dr. Scratchley. Interesting Bio with lots of details:

    “Dr. David Scratchley holds a Ph.D. in neuroscience and psychology, including four years of post-doctoral training in clinical psychology, where his area of expertise is in the field of psychopharmacology. Currently, Dr. Scratchley serves as the Clinical Director of the Matt Talbot Center in Seattle, Washington, a state-licensed treatment center providing drug and alcohol services and mental health care to severely drug addicted and mentally ill individuals transitioning from homelessness at no cost. Previous positions included: Clinical Director of Lakeside-Milam Recovery Centers, the largest drug and alcohol treatment provider in Washington State, Director of Clinical Education for Lakeside-Milam, Director of Operations at Children’s Hospital and Regional Medical Center’s Clinical Trial Unit, and Clinical and Research Director of the Seattle Children’s Home, a child psychiatric facility. Additionally, Dr. Scratchely was a faculty member at Seattle University from 1988-2002 in the departments of psychology and addiction studies as well as serving as the spokesman for a nationally recognized educational video series, including a new video on how children can cope with bullies called “Gum in my Hair.” Dr. Scratchley writes, produces, and co-hosts weekly the popular radio show “Intervention Radio” a show devoted to public education on issues related to drug abuse, addiction, recovery, and mental health. Dr. Scratchley has also co-authored a widely used textbook on addiction, Alcoholism and Other Drug Problems, which has been referenced as a definitive source on issues of alcoholism and addiction by the United Nations. He is a well-known forensic expert witness called to in courts throughout the Northwest to research and present on the role played of addictive drugs in the commission of violent crimes. ”

  • Interesting……. There is a report that I can still get to overseas:

    “SEATTLE, Washington, March 24, 2011, Nanotech Systems Inc. announces the
    appointment of Dr. David Scratchley as Chief Executive Officer of the
    company effective March 19, 2011. Catherine Soncrant has stepped down from
    the CEO position and into the VP of Marketing effective immediately. As Ms.
    Soncrant stated ´As the company begins to mature and is positioned to
    evolve from a research and development organization into a true production
    company, it was important that our senior leadership have the background
    and understanding of the clinical trial process on a global scale and Dr.
    Scratchley brings tremendous experience and understanding to guide us in
    the right direction.´

    With nearly 20 years´ experience in directing clinical research and the
    operations of a Clinical Trial Network, comprised of clinical, data,
    statistical, financial, quality assurance, and investigational pharmacy
    services, Dr. Scratchley has conducted Phase I, II, and III trials in over
    seventy medical school hospital clinics. As the Director of Operations for
    Seattle Children´s Hospital, he ran the clinical trial network and built a
    platform of knowledge in introducing new pharma products and technologies.
    Prior to this Dr. Scratchley served on the faculty at Seattle University
    and served as a Project Director at Axio Research.”

    I can’t be sure that this is the same Dr. Scratchley and his name is nowhere to be found on the website of Nanotech Systems Inc. Strange that someone would post the hiring of a CEO internationally and then not have them on their website.

  • The Washington Department of Licensing shows 2 people with the name of David Scratchley. There may be two of them. One has the middle name of Allen, so it most likely isn’t him:

    License Type: Washington State Business
    Entity Type:
    UBI: 602369540 Business ID:001 Location ID:
    Status: To check the status of this company, go to Secretary of State.

    Location Address:

    Mailing Address:

    Governing People:
    Registered Trade Names:

    Entity Name: DAVID ALLAN SCRATCHLEY <——- may be different person
    License Type: Washington State Business
    Entity Type: Sole Proprietor
    UBI: 602817299 Business ID:001 Location ID:0001
    Status: To check the status of this business, go to Department of Revenue.

    Location Address:
    1527 E SPRUCE ST UNIT 3
    SEATTLE, WA, 98122-5672

    Mailing Address:
    2608 2ND AVE # 206
    SEATTLE, WA, 98121-1212
    Governing People:
    Registered Trade Names:

    You can look up the status of these licenses by putting the UBI number in at the following website:

  • Just Think

    I think you have the same guy-from what I was able to gather from public records, Susan is his ex-wife (go figure-most likely a smart lady or someone who developed insight). The Nanotech stuff is interesting as well, he was appointed as CEO- and poof (like a fart in the wind) he disappeared off their web site and the previous CEO hopped back on. Tried calling nanotech in Federal Way a day on Wednesday and only got an answering machine. Apparently Seattle Children’s Home is not even returning calls to the reporters–in the Seattle tradition “of politeness” hoping people will forget and just go away (its not polite just passive aggressive).

    IMHO David Scratchley is a sick, twisted individual. However, his manipulation skills appear to have been developed and supported by those close to him.

    Which brings me to the Matt Talbot Center’s exec director- a friend of 15 years, never had a clue, even about his professional credentials, please! Who does he think he is foolin’. He appeared pretty well dressed for a exec director of an organization who serves that population and keeping things “privately funded” just means there is little oversight on the spending.

    Now about him not having any or very little contact with clients, I don’t know any clinical director that does not end up having a fair amount of client contact-of course less than those doing 100% clinical work-duh!

    I usually muster up some empathy for just about any human being, even those who have committed horrible crimes-however for folks like Scratchley, I cannot find any empathy for him or his “professional” colleagues. Scratchley has hung out professionally with groups of people who are some of the most vulnerable and who don’t always get heard by our culture when they get mistreated.

    I hope people keep Scratchley in the news and that it is not lost in the 15 seconds of interest and attention our culture seems to have developed.

    Opps, has everyone just figured that the witness, who dated for 2 years and got high with this perv, who also heard about his fantasies about kids, kept seeing him only contacted the police when the kid was in the apartment and she had an active neuron fire and

  • Dr Dean Vause, of AARC, or to give him his full title, Dean Vause, isn’t a doctor either.

  • SoberPJ

    OMFG .. a paedophile with direct access to mentally ill children … ugh..

    ” Clinical and Research Director of the Seattle Children’s Home, a child psychiatric facility “

  • The problem on checking Academic Credentials of what appears to be a high educated administrator of child psychiatric facilities has been around for a long time.The internet is changing all of that. An example of this is Dr. Miller Newton (aka father Cassian) in Berger County North Jersey. This highly respected PHD had credentials that you could probably get for your pet goldfish if you wanted to, but his resume did look very good:

    Academic Credentials of Father Doctor2 Miller Newton

    Here is the story of what this “highly” educated administrator did to the children of New Jersey, at his fine establishments of rehabilitation…… and the millions of dollars he was sued for and lost. The children of New Jersey unfortunately are still highly damaged by his fake “doctor.”

  • AnnaZed

    What does this mean?
    …she had an active neuron fire…
    I don’t understand (in this context) what you are trying to tell us.

  • Just Think

    Sorry…I guess I ran out of room…here is the full paragraph

    Opps, has everyone just figured that the witness, who dated for 2 years and got high with this perv, who also heard about his fantasies about kids, kept seeing him only contacted the police when the kid was in the apartment and she had an active neuron fire and communicate in her brain and said “WTF” this is wrong…it was all wrong… she had to know about more~just glad that she did have a neuron fire and reach an active morale part of her brain to do something about it…

    thanks for letting me know I left it hanging…

  • Clinic director speaks out about child counselor’s arrest – Dana Rebik Q13 FOX News Reporter, September 5, 2011

    “”I’m shocked like everyone else. I’m shocked and dismayed by what’s happened and had no inkling of anything like this,” said Gregory Alex, executive director of the Matt Talbot Center. “We’re concerned about all the folks who may have been involved.”

    “The program goes on,” Alex said. “He was part of it, but he was not it.”,0,1191768.story

    Gregory K. Alex, M.A., C.D.C. – Executive Director/Founder – Matt Talbot Center

  • Lori Magnuson

    Just to clarify, he has a Ph.D. So yes, he *is* a doctor. People with doctorates are called “Dr.”

  • Any idea where David Scratchley got his Ph.D. from and in what discipline?

  • Lori, Excellent display of Rigorous Honesty ™.

  • DeConstructor


    It is my understanding that ‘Dr’ Phil (perhaps the second most dangerous man on TV behind Pinsky) claims he is an ‘entertainer’ rather than a ‘Dr’ or ‘therapist’ or ‘psychologist’ as far as his claims to the Texas Board of licensing.

    Details are murky regarding his discipline (for inappropriate patient contact) and ‘retirement’ of his license, and I had read at one time he had felony charges against him for attempting to ‘treat’ Brittney Spears in California. Somehow this did not recieve the media scrutiny it should have, and the allegations simply disappeared.

    My problem is that credibility is given to Phil, and the fact he is unlicensed means there is no oversight to anything he may do- like this case in Seattle- or how many cases when unearned credibility is given to a sponsor or AA evangelist.

    These people need to be held accountable for the damage they cause. Certainly anytime one is a two hatter or any way profiting from this they should be using their full name, and the ones that are testifying in court, or to employers etc, should all have current licensing complete with continuing education.

    They should also be subject to malpractice liability for the incredible damage they cause in people. I think it should be taken one step further and perhaps manslaughter charges should be filed in the cases of some AA suicides- particularly when a ‘rock bottom’ is induced, Marchmann Act is used, or any other forceful coercion to the AA faith.

    The simple fact that the predators in AA- a fact that has been forever denied or brushed off- are continuing to be documented here should be a wake up call to this industry.

    If they are going to be claiming medical credibility – and bilking health insurance- they need to be held accountable for the misinformation they promote, the damage they cause, the credibility that is given to predatory people, and the deaths that occur under their authoritative advice.

  • Lori Magnuson

    ilse, I don’t know the lingo of this site, and I wasn’t defending him. I just think the outrage should be directed a bit more accurately and intelligently. I think it’s dumb that people with Ph.D.s can get called “doctor,” but they *can.* I was simply pointing that out.

    Okay, stepping out of your little clubhouse with the secret handshakes now…

  • Mark

    He doesn’t have a PhD, Lori.

  • Gunthar2000

  • Lori Magnuson

    Where do you see that he doesn’t have a Ph.D.? The Seattle Times reports he has one in neuro-something-or-other. He is NOT a psychologist, however. That requires licensing he never had.

  • Mark

    Lori – I’ve seen no reports of him having PhD. The “neuro something” he has is that he is a neuro zoom dweebie. We’re planning on giving him an honorary doctorate in Perversion, but I’m not sure our Stinkin Thinkin makes that award worth much. Plus,we’ll have to go to prison to award it to him.