A Life Gone Awry: My Story of the Elan School, is now available on Amazon. I have not read the whole book, but I have skimmed over the parts that reference one of our resident trolls, Danny Bennison (aka; Diablo/Cuggle/Quagmire/Claude). Currently, he’s cyber-stalking some of our readers, and is taking up residence with two other AA stooges and ST trolls, Mondotuna and A.A. Alfie, over at the JREF forum. They’re just like the Three Amigos, if the Three Amigos suffered from delusion and sociopathy.

This must be a proud moment in Danny’s career. It’s one thing to gain recognition as an assclown on internet blogs and forums, but quite another to have a book written about him, chronicling his real-life victimization of vulnerable teenagers. Congratulations, Danny!


  • confust. ma, were you totally joking about diablo being referred to in this book? i remembered he cut and pasted someone’s memoir-y type writing onto the community pages. remember i fell for it. and annazed was like, “um violet, he is not .good. ” take some some time, sometimes. anyway, i am really poor at understanding sarcasm in real life, never mind the internet. merci for breakin’ it down! also, i do not know if that is *really* him above. if not, is it the real author of the elan book. ma, i am so fuh-reakin’ lost!

  • MA

    Yes, Violet. He really is written about in this book. The real-life Diablo/Danny. He’s a real piece of work.

    The picture is not of the author of the book.

  • DeConstructor

    I have heard of a brazilian, dorito chip, and landing strip, but I have never seen the double heart shanve job.

    It is a nice touch.

    The thought of a cellmate like that is a true motivator to stay out of prison. Kind of like the tattoo of ‘DISCO’ in old english lettering on this dude.


  • Hi guys, a friend steered me here. I’m pretty busy these days. Listen, if you want to help kids in abusive treatment programs, buy a copy of this book. All proceeds go to CAFETY, Program Watch and the Jani Foundation to fight for the rights of kids in residential programs. I’ll be on Bipolar Radio with Susan Schofield this Sunday

    Elan is closed down, but these programs are all over the place http://www.latalkradio.com/Bipolar.php

  • http://www.amazon.com/Life-Gone-Awry-Story-School/dp/1927044111/ref=tmm_pap_title_0

    It will stay online for free because awareness is as important as money, but if you can, you’d be doing a good thing for kids who are being beaten, raped and killed in programs every day.

  • Violet, I shave my chest hair into stars 😀

  • The possible Dissociative identity disorder exhibited by Danny Bennison (aka; Diablo/Cuggle/Quagmire/Claude) and the ICD-10 Code of 44.8 or ICD-9 Code of 300.14 appears quite likely. The book “A Life Gone Awry: My Story of the Elan School” by Wayne Kernochan a former student of Elan School in Poland, Androscoggin County, Maine helps to expose the possible bad side effects of the 12 Step Minnesota Model of Addiction Recovery from Hazelden.

    The long term problems that this school has caused on the people of Maine, and especially Androscoggin County where Elan School was located is still being investigated. The 12 Step Spiritual, not Religious program and its traditions of being Anonymous recently played out in the death of Danita Brown in that county at the alleged hands of AA member Bob Ryder and his sponsor Floyd Nadeau who did not immediately report the murder and even suggested and helped with the purchase and use of baking soda to cover up the smell of the decaying flesh.

  • wayne, thanks for writing yer book. i do not know many elan survivors–ok, i do not know any.. but i do know lotsa straight survivors. if it weren’t for my dad, i might’ve been one of them, my mom was staring in an alanon drama during my teenaged years–i’d smoked pot like five times. what the? i look forward to looking at yer bok more. thanks for writing it!

    how is diablo in the story? what is the name used? ma, do you know? wayne i i know you prolly cannot say. how do you know?

    and i thought diablo finally explained that he was in in this sorta place?

  • so, the point i have made here um, like several times is true? that we should not make fun of the fucked up, no matter how creepy they might seem?

  • dood, nice hearts. i needed it pointed out. is it some random photo?

  • ok, the dual creepy heart thing seems like a diablo thing. so slow, plp, so slow here. sorry.

  • QueenB

    I just quickly read the first couple of chapters, Diablo is danny benson right? if this is this case, Violet you will meet him very quickly.

  • Actually Diablo could be anyone, depending on his mental state at the time. He has shown up on various blogs and facebook accounts as Diablo, Cuggle, Quagmire, Danny, Danny B, Danny BII, etc…… Normally denying that the other handles are his, but he has intimate knowledge of these other posters and sometimes admits under one handle that he is in fact the other handle.

    Lately he has been trying to “inject himself into the investigation” of Rehabs, Councilors and various teen related online forums. The tactic of “inject himself into the investigation” has been portrayed in numerous Criminal Minds episodes about the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) and his online escapades would make a very interesting and easy to verify existence, even with the online deletions he has been attempting starting earlier this year to cover his tracks.

    You can look up episodes of Criminal Minds that use “inject himself into the investigation” by sociopaths at the following site for comparison:


  • Wayne-thanks for posting here. I read the first few. WIll buy it for sure. WEre these counselors AA members back then. I would guess they were….but ???

    That’s horrible so many died. Were people from there who ran it made accountable or did they get away with it?

  • AnnaZed

    Is that actually a picture of Danny?
    Danny when?

  • That’s not Danny. 🙂

    Elan was started by Joe Ricci, who went to Daytop. The guy who started Synanon was responsible for all of these places, his name is Chuck Diedrich. He was a popular speaker in AA, but left to start working with drug addicts.

    When he was arrested for treating addi9cts without a license, Hollywood backed him up, and things went to hell from there. Look up Paul Morantz. He tells the story in his blog.

  • http://www.paulmorantz.com/

    This is the guy who took down Synanon. They tried to kill him by putting a rattlesnake in his mailbox. He almost died from the bite

    Synanon is a great horror story. Lots of people have written about it, but it never really caught on. There was supposed to be a Showtime movie about Chuck Diedrich, but they cancelled production recently

  • raysny

    Geez Wayne, some story.

    I hear some bad ones from the Straight, Inc survivors, but none of them lasted that long.

  • wayne, do you know the danny/diablo MA referred to? this is what is not making sense to me.

  • MA

    Violet – read the link to Danny in the story. It’s all explained there.

  • Here we go again, guys!

    Violet = Lost, STILL….

    But thanks for trying to make it clear above, guys. 🙂 Hopefully, someone can read this and break it all down a bit more… Please…

    I obviously know who “Diablo” is, and I am vaguely aware of his handles, including Danny. I am aware of this, as it has been discussed here on ST. I am not sure if we *knew* this was fact, or if we were only ever speculating. Did we fact check this: Danny=Diablo. 100 percent?

    Another question I have: Is Wayne confirming that Danny is Diablo. Does he even know who Diablo is? Also, is Diablo/Danny actually discussed/featured (at least parenthetically) in the new Elan book? I do see that one of the survivor quotes, which are listed right after the dedications, is indeed written by Danny. And the quote seems like it is from a listserve/blog/forum deal. It is not as though Wayne knew him while they were at Elan, right? Has Wayne ever conversed with Diabl/Danny on a level that would deter any lying? Or did Wayne just communicate with him as we did, over a blog , a listserve, or the like? Did he just life the quote or was there any sort of dialog?

    I am bringing this up only b/c I am trying to make sense of it all. Also, I am somewhat concerned about Wayne’s credibility. A lot of emotionally draining effort—I am assuming—went into creating this amazing, courageous work. Thus, it would truly suck if a dishonest troll undermined it overall authenticity.

    I am thinking about a certain Diablo “event” that took place–maybe in February 2011. I am really estimating here… I mentioned it earlier, too, on this same thread. When we had “the community pages” Diablo wrote a five paragraph piece on his traumatic stay @ Straight Inc. After he did so, and after I read it, I become almost obsessed for a day or two with (Violet closes her eyes with shame!) “protecting” Diablo. I was worried that he was batshit due to his experience @ Straight and saw this as a decided reason why he struggled to get along with ppl on a GD blog.

    Quick digression: my father, not that we even speak—was always the odd one out, often pretty disliked—thus, I always want to help the outsider!—anwayzzz…

    Soon thereafter, I noted that he cited Straight Survivor piece, the one that has appeared initially as autobiographical! I realized then that he’d pirated the piece prolly from the Internet, though he claimed he was sharing a piece of his friend’s writing. It was all pretty confusing. I am bringing this up, as I am concerned that Diablo/Danny was never @ Elan. I mean, from what he told me, he was actually never at Straight and said he was… And it is thus that his quote sadly undermines Wayne work (duhdom dom, not world…).

    Maybe I am freaking out too much. Part of my problem right now is that I am somewhat confused about where Wayne got the quote and if he really knows Danny/Diablo or not…

    On another note, yep, I have definitely heard about Synonon in the press! Holy Jesus! I was just talking about the rattlesnake story the other day after watching the new magic bus doc. Not sure how my friend and I got into the creepy, archaic (but new to Russia!!!) rehab discussion… Might’ve all the drugs on the bus? Dunno. And b/c Syn was “back in the day” as was the bus…

    Synonom leaders; Scientologists; the fucking, GD Landmark/EST/Forum/etc; peeps; and AA (and its many 12 step counterparts) absolutely do not want their organizations to go down as corrupt and/or cult like. They certainly do not want to be held accountable for the help they have not succeeded in giving and also for the harm they have created all by themselves.

    To borrow a trite phrase–after thinking about the harm created by these school and communities, like Elan, Straight, etc. as well as the harm created by the 12 step industry (here it comes folks, the phrase!)—I wanna “live in the solution.” We know the solution is *not* God. And it is not the steps. And it is most certainly (as in FUCK NO) *not* the ppl in the GD meetings, nope.

  • oops! did not see what you wrote, ma. will go there right now.

  • i have pretty bad add. (and i also have bad,um, like, i dunno, like i am not paying attention…) i am gonna read it like ten times. 🙂 it *IS* all there. good research. how do you KNOW all of this? said in wonderment not in a snotty, yucky HOW do YOUOUOUOU know type of tone.

  • Gunthar2000
  • ^ thanks gunther!

    i still am unclear about why the author puts a diablo quote in the quotes section-making diablo seem like a surviver, too. yet diablo was an abuser. i know he was there, too, but still. the diablo quote at the commencement of the wayne book is throwing me off.

  • Wane has cred. with me, with us… when i said, “Also, I am somewhat concerned about Wayne’s credibility.,” i meant i was worried about the quote ruining the cred. sorry to be so confust about this stuff!

  • so i am pretty much understanding everything now. the quote thing is till bugging me. also, do you think it is a small possibility that diablo is a fuck up pretending to be the real danny? if it is the real danny, does anyone know what he is doing for a job now?

  • trigger warning! the book needs a big , fat trigger warning, btw. i just one page from g2k’s link and am pretty fucking sick now. holy shit. i actually kinda am hoping wayne is crazy and made this shit up. sadly, i believe it all. holy shit.

  • causeandeffect

    Violet, diablo even posted his name here and has admitted his identity on other sites. He was first a student at Elan, then became an assistant director at Elan where he abused Wayne and his classmates. His identity is indisputable in all his handles since he has a characteristic way of writing. He has been cyberstalking the former students of Elan who are speaking out just as he cyberstalks us. Please don’t cast doubts on someone who has been so terribly abused and traumatized.
    I’m aware of the aliases diablo, DannyBII, heretik, heretikreb, cuggle, quagmire, Isreal, diablower and I know I’m leaving something out. I was unaware of Claude.

  • disclosure

    If you can’t come up with your own material you simply must troll the internet blogs.

  • To see a little bit of the diablo, DannyBII, heretik, heretikreb, cuggle, quagmire, Isreal, diablower internet handiwork, you can check out this thread on the Fix, where he stalked on the article about Stanton Peele and he changed his name from Israel to Montclief and then back again. He also attacked one of our regular posters Massive Attack of the Stop13StepinAA blog.


  • MikeAugustine

    Omg, I almost lost my coffee when I saw that photo.

  • AnnaZed

    Not to be nitpickery, but disturbing as that heart shaped man-scaping is I’m not sure why that person’s photo is being used to illustrate this post (did I miss something)?

    The person pictured might reasonably object to the impression that his is a portrait of Danny. Given that there is real-life stalking and violence attached to this story I think that we might reconsider using an innocent bystander (as it were) as a stand-in portrait of a poster called Diablo if indeed that’s what is going on here.

  • MA

    I’m not sure how anyone can take that picture seriously, particularly since the caption noted that it was not Danny, but here ya go.

  • AnnaZed

    Awesome, now I seem insane.

    [that’s much better]

  • i am a bit creeped out right now. and i am waiting to post as i am afraid it will sound like i have tourettes.


    what is important: wayne, you know i respect and admire your book.
    (i do wanna know about the quote–and if *you* wayne, think this internet dood is really diablo…)

  • fuckin’annazed,i feel less psychotic after reading what you just wrote. i can breathe now. and now…. i am going to place this whole thread into the tiny knuckle of my brain, where all the dark things go. except for mr. wayne, again, thanks for your courage. that will be remembered.

  • MA

    My actual image in my mind of what Danny really looks like is Norman Bates after a three-day meth binge.

  • Gunthar2000

    I was thinking he looks like ET after a three week crack binge.

  • I don’t know if Danny is any of those profiles. I never knew any Diablo or Heretic, I can’t attest to it.

    Violet, the reason I used the quote (with Danny’s permission) is because it is an ex staff member admitting that Elan brought in people with autism and mental illness and abused them. They had no business doing that. There was no doctors of\r trained personnel to deal with those people.

    As far as the book, it’s non fiction. I am not lying. Not one Elan survivor, pro Elan or not has accused me of lying, except Danny. He just sent me a message on Face Book calling me a liar again for bashing him here, which I didn’t do

    As far as the dragging Mary Jones behind a car incident, it’s not in the book because someone told me it wasn’t him. I don’t know for sure. He sounded like he is convinced. But no, all my memories aren’t skewed, even if that one is. I only put things I’m dead sure of in the book, and I’m sure of all that I wrote.

  • debi Johnson

    I am friends with Wayne and Danny. Wayne’s book is a true account. I was trapped in Elan for 2 1/2 years. No I was never staff, I was only a victim. I love and 100% trust Wayne and he is a wonderful friend. Danny was a resident for many years and when it was time for him to go…. he had nowhere to go. He had nothing and Joe Ricci manipulated him and promised paradise. Danny was still young than and was afraid. On the topic of the ” Mary car incident”….. That was a very long time ago. We all have child hood memories that get distorted. Who knows the truth? I think they both believe there truth. I know I saw a movie a while back about to twins who where raised together exactly the same but than as adults were asked simple questions about past memories and when answered 1 swore that the boat they vacationed on was red and the other twin swore it was green.The boat turned out that it was black… The twins were not trying to be mean or hurt each other, they were just telling there version of there memory. I do believe that Danny and Wayne believe what they say and I can not say what is the truth. We all have issues and we all deal with them in our own way. No one can say that how we do it is right or wrong. What works for you, works for you. I will say I hate fucken fake names. People mainly use them when they have something to hide. Wayne at some point forgave Danny and for that I am in amazement. It makes me truly believe that for just about anyone forgiveness is possible. These incident’s happened long ago and thoe we were young and victimized, tramatized and abused, some people are truly capable of change and growth. Danny as far as for me is one of thoes people but might not be for some. I can not say. I can only speak for myself. I love and trust my friend’s and I wish peace to all. I hope I cleared up some question’s. sincerely.

  • hey, i never doubted wayne, just so you guys know. and, again, wayne i am really impressed w/yer book. i have known (i know i say this like every five minutes…) many straight survivors. the programs were/are alotta like. i met one guy at age 16 at a mental hsp. he was there pretending to be crazy to “hide” out from the program for awhile. his real name was shannon. i have looked for him often over the years. i wish i could find him! not sur if i can read wayne’s whole book i have scary sleeping issues anyway, but again, i impresses me that you wrote it. debi, i am so sorry you were there for so long; that sux. i am glad yer talikng about it, an got through it.

  • how much older was danny that you guys, if that is ok for me to ask-i know it is prolly in the book…

  • He was about 5 years older than me. I was 15

  • Ben Franklin

    Jonny Quest
    Do you by any chance go by “heretik” on Sober Recovery?


    3 months ago
    in reply to Isreal

    Really good!!!!! I think your friend Ftg already tried this tack before. Nope sorry!!!
    But I do know from reading who you may be talking about. I started following ST when you folks came around the LA Times.
    I found ST and the members to be more wrapped up in what they are saying as opposed to the overall conversation. I also found that you folks enjoy insulting and discriminating against people who don’t have your theories on AA.
    So please stop being rude and call me by my user name here.


  • Ben Franklin

    Denial is a river in Egypt.

  • Danny aka Diablo aka whatever else he feels like calling himself on that day was CLAUDE over on my blog and tried to get me to move to Tulsa, OK with him, probably so he could chop me up in little, tiny pieces after he raped me repeatedly.

    He did send quite a bit of cash to me, while I was in trouble. It musta sucked to find out I AM NOT FOR SALE. I took the money, though. The way I see it, anyone who is stupid enough to send over a grand to a woman whose online persona is a total nut job deserves to be ROBBED. LMAO off all the way to the bank! *wicked giggle!*

    Um, yeah. DeCon. Nice to see ya…miss ya.

    Take it easy, peeps!

    • MA

      He did send quite a bit of cash to me, while I was in trouble. It musta sucked to find out I AM NOT FOR SALE. I took the money, though. The way I see it, anyone who is stupid enough to send over a grand to a woman whose online persona is a total nut job deserves to be ROBBED. LMAO off all the way to the bank! *wicked giggle!*

      Rachel- Nobody deserves to be conned, stolen from, or manipulated. Nobody. Ingratiating yourself with someone just so you can con them out of money, is wrong. I think what you did is disgusting. Boasting about it is more disgusting.

      I’m not sure what kind of reaction you expected to get in writing this, but if you think ST endorses your kind of abuse and crazy, just because it happens not to be AA, you would be wrong. We aren’t highlighting these people as potential targets for fraud.

      I don’t know Danny’s exact motives in stalking and ingratiating himself with you (and others), but I suspect they weren’t good. I know your motives in reciprocating weren’t any better. I think you two should get married.

  • And, Gunthar! This feels like a reunion! Did you guys know I’m back? Do you check your email?

    Hi Violet! At least I get to see ya a lot!

    Nice to everyone over here. I miss yous.

    Hope all is well! xoxo

  • Sally

    Par with someone going to AA doesn’t make them good and spiritual….neither does taking the AA out of them.

  • Gunthar2000

    I think that Danny’s motives were that he was desperate and lonely… nothing more.

    I also think that GogoRach’s motive was that she was desperate… She was going through a tough time financially and is now just trying to make light of it. I don’t think that she was trying to scam anyone.

  • Prickly Pear

    Nice to see you calling the shots fairly across the board, certainly adds a bit more credibility to this sight.

  • From Danny because commented here

    about an hour agoDanny Bennison
    Were done!!!! No reason to comment back. You have about as much class as a grifter, a fucking hustler.

    This group we are involved in is what it is. It is larger then you or I, at least show some of your maturity you so proudly talk about and leave it alone. Many people benefit from it and really need the relationships that were made there.
    I was informed of your (I’m taking time off to write) impromptu visit to Stinkin Thinkin. So happy you could stick up for Matt one more fucking time. Just stick it in one more time.
    Wayne you know what I do know, you and your kind really do live by a whole other set of ethics and morals. You are selfish and want what you want when you want it.
    Your book was based upon a total fabrication in your fucked up mind concerning me, you and I both know this. Everyone (and I mean everyone) who is a professional or educated knows this book is based on bullshit. Just read the book with another set of glasses Wayne and then get to know you, you will figure it out quick. You lied concerning Mary Jones on purpose then didn’t even have the set of balls to publicly acknowledge your lie. You came to me saying, Oh Danny I really thought it was you. So freaking nice Wayne considering no one ever committed the rope tying incident with Mary.
    Wayne in business I have had to put up with and deal with some very unscrupulous people, I do it because it is business and so long as I am not breaking any laws or ethics I am cool. But friends whether indirect or direct I don’t have to put up with the same bullshit. I get to pick who I want to associate with, you are not someone I want to be involved with anymore. You have no boundaries or standards. You bounce all over the place day to day. You mind everybody’s business because you don’t do anything all day.
    Drama my friend is over. You can have at it again Fornits, Stinkin Thinkin, Facebook and where ever else you go. Bash me, insult me have a field day.
    Your book was written (inspired) because you wanted to support Matt and all the other Elan folks “YOU” felt I was fucking with.
    Mike Skakel and his family got exactly what was coming to them in spades. Most people with a living brain cell knew Mike was guilty (whether he went to Elan or not had nothing to do with it) Mike and his family killed Martha that is a fact.
    You are a sick fuck that really doesn’t have a clue, I knew this but tried anyway.
    So you are a hero again with all your buddies, they all think you are part of the crew again. Atta boy, Wayne.

    Please leave the group alone.
    Now I did this privately and I it will stay private as far as I am concerned. You do what you feel, if we know you this will be spread all over due to your addiction to attention.

  • More

    Gee….lets see here. This poster is stupid because he makes a observation about a book. This book was created under unscrupulous conditions, wasn’t it?
    Wayne the weight of your lies is pressing down on you, you are desperately scrapping any site that remotely trolls me now, looking for sales.
    Damn isn’t this interesting, Wayne creates a book (which BTW nobody has come forward and said “Yeah, Wayne you are right”) because he feels
    I am fucking with survivors, abusing them here on websites and because he has no sales of this book he is pleading for the very same audience to
    now buy his book which they are not.
    Wayne where are all these witnesses, corroborators you said (another lie) you had. Jeff Weintraub, please he is another staff member/Ass. Director.
    This is who told Wayne I didn’t drag Mary around and that has been giving Wayne the information that went into his book. Which brings us all the way back
    to Waynes credibility issues. Wayne has lied on several occasions and has refused to publicly make them right. He has no problem lying publicly but telling the truth
    well, that is a problem.
    See Jeff did go through Elan and worked at Elan but Matt, Felice and Wayne have had no problem with Jeff because Jeff gave them what they wanted.
    Maybe nobody knows who is Jeff on facebook…another alias, Wayne what more are you hiding.
    Wayne you and I did not accomplish anything, this is another lie. All that happened was you wanted something and once it wasn’t there any longer the bogus
    relationship crumbled as it should of.
    I have read and listened to many people go on and on about how you forgave me and how big a guy you are. Really…They have never met you in person or hung out with you
    have they. They just know you through the internet and on the phone, I only know you on the internet and the few times we talked on the phone. What I have witnessed
    of your behavior on Reddits, The Aspen site, Fornits and Elan The After Years is someone who doesn’t get his way, you throw a big tantrum. You quit, threaten to not support,
    totally fuck up groups as you did with the Elan group twice and call names (like “cunt”) to young woman who could be your daughter (they are so young) on the Aspen site.
    Wayne I don’t care how many people support you or like you because of this book, I really don’t care if the Facebook Group I started falls apart because of what I am saying here.
    I will not go on living in or around your world, it is bullshit. There are so many aliases, lies, half-truths, lies by omission, backstabbing and attention whoring, it is fucking crazy.
    I wanted this private but as we all know, If it can make WAYNE famous well then, Wayne will put it out there.
    Have yourself a great life buddy, let me give you a hint on a good life. Get honest with at least one person, hopefully that one person will be yourself.
    Take care…

  • From a private message. Danny deleted over 100 of them, but I saved them first 🙂

    June 22Danny Bennison
    Your Book
    I don’t mind you promoting it on our site, Wayne. Really!! It may make you feel uncomfortable and I have thought of this. But I have really put some brain into this and I keep coming up with that if we are to reconcile then we must first acknowledge together the truth.
    I just wanted to put this out there for some careful consideration.
    Your friend

  • Another

    June 13Danny Bennison
    Publish the book. Wayne you need the money (no problem) and CAFETY needs the money.
    OK here is my problem (honestly too…) I don’t remember ever putting anyone in the ring by myself. I mean I was there assisting Peter, Joe and Marty but never by myself. Are you absolutely sure I was the only one there. I do remember the whole Wayne Weaver screwing this girl and that girl and Peter McCann dogging me about doing something about it. You know that Peter was the official Director of this house when I first got there.
    Denise had a fit over that whole fiasco.
    Wayne I am not making excuses for my behavior, I am not going to insult you with this tact anymore. I just have to know I did these things you are saying, that’s all.
    Last this story about Mary Jones, something has to give there. It went from car dragging to a wholesale cowboy asskicking. I can deal with the ring if I had to but this Mary thing is over the top for me.
    I am just thinking….

  • The Wayne Weaver thing was when he beat four kids into false confessions to destroy Wayne because women liked him and not Danny

  • I am having a hard time keeping the trolls, victims, and innocent bystanders straight in all this.

    “You know, a long time ago being crazy meant something. Nowadays everybody’s crazy.”
    Charles Manson

  • Part of the About Stinkin’ Thinkin’ post sems appropriate here:

    “We will post news stories; expose how the inmates treat each other in their asylum, and provide resources and information. If you land here and wonder what we’re trying to accomplish, here’s your answer:”

  • Ooops…… “seems” not “sems”.

  • Okay, let me clarify. He and I had many, many conversations on the phone. I thought he was a nice guy and accepted his money because #! I was desperate. #2 Because he pretended to care about me, until I really, really needed a friend and he went TOTALLY MIA.

    That scared me and made me think he had some sick motives – like how desperate would I be and what would I do, in a situation where I was that desperate. He brought up the OK move just before he disappeared.

    I do think he has major issues, could be violent and trolls after people he thinks are weak, desperate and vulnerable.

    In the beginning, he acted like he was giving money to anti-AA folks as a way to give back for the abuse he dealt. In the end, it was just very, very creepy. I did not intend to “steal” from him or “con” him. It’s how I deal with the way he completely abandoned me, when I needed him the most, at a time when I was in FEAR FOR MY LIFE.

    I am not a con artist.

    I am not a scammer.

    I wonder if HE IS. His conflicting comments on the web are exactly how he is in real life.

    In fact, I believe he was drunk several times when we spoke, while he defended his love/hate relationship with Alcoholics Anonymous.

    Take care.

  • I am and always have been Wayne Kernochan. Danny wrote to me and asked if we could lay down our swords and work together to fight programs, so I did. A few of my close friends walked away from me because of it, and I can see now why, but I gave it a shot and am now paying for it

    Tghe shit he is spewing is because I commented here. The only comment I made here is that the picture that was originally up wasn’t him. Someone told him that I was bashing him, but instead of investigating, he attacked me

    I still don’t regret forgiving him for the abuse he heaped on me in Elan in 1978. I needed to do that to move on. This new attack is a different story.

  • Hey Go Go, he offered to buy me a computer recently, and I felt squicky about that, so I said no. He gives people money to control them. Don’t feel stupid for taking it, he is a very skilled abuser. He’s been at it for many years

  • Sally

    Yep, a lot of people give gifts in order to stay in control

  • DeConstructor

    Hi Rach

  • Luther Blissett

    I have to confess, i have no idea what this thread is about!

  • Hi ALL!

    Oh my gosh! I feel ill right now! I really, really, really did not mean to come off that way. MA – I swear on my life that was not my intention! I woke up this morning with the plan to ask you guys to remove my comment. It was late, I’d been writing about all kind of scary stuff that happened in my book and, well, I wish I waited to comment.

    Marry Danny Bennison? Really. Ew.

    Hi Wayne! Congratulations on your book!

    Sally, yes. I do think that was what it was about, until he realized he could not control me, even though I was in a bad situation.

    DeCon. My friend. Oh how I miss you and our chats!

    One other thing I ought to note here is that Danny said he wanted me to help him to write a book to defend himself against this one. He said he was paying me to do research, which I did do. I read this book on Facebook and spent hours online reading all the weird stuff he writes.

    I even defended him to FTG and tried to get her to see him in the light that he showed me, which was a nice guy, who went through a bunch of crap and wanted to make up for it.

    I told him I would be happy to help him out, but that he needed to promise that he would stop posting online because he wasn’t helping the situation. He agreed, while he was posting…when I was told that he had not made good on our agreement, he lied to me…so. There it is.

    Holy Crap. I haven’t felt this awful, since, well, I walked away from A.A.


    *hangs head in shame*

  • P.S. Gunthar, thank you for defending me. *epic hugs* You are right, I was trying to make light of it, but it came out really tacky. I’m sorry.

  • disclosure

    This media of communication adds a whole new dimension to human interaction. It makes it safe to say things we are afraid to say in person. We no longer have to hide our motives for power, sex, and favor. Pride which kept us in check hides behind the keyboard.
    The potential for harm exists here in this watered down version of LARPING.

  • If I didn’t rid myself of the hatred and nightmares of Elan, I’d feel foolish. Matt Hoffman told me Danny was writing a book, and that was why he was being friendly and apologetic, but I didn’t believe it

  • BTW, I love the words my book is tagged with 😀

    “Tagged with a life gone awry, A.A. Alfie, danny bennison, elan school, jackasses, mondotuna, nutjobs, sociopathy, trolls”

  • Mondotuna?

  • holy fuck, go go rach. that is terrifying about claude.

  • about the tiny pieces thing, not about the other thing. i woulda taken it, too, quite honestly.

  • i think if i truly thought rach conned claude i might say something in a respectful way. MA, do you know what rach has been through the past few months. seriosuly? i do not think the nuttiness of it all is a mere persona.

  • rach, you really did not do anything that wrong. i get why you articulated in ina joking way.

  • http://stinkin-thinkin.com/2011/05/29/jds-other-gig/

    Wayne: this this the mondotuna saga.

    With respect to all in America on this anniversary from England.

  • Hi Violet!

    I appreciate your support and encouragement, but I do believe I did something wrong by posting an irrational comment that I did not put much thought into at four in the morning, or whatever time it was. The ramifications of this mistake are much more than I could even imagine.

    First, I am shocked at the cruelty of MA’s reaction to what I wrote and how quickly he is willing to dismiss me as a low life, scam artist.

    After all of the good I’ve done in our community and all of the times I have linked this site, sung it’s praises and sent my readers and friends here, I cannot believe the way he has responded to me. I do not deserve this.

    On top of his nasty comment, he has removed my site from the blog roll, which is nothing compared to the DANGER he has put me in with his response and refusal to remove a comment I made in haste.

    Danny Bennison is a certifiable nutcase who is also an abuser of people, especially women. He has already contacted me via email and I feel so threatened by him that I have packed up my belongings and relocated to another location where I will be able to HIDE FROM HIM.

    Also, I just got off the phone with my DAD who is sending me enough money to relocate from my new city to another because I may be killed, due to MA’s total negligence in this situation.

    I am waiting for my ride and will draft a post about this entire experience as soon as I am settled in ANOTHER STATE.

    Danny Bennison lives in Tulsa, which is an easy trip to make to murder me.,

    This is serious. Very serious.

    This may be the last you all hear from Go-Go Rach. I’ve received death threats on my blog many times over because this is a DANGEROUS FIGHT.

    As much as I want to make a difference in the world, nothing. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING is worth dying for.

    I wish you all the very best from the bottom of my heart. Stay strong. Don’t give up. Change your minds. THE CULT LIES,


    Go-Go Rach

  • This is what I want to know… And it is where I was dubious, etc. I know cause felt maybe I was being unfair to Wayne, but I felt nothing dubious towards WAyne… MA,where did you get the idea to post about this book? Were you googling Danny B. or Diablo or both and got a hit at Amazon? Ad then did you link everything b/c of the other thread where Diablo signs his name Danny? I want to know the what inspired this thread. It seems weird that Wayne would make anything up about ALean. What would be in it for him? Is this not a self published book? DO you know how expensive it is to self publish–well, generally it iis.

  • the one thing i loe about rach is that she has enough love for herself t o always put herself first. even when she is homeless. when i get to that place i am yes sirring every last db on the planet. rach, what the fuck? your site is removed but a liberatarian life coach who has the “answers” is on here? and a hate site with photographs of innocent aa-s at a park? awesome. i do believe that anti has some justification in terms of safety, but the pictures are over the top. stinkin thinkin, come on! this place really has changed over the past year. there are a lot of ppl i really love on here, rach included. where is our “good cop” in all of this? um?

  • he won’t remove it? are you fucking kidding me?

  • Sally

    Death threats rach? I know this is an obvious response but shouldn’t the police be notified? Seriously.

  • disclosure

    Oh crap!
    Am I on Facebook?

  • Violet, I never felt any ill will from you.

  • Actually, I like that you question things. Stories like this shouldn’t be accepted without question

  • i have also heard “from a smart source” that this blog has some ip address proof fo the diablo/danny connection…

  • no, but i have seen that, too. it is also other places on the web.

  • and i just emailled w/someone whose seen the ip addresses –to me that is pretty ok proof.

  • violet=dingbat. might’ve crossed a line. sorry.

  • Cuggle and Diablo Story on ST:


    Diablo posting to me, note IP address:


    Cuggle trying to say that she wasn’t him:


    Heretikre, Diablo and Danny sdmiting ti know each othr on Mcgowdogs site:

    Friday, March 18, 2011

    I came across this on ST’s shitlist and was wondering about this guy. I don’t usually read their drivel so I have no history to fall back on. I’m sure some of you guys are familiar with him and was wondering what the consensus was. He seems ok to me, but I haven’t read all his stuff yet. Diablo – you’ve spent some time with ST, any story here?

    heretikreb said…

    Diablo here,
    I have no story here. DannyS has the respect of FTg though.
    What a post, thanks Joe.
    I have to process this info t/o the weekend. I hope we can generate some conversation here.
    March 19, 2011 4:23 PM
    heretikreb said…

    March 19, 2011 4:24 PM


    I can give you many other instances if you would like.

  • i guess this is over my head. i do not understand the diablesockupdate ip address. my understanding was that only the owners of this blog could see the commenter’s ip addresses. honestly, even this confuses me. i have a blog (um, ppl generally do not leave any comments, but..) i do not see ppl’s ip addresses when they post. or maybe i can see them, and i am just such a technical ignoramus that i did not know. i thought maybe on this blog, as it has its own domain name, they could see the ip address. specially as they are able to monitor comments and such. are you saying that you–jr–can see the ip addresses? sorry to be so effing inane. i might be so inane about this stuff that only a super remedial blogging class could help me, so do not worry about explaining it to me. but if you could, i would be much obliged. 🙂

  • i am writing from the bf’s computer, so, i prolly have a different ip address now–same area–note the heart shaped bat instead of blythe face.

  • re: danny. did he ever face charges of any kind. i am reading the first chapter of the book. jesus fucking christ. what a fucking piece of shit. he should be in prison for life. why isn’t he?

    Chapter 1: PRELIMINARY
    §8. Statute of limitations


    Élan School was a private, coeducational, controversial residential behavior modification program and therapeutic boarding school (beginning with 8th grade and extending beyond high school completion) in Poland, Androscoggin County, Maine.

  • ^ i am reading the book from here: http://www.troubledteenindustry.com/showthread.php?126-A-Life-Gone-Awry-My-Story-of-the-Elan-School

    and i am having a hard time stomaching it. i am particularly troubled by the mary character. wayne, is she still alive. i feel like it is torture to read… i am astounded at the cruelty of these ppl. holy fuck.

    i feel like this has been a shit day on this blog. i am REALLY pist at you , MA. really disappointed. you *know* rachel and your reaction seems really awful to her. i am sad they you have taken her off the blogroll. i am interested in why you are putting up the aa hate blog, the one with the pictures. the daytona hate festival? the church lady blog?

    i love go go rach’s blog. i am sad it’s not on here any more.

  • Sunny

    Rach had complete control over what she decided to post…until she hit post. If this were my blog, I wouldn’t remove it either. A conversation is going–which includes (and is in part in response to) that post, for one thing, and for another, the owners of this blog should not be asked to go in and selectively edit posts for people who run their mouths and then regret it later. Those people ought to know that once they send something out onto the web, that bell may well not be un-rung. I can think of any number of places where this is standard policy. Not because people are trying to be jerks–but because that is not a good precedent to set, and would be terribly time consuming, and detract from the credibility of the blog/site.

    Rach screwed up here. Not MA.

  • SoberPJ

    Pure and unadultrated drama crazy is oozed all over this thread.

  • disclosure

    It’s Stink-Book PJ.

  • i am now REALLY paranoid. i just went to my blog–i am not really a blogger–i am personal about what i write. and in my blog i hafta be “violet” which means i cannot be totally honest about what i write on my silly blog. anyway, one of my followers is danny. and i really do not have many followers. wtf! http://outofthelibraryandintothenight.blogspot.com/

  • that is really fucking offensive. seriously.

  • wow, sunny. you’re totally right. and disclosure and pj, wow, you guys are so funny. the danny thing is a safety issue.

  • pj, hmmmmm, how so?

  • disclosure

    Why put so much personal information out on the internet? What benefit does it have? When you are confident in what you say and do you will not need it as a lifeline any more.

    PJ – You eaglet looks pissed…

  • SoberPJ

    It’s a back at ya eaglet. It reflects one’s inner state when they see it 🙂

    And, it’s having a bad feather day. Changed shampoos I think….

  • I think it needs some conditioner after that shampoo.

  • when i said i was personal about what i write, i meant that this was the reason my blog just sits there, b/c i do not put anything personal on it–for safety easons. not sure why that was confusing. and not ure what the purpose of your second statement was. at all. my point was danny added himself to it. he’s been on there for over six months, and i always kinda wondered who he was. now i know.

  • @Sunny you are right. I had complete control over my stupid comment. I never claimed not to. And, you are also correct in stating that it is a policy often not to delete comments for others. I would agree in any instance, except one such as this, where my SAFETY IS AT RISK.

    I will never understand why MA reacted the way he did to me. I feel sorry for him and whatever happened to make him the way he is.

    What I’ve come to realize from this experience is that ST is NOT A SAFE PLACE, therefore I have removed all reference to this site, will not send anyone here, nor visit here again.

    Also, I will not uproot my life or myself for the likes of a scumbag loser like Danny Bennison (or an asshole like, MA).

    I wish you all the very best of luck with your recoveries from substance abuse and your supposed “recovery” in the halls of THE CULT. I shall press on, as planned and enjoy myself, while I do it.

    I thought about writing a post about this, but have decided to leave it alone, aside from a brief mention of how important a supportive, loving and encouraging community is to every human being.

    I’ve met some great friends here, who I will remain in contact with. Aside from them, I was bored with this site ages ago, which is why you haven’t seen much of me at all, since the beginning.

    I have more important things to do than to waste my time online fighting with CULT MEMBERS who are ill equipped to handle any conversations with ME, as long as they subscribe to the dogma and lies. I’d rather stab my eye out, thank

    All My Best, .

    Go-Go Rach

  • I don’t consider Danny Bennison a threat because I’m a real sized man. Women should. He’s a bully and a coward, so they are his target. I’m sorry this is happening to you all.

    I called the NYC Anti Violence project last night to report him and they are very interested in his activities. I’m on my way out the door to talk to them now

    Danny needs to be dealt with. They might or might not be able to do anything, they’re not sure, but you ladies need to take action. The 2001 violence against women act made cyber stalking part of the stalker law. Call women’s advocacy groups and let them deal with him. They’re not afraid of cowards

    Peace all, I have things to do today

  • BTW, he’s harassing the director who is showing interest in this book. I hope he continues because the louder he protests the more cojnvinved Nick will be that the book is an accurate account.

    I sent him info about Danny’s permission to publish it

  • thanks wayne.

  • The louder that people complain about something that they believe as being unjust, the more chances of society deciding to take action. People trained in the mind control techniques of Alcoholics Anonymous are making the mistake of resisting the reporting of their techniques and it will be their downfall.

    Bill Wilson followers are falsely thinking that the belonging to AA/NA and quoting of his manifesto present in the “Big Book” will protect them. They are hoping for “group think” and the anonymous nature of AA/NA will work on a large sample size. They are making the mistake of not realizing that the online media of exchange is not “Anonymous” and not a “closed meeting” where the majority of manipulation takes place. The louder they complain, the more controversy it causes which will cause it to be reported.

    There are actually many players in the Elan School of Androscoggin County, Poland Maine controversy, only one appears to be attempting mind control and integration into the investigation and is being his own worst enemy in doing so, because this is bringing the tactics of AA members in to the light for investigation. The fact that this happened in Androscoggin County is very interesting, given that the “group think” of AA members and covering up of misdeeds by its members recently played out in that county in Lewiston at the Twelve Hour Club and the death of Danita Brown and subsequent cover up by Bob Ryder and Floyd Nadeau. Did the long term influence that Elan School had over the AA members of Androscoggin County have anything to do with this cover up?

  • AnnaZed

    Rach, man up, ok.

  • Ben Franklin

    Rach, sometimes people don’t know when to just stop digging. MA an asshole? You sound like JD.

  • SoberPJ

    Therapy is recommended.

  • disclosure

    The internet has a strange way of feeding on a person’s social instincts. Once I get on Face book and start cyber-stalking my past, it is difficult to stop. The same applies to this site, but I allow myself the indulgence because I see it as productive. For me this site has been a safe place to reach out and hear suggestions and observations from others. They don’t know who I am and I don’t know who they are so there is little fear of reprisal and virtually no accountability. We say things we may otherwise be afraid to. The place I draw the line is at social networking. Once you put yourself out there and everyone can see who you and your friends are the anonymity is gone. You won’t find me on those sites with my life story blowing in the breeze. I have no hopes of being discovered and becoming famous. You will however find me here reaping the benefit of the situation, this benefit would be negated should I personally know others on the blog or have my personal story posted in a way I could be identified. I clearly feed on this type of social interaction. It is a new media and little understood. For now the internet is the Wild West, untainted by government’s control or political correctness. The backlash is that people a little slow to the draw may get hurt.

  • AnnaZed

    dead link

  • Violet writes-“rach, you really did not do anything that wrong. i get why you articulated in ina joking way.”

    Wow-unbelievable description of someone stating they are are laughing their ass all the way to the bank and anyone who would send her money deserves to be robbed.
    That is hardly funny,it is disgraceful. Some of us cant tell the difference.

  • I’ve had many fantastical images of what ppl on this site look like. I am going based on writing voice and avatar combined…

    MA (before I today, when got mad): adam horovitz
    annazed (despite man up comment): ani difranco
    gunther: penn gillette
    ftg: krysten ritter
    prim: lady di

    you get the picture.
    anti denial appears in the video above. every time she posts, this is all i can see.

  • I’ve finally gotten permission to confront Danny Bennison from two of his victims. This is my response to his past and present harassment, abuse, and the rape of children in his care


  • The victims of Elan School are helping to make a difference. They also are not alone in exposing the problem of the abuse of the children facilities like Elan. From Florida comes the closing of another School for wayward youth:

    After a century of pain, former Arthur G. Dozier School for Boys closes – Friday, July 1, 2011 – a few quotes……

    “There’s been 111 years of child abuse at this place,” he said. “Maybe I’m here to represent those children. Many of them can’t speak. I’m not here to speak. I’m just here to stand as a representative.”

    “They came out of the woodwork by the dozens in late 2008, after the news broke. Men were telling their stories of being beaten bloody when they were boys at the state school, which had been renamed the Arthur G. Dozier School for Boys, after a longtime superintendent. Some had been raped. Others knew kids who had died. ”

    “The state in May told the school’s 185 workers that budget cuts had forced them to eliminate the $14.3-million-a-year program, recently renamed the North Florida Youth Development Center. Officials promised to help find them new jobs in an area already economically depressed. ”

    Read more: http://www.tampabay.com/news/article1178208.ece

    For an in depth look at the problem that was uncovered in 2009 and utterly shocking:

    “For their own good

    They were screwed-up kids, sent to the reform school in Marianna for smoking, fighting, stealing cars or worse. The Florida School for Boys — that’d straighten them out.

    Fifty years later they are, by their own account, screwed-up men — afraid of the dark, unable to love or be loved, twisted by anger, scarred by the whippings they endured in a cinder block hell called the White House.”

    Full coverage: http://www.tampabay.com/specials/2009/reports/marianna/

  • JR H WHat a sad story. There is so much of it.

    @Wayne- why not just go to the Police or The FBI or The Federal Marshalls?

  • Elan is opening back up under a different owner

  • Massive Attack, I have and they tell me that the statute of limitations is up. I’ll be elaborating on Danny’s sex crimes on Bipolar radio on Sunday.

    More will be revealed.

    Maybe I can get him for internet stalking his past victims. That would take an act of god, but I’ve seen stranger things.

  • wayne- you have got to be kidding. Its must be seriously haunted. WHat is it going to be. Thats a Documentary on it’s own. Teen rehabs boot camps, abuse abuse abuse. Something needs to be done. Then if our teens are powerless and like drones no one is going to rebel, fight back from the government thats ruining the country. This shit needs to stop. DO you live nearby this place?

  • Im homesick for the 1960’s-70’s when people had some spunk and fight and protested. I was too young but I was around and very aware of it all.

    sorry political tangent.

  • A former resident who opened a similar program in Argentina called “Ibicuy” has expressed an interest in the Poland Springs campus. Ibicuy even uses the same logo Elan did

    its creepy