12-Step Doctor Not Really a Doctor? Hmmmmmmmmmmm….

In a follow-up to the story about David Scratchley, the 12-step doctor who was arrested Friday for attempted rape of a child, some new details have arisen. First, and not surprisingly, there is evidence that he may have victimized other children. Also, it seems the good doctor may not be a doctor after all:

“It’s upsetting…it’s very upsetting”

“Prosecutors also say there’s evidence Scratchley may have victimized other children. And while Scratchley refers to himself as “doctor” the only state license we could find for him is as a “chemical dependency professional trainee”.

This guy is the Clinical Director of the Matt Talbot Center. The obvious question is: what kind of background checks and due diligence does the Matt Talbot Center use in hiring its employees? If this guy is the director, who is facilitating the actual operations of this place? What qualifications do they have? Gregory Alex, the Executive Director of the center said that he was surprised because they saw no indication of this behavior. Had he done an actual background check, starting with whether or not this guy is actually a psychologist in the first place, he may have caught a clue as to this guy’s integrity.

One thing we did learn from the article is, this center does not drug test its employees. What kind of sense does this make for an organization that treats people with drug problems? Knowing the rate of recidivism for those with chemical dependency problems, and knowing the staggeringly high percentage of drug counselors who fell into the profession because of their own addictive behaviors, it seems obvious to anyone with half a brain that drug testing of employees should be part of normal course of business.

Because I wasn’t born yesterday, I’m certain more interesting information will come out on this story. I’m also certain that the incompetents running the show at the Matt Talbot Center will do what they can to cover their asses, and will keep their explanation of this little problem within the confines of rigorous honesty™.

Stay tuned.

  • DeConstructor

    I think the Mark Talbot Center has some serious splainin to do. I would expect every former client of the place to have a horror story and a lawyer to represent them.

    Hopefully this may be watershed moment for the industry. The liability here is enormous and since this is an industry built on institutionalized lying they may realize they are swimming naked as the tide washes out.

    It could also be a changer should the industry determine to rid itself of using active but lying drug users, drunks, murderers, rapists, molestors, embezzlers, swindlers, and violent predators for counselors. I don’t think they would have any staff to man the asylum.

  • It would appear that someone is doing “damage control” on the information on the web in regards to David Scratchley and the Matt Talbot Center in Seattle Washington and information is quickly being deleted from the web. Many of the current searches show that the information was there, but when clicked on, is no longer available.

    The AA slogan of “Your only as sick as your secrets” comes to mind…..

  • DeConstructor

    We needed freezes of these disappearing pages.

  • Well I have found remnants of press releases referring to Dr. David Scratchley being appointed CEO of the Matt Talbot Center on March 19,2011, but the links are broken. I did find this however dated March 10,2011;

    “The Matt Talbot Center has a location in Seattle, WA. Active officers include Grady Austin and Greg Alex. The company’s line of business includes Specialty Outpatient Clinic Individual/Family Services.

    Category: Specialty Outpatient Clinic Individual/Family Services Rehabilitation center, outpatient treatment, Individual and family services
    Source: Dun & Bradstreet last refreshed Thursday, March 10, 2011 ”


  • Mona Lisa

    It’s getting so that another lie, another minor victim, is barely news. Just business as usual in the parallel universe of 12 step.

  • This is something very interesting which has been deleted:

    ” … emcee/auctioneer recognition with slide recognition; Photo opportunity with players; Live emcee recognition and table signage; Embedded website link from event website; Private tour of Matt Talbot Center led by Dr. David Scratchley …”

    The link it points to is still there, but this information is gone:

    2011 Sponsorship Opportunities

    Matt Talbot Center & Seattle Seahawks: Teaming up to Restore Families (October 17, 2011)


    Hall of Fame Sponsorship- $15,000 (1 Available)

    * Company name or logo representation for presenting sponsor on all event materials
    * Company logo on cover of Auction Playbook
    * Bid card sponsor- back of bid card for logo of your choice
    * One VIP table at event (10 tickets)
    * Seahawk player to sit at your table
    * Poured champagne at table
    * Complementary open bar for all 10 guests
    * Slide presentation on screens sponsor logo-1 slide
    * Live auction emcee/auctioneer recognition with slide recognition
    * Photo opportunity with players
    * Live emcee recognition and table signage
    * Embedded website link from event website
    * Private tour of Matt Talbot Center

    Source: http://mtcenter.org/?p=719

    You may want to scroll down to the bottom of the page (this being run by a company that demands complete abstinence from Alcohol by its clients?):

    Wine Sponsor – $10,000 (1 available)

    * Full page ad in auction catalog
    * One table at event (10 tickets)
    * Slide presentation on screens sponsor logo- 1 slide
    * Live auction emcee/auctioneer recognition with slide recognition
    * Photo opportunity with players
    * Table signage at event
    * Promotional materials on wine club in goodie bags or on silent auction table

    Auctioneer and Master of Ceremonies Sponsor- $3,000

    * Auctioneer personally thanks you two times throughout the evening

    Bar Sponsor – $1,000 per bar (2 available)

    * Sign at bar
    * Specialty drink named after your company

    Individual Ticket Prices- $175 each

  • Just in case people realize that they may not want to go to the “Matt Talbot Center & Seattle Seahawks: Teaming up to Restore Families (October 17, 2011)” event and have already paid for entry they may want to know that it does not appear to be a charity and the proceeds may be going to a “for profit corporation”. If this is the case, legal advice governing that state should be sought from a lawyer licensed in the state of Washington to see if a refund can be arranged.

  • Rick

    “I don’t think they would have any staff to man the asylum.”

    Yeah, that’s a real problem DeCon. Who will drug test the drug testers? Bill Wilson set the standard. He was the prototype for the opportunistic frauds that built an entire sub-culture based on bullshit. Nothing will ever change as long as ‘Friends of Bill’ are running the show…

  • Sally

    Can anyone tell me how to Freeze a web page?

  • SoberPJ

    Right Mona .. news is somewhat defined by its rarity.. which is what makes it news. The “news” with these people falls into a couple despicable categories and happens with alarming regularity.

    All high profile people will distance themselves from the center until this blows over or the center folds. The center and its backers are now wide open to litigation of treatment failures and suicidal outcomes and there are deep pockets to go after because of lack of due diligence on background checks. Parents of kids that committed suicide after treatment need to start suing the bejesus out of these faith healers. Many of the parents probably were not aware of the faith healing nature of the treatment because of lack of disclosure. I can easily see how a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the center and the SeaHawks or SeaHawk players could unfold. Big bucks attract big lawsuits.

    I have been thinking about how drugs like Krokodil and the 7 month drug will impact the treatment industry. These drugs are quick killing drugs, so the time frame needed to determine treatment efficacy is shortened considerably. Treatment outcomes will be visible in months rather than years and the outcome will be unfortunately simple – alive or dead. If treatment only works for 3-5% of those who attend, there will be a lot of dead kids that have gone through treatment. Treatment efficacy will be glaringly and painfully obvious. Hopefully then society will realize that throwing a book written in the 1930’s, some exercises/tasks/steps and talk therapy at arguably the most serious social problem of our time is antiquated and ineffective. When those drugs get here, and they will, the game changes and becomes a real nightmare for the faith healing substance abuse treatment industry and our society.

  • SoberPJ

    Sally, it is eaiest to just save the page you are viewing.. but there are also tools that let you take snapshots of pages or sections of pages and turn them into images…

    To save http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/save-complete-webpage-offline-reading/

    Google can find you answers to most anything …

  • http://www.freezepage.com/

    There are various other services available world wide.It is suggested that you save multiple copies for prosperity. Be sure to follow Local, Country and International laws.

  • DeConstructor

    The licensing thing is a really big deal. My ignorant excuse of an EAP counselor insisted many times in writing that he was licensed. He would never produce anything, just repeating that the licenses were available from the state.

    This was interesting since he lives in Kansas, and I have a letter from Stephen Six, who was the Attorney General of the State of Kansas stating this individual had NO current state issued licensing. I would expect the counselor not to care, however, I think it would be a huge liability for his employer Humana/CorpHealth/LifeSynch. Ironically, after he tried to have my career terminated for failing to contact him, he now refuses to accept certified mail from me. I guess I will have to call the tavern he hangs out if I needed to contact him.

  • SoberPJ

    This is kind of an aside observation, but where in the hell are the law students and social activists and regulatory representatives that should care about all this shit? Seriously. This site throws out career making issues and nobody but us seems to touch them. What the hell? How does AA and the multi-billion dollar treatment industry get all the passes it gets? It blows my mind. Fraud, violence, sexual and finacial predation litter their world more so than any other I have encountered and nobody wants to make a buck off of it or use it as their springboard to notoriety? That industry must have some seriously powerful allies, because by itself, it is pathetic.

  • PJ, I was talking to dadthelaywer about all this one day, and he said someone at the Southern Poverty Law center should look into this. They went after the KKK, which is structured similarly to AA, with no one actually holding a position of accountability. And they managed to do it. Of course, the KKK doesn’t enjoy a lot of good will, so that’s a giant hurdle for anyone wanting to take on the treatment industry.

    I keep thinking about the Innocence Project, wondering if it’s possible to create a parallel…

    But, how would one even begin with this mess?

  • SoberPJ

    ftg .. One fraudulent, faith healing sexual predator at a time .. with a LOT of volume.. but there needs to be an altruistic organization with figureheads for PR and a single set of mesages.

    Main message –

    The substance abuse treatment industry is ineffective and needs change now

    Secondary message

    Save our children

    I am predicting right here that Krokodil and it’s kind will come to the US. Throwing a 12 Step faith healing program at those drugs will be futile. Unless we find out what is really going on with addiction and find real solutions, it will be a disaster like we have never seen in the substance abuse treatment field. Those drugs will tax the sytstem and the psyche in ways we can only slightly predict. For example, how many counselors today have to deal with badly physically disfigured patients? When Krokodil gets here, it will become routine. People sitting in meetings with amputated legs and arms and missing key facial bones will be commonplace – if they live that long. If Krokodil use becomes epidemic and creates a million physically disabled, truly unemployable young people, who will pay for that? Their level of disability will make the lazy, whiny AA goer that had a bad childhood look like a star worker. Think tanks that deal with this stuff have to be scared shitless at the prospects of Krokodil becoming epidemic here. This is not chicken little either. Ask the Russians if the problem is real and worse than anything they have ever seen. We’re next and our level of unpreparedness will be obvious when it hits. If there ever was a need to rally for significant change in this industry, it is NOW !

  • DeConstructor

    @FTG the Innocence Project is really an awesome organization. They have worked hard on the Barry Beach case which gives the entire State of Montana a black eye particularly since MSNBC picked up the story on Dateline.

    I have written letters-and I was hoping the one to Brian Schwietzer might have helped since he is an old drinking buddy of mine, back when I drank- but his staff said their hands were tied.

    There is a new trial going on now for this individual. We are hoping that justice will prevail and they will let this guy out of prison. It is parallel to the work here because of the labeling for life, the dishonesty, the corruption, and the refusal to acknowledge facts.


  • Mona Lisa

    SoberPJ, I suspect that most Krokodil addicts will not live long enough to even begin to recover. That drug is stunning in its lethality. I don’t think that even an effective treatment method could touch that addiction because it kills too quickly.

  • PJ, I’ve been thinking along the same lines, too. In fact, it has really altered my thinking and I’m horrified by the idea that this would come here. I am wondering whether this dimension of addiction is possible here, because our cultures are so very different. The effects of krokodil are so decisive, inevitable, and quick, whereas there tends to be some delayed consequences to our mainstream drugs. Even a meth user, for instance, can dabble, and can say, “That won’t happen to me.” But I don’t see how a krokodil user can have those illusions.

    What I so alarming to me is that these children see their friends rotting and know that withdrawal is excruciating and takes a month, and they still do it. There is something very different going on there, and I tend to think that it has a lot to do with a sense hope and possibility. There’s a serious cultural component to this.

    That’s not to say that we don’t have to worry about that. Things are bleak in this country for many, and they could get worse. I do think we’re regressing, and that makes this seem more possible.

    Mona, it is so fast! Did you read about that other drug they’re doing in Russia — the nickname translates to 7 Months because that’s your lifespan if you start taking it. It’s some drug that dilates pupils, but they are shooting it into the femoral artery. Chaining people to their beds almost seems reasonable in the face of this.

  • mona/ftg, yeah i have read all over that once one starts using Krokodil on a regular basis, one has about seven months to live.i did not know it had this –7 mos.–as a nickname. i think if one gets help in the very initial stages it can get arrested, whatever rots them kills them can be arrested, i mean. .. i read one heart breaking account of how a father actually tried to stage a robbery in his son’s house so he’d be in jail. they knew too late about how quickly it’d ravage you. i *get* doing it. i have been this nuts about wanting an opiate. i am not saying i know fer sure i wold do it if i were in the wrong place at the wrong place, but i do get it. i would maybe try it once, and then, well…

    that is why i get frustrated at times with the idea that “addiction i a choice.” it is not always a choice in my opinion. and in my experience. i have been known to shift my view on this, depending on what i am reading, how i am feeling. but most usually: i really do not feel like it is a 100 percent choice that these ppl are taking the dug. i love steven slate, for ex., but throw a kid @ three weeks in of taking this–and also a lifetime of abusing other opiates –and i kinda doubt a little life coaching and cbt thrown in are gonna do much. i am not saying sl would say he could help in this situation. i am just trying to exemplify in an overly easy way here.

    ftg, i am not ure what you mean by hope, do you mean world utterly w/out hope? confust. they need a whole, new way of thinking. i know you were kinda kidding about the quarantine. but you CAN chain a kid to a bed and ALSO give them something to take the edge off. the krok is not causing the insanity, the lack of empathy and the over control in combination with the cultural and personal mental illness (frickin’ not very articulate here, i know, but i am sure you get my meaning…) is causing it. please do not chain kids to beds, get in your plan and drop bundles of heroin into their ravaged, torn landscape of hopelessness. I think the chain to the beds is looked at like the rotting flesh. all they seefeelknowget is the desire to get high.

    Though buprenorphine and methadone–and other modes of recovery that actually work and are not bullshit–are available here in this country, they are still hard to come by. these aforementioned modes and medications are pretty difficult to get. Buprenorphine is as expensive, as is methadone. and remember, we’re in a recession, right? ple are w/out money, and w/out hope (and without insurance…) Methadone is hard to take, as many ppl need to go to a clinic to get it, at weird times. There is not a clinic on every corner. Say I was on it (I’m not, but), I would have to travel over forty minutes each morning. This makes working tricky. And if I cannot wrk., how can i pay for treatment? after awhile, if you pee clean, etc. and prove trust worthy, you get to go in once a week, then monthly. but you’ve gotta jump threw hoops. and it is –in some ways–an abstinence model. for example, if a methadone person pees positive for meth, hash, pot, of valium (w/out o script) thy can get kicked off the whole program! or, if they are @ a state where they can take it home, they’re back to having to go in each morning…again. to me, though methadone is considered a form of harm reduction, the way it is administered does not coincide with its ideology.

    It is like being in a medical jail.

    Buprenorphine, expensive just for the drug, is also tricky, as one needs to stay connected to a certain doc who will prescribe. i would say it is a better, easier option that methadone. and it is less addictive. Taking it for a long amount of time often requires a commitment to therapy and/or–yep, AA. Often a client can go to therapy instead of AA. My point though is that the solutions here are tricky and expensive.

    I do see Krokodil coming here. I see it coming here if our war on drug continues and we go through dry spells where ppl cannot get their hands on heroin or other opiates like percs, oxys,etc. I see krok coming here if our gov’t decides to be less liberal with methadone and / or suboxone/subutex (buprenorphine). This buprenorphine solution, easier on the body than methadone–and easier to take–is *new* in the country. It was not always a solution here. If it got taken away, yeah, I see the Krodil coming here. It is a definitely possibility in my mind.

    ftg’s new-ish post aboutthe bupe babe and mr. methadone man was great and VERY informative. there is a new link here, too. Here is the newish post: http://stinkin-thinkin.com/2011/09/05/methadone-man-and-buprenorphine-babe/

    Here is the babe and man cartoon, funny movie: http://www.methadoneman.org/index.html

    and here is the link that is now here on st that created the above cartoony link. this is great link. the first discussion in the first page of this site –today anyway–discusses
    harm reduction in.. RUSSIA,
    really! here it is: http://www.soros.org/initiatives/health/focus/ihrd

    the krok death seems too out of control to imagine. but i wish each of it victims this, that they never have to sit–not even for a moment-in a gd aa meeting!

  • causeandeffect

    What is this 7 month drug? I tried to google it but can’t find it. I looked at some of the videos of krokodil. The guy who’s leg bones were completely exposed. I had a hard time sleeping that night…. I wish I had never seen it. It had a profound effect on me. I just don’t understand the mindset of someone who would do a drug that could do something like that. It just seems to me that one would have to be in the deepest depth of despair to even try something that could rot their flesh. I mean can you even imagine? “Oh look, part of your arm just fell off. Looks like a muscle. That happened to me the other night. Never mind dear, just put it on the coffee table next to the ashtray. I’ll throw it away later. No, no, I said next to the ashtray, not in it. The only thing that smells worse than rotting flesh is rotting flesh with cigarette burns in it. Don’t worry dear, my right arm is still intact., we can both still get high.”
    I just can’t understand it. I also can’t understand how they aren’t bleeding to death. The rot must somehow be cauterizing the blood vessels. I would have never thought it possible. I wish I had never seen that. We need to understand how a person can get to this level of not giving a shit about themselves so this can be prevented. I hope to God it never comes here. It’s just heart breaking.

  • SoberPJ

    I think the main ways that Krok will come into the country are –

    1. the Internet. Some people are going to hear about the high and how cheap it is and get the recipe from the internet.
    2. Russian immigration
    3. Heroin cut with Krok to make it more addictive and harder to kick
    4. People cooking it up and selling it to make money

    If people will do meth with knowledge ot what it can do to them, then people will do Krok. I would bet it is here already somewhere. With the recipe on the net it wouldn’t take long to spread. For some people seeing the decaying flesh on youtube may be some kind of subconscious dare. Like the alcohol companies embedded skulls and crossbones in bottle label graphics because they found it increased sales. People sometimes act contrary to the continuation of their life force and that is one of the great mysteries of addiction. Why do they do it while knowing they are going to die from it? Cigarettes and Bill Wilson come to mind. Sad, sad, sad …

  • SoberPJ

    C&E I looked for the 7 month drug again too and couldn’t find it even after I read a couple articles and saw a video on it. The people that do it know they will only live 7 months and the last month is hell on earth. This one kid got to 5 months and saw that he was dying and went into rehab, after he got out, he went right back to using and died a horrible death. People can throw all the faith healing rehab they can muster at this problem and it won’t make a dent, just like it hasn’t made an appreciable dent in 75 years. 3% is a paint scratch at best. We will need real solutions for this one.

  • @violet, By “hope” I think I just meant a sense of possibility or meaning in life. My gut tells me that what these kids see in their lives is so bleak that escaping it is worth the price of decomposing where they stand. I wasn’t genuinely advocating for chaining people to beds. Whatever makes that a culturally acceptable option for treating these kids seems to be the same thing that is creating this situation in the first place. (I hope that makes sense.) I can definitely understand the desperation that would lead a family to choose that option. And I see, like you do, that it will lead to worse. You can’t dehumanize people and expect them to get well.

    From what I’ve been reading, Krokodil user’s lifespan is 2-3 years. Here is the story about the journalist’s son who died from taking the 7-Monther drug. It’s different from Krokodil:

    The final breath rattled through Ivan Kanev’s sallow, spent torso. For months he had injected eye drops called tropicamide – used medically to dilate pupils – directly into the femoral artery of his groin. The drug is known as “seven-monther” – the amount of time it takes to kill. His body was found by his father in his Moscow apartment. The 25-year-old had died alone.

    Here: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/the-squalid-lonely-death-of-ivan-kanev-2341191.html

  • Sally

    About six years ago I finally fessed up to my husband that I was a druggie. I kept it hidden for four years. He really didn’t have a clue but I guess I felt a lot worse than I looked. I had been keeping up with the routine with the kids and the house, etc. but was getting sick. I wanted to be done. I really wanted to stop but I needed his help. One of his comments was “How can you have been putting that stuff in your body when you know it is so bad for you”. He wasn’t being facetious, he just couldn’t comprehend. My point is, it’s kind of how we’re looking at this droko. We just don’t get it.