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AA Member Beats Sponsor to Death


COVINGTON – Shain Pierce returned to his apartment after having a toe amputated and found the man he was sponsoring in Alcoholics Anonymous drinking alcohol inside.

When Pierce tried to kick Leslie Haun and his son Robert Haun out of the Scott Street apartment, the elder Haun beat him with an aluminum baseball bat and table leg until he died, a Covington Detective testified Tuesday in Kenton District Court.

Leslie Haun, 47, who has long history of mental problems and a lengthy criminal record, is charged with murder. His son, 19, is charged with complicity to murder and tampering with evidence.

Pierce’s body was found Sept. 20 inside the first floor apartment, said Det. Mike Thompson. The upstairs neighbors told police that they heard a loud fight the night before.


Pierce, 54, often took in people that needed help, said his sister Tammy Callen.
“He took in I don’t know how many people,” she said. “He was well loved and well respected.”

Callen said her brother was not an alcoholic but participated in Alcoholics Anonymous in order to help others.

“He went there for friends and to see who he could help,” she said. He became Leslie Haun’s sponsor and allowed Haun to stay with him, she said.

Haun had been participating in Kenton County’s mental health court, a jail diversion program for people with mental problems, after pleading guilty to stealing two cars earlier this year.

Haun has been diagnosed numerous mental problems including having hallucinations, delusions, depression, anti-social personality disorder and schizophrenia, according to court records.

In August, Haun was kicked of the Droege House, a drug and alcohol treatment facility in Dayton.

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Domestic Batterer sentenced to AA, Now Dead

And so is his wife and mother-in-law…

Sunrise police detectives were at the Broward Medical Examiner’s Office on Tuesday, awaiting results on the autopsies of three adults who died in a shooting incident Sunday night.

What investigators want to know: who fired a Walther PPK handgun that was recovered at the scene.

“We believe it is the only one used,” Sunrise Police Sgt. Rodney Hailey said about the weapon found after the shootings at the Del Rio Village town home.

Dead are Linda Scudera, 56, her daughter, Danielle M. Lorenzo, 30, and Lorenzo’s husband of 18 months, Marcus Nathaniel Trotman.

Media reports have linked the recovered weapon to a local radio host, DJ Laz.

“Apparently he was friends with Marcus, but it has not been confirmed it was the DJ’s gun,” Hailey said. “He’s missing one with the same make and model, but serial numbers have not been matched yet.”

On Tuesday afternoon, Broward Family Court Judge Susan Greenhawt is to hold a custody hearing for Lorenzo’s 5-year-old daughter, who has been in the care of a baby-sitter since her mother’s death.

Police say they are not sure about the extent of what the child may have witnessed Sunday night.

“We don’t know if she saw the entire incident,” Hailey said. “She did see some of it. We know that because that’s what she told the neighbor, that [Trotman] was shooting inside the house, and that’s what the neighbor who called us on 911 said.”

Trotman held a security guard license but did not have a permit to carry a concealed weapon, Sunrise police said.

According to Broward County court records, Trotman was arrested Aug. 21 by Sunrise police and charged with battery.

On Sept. 16, Trotman was arraigned on two counts of misdemeanor battery/domestic violence against Scudera and Lorenzo, said Ron Ishoy, spokesman for the state attorney’s office.

Trotman pleaded no contest and was put on probation after Scudera filed a waiver of prosecution, Ishoy said.

As a condition of his probation, Trotman was not to have contact with his wife or mother-in-law, and was required to participate in a batterers’ intervention program, as well as Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and anger management classes, according to Ishoy.

AA For Kids

Monica Interviews Hank Hayes at 1 PM Today

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Hank Hayes and Monica Richardson discuss 5 Master Keys 09/26 by stop13stepinaa | Blog Talk Radio.

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Today a 1 Hour Show with Hank Hayes Author of …YOU’VE BEEN LIED TO…

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Melanie Griffith


Melanie Griffith as Honey Whitlock in Cecil B Demented

Melanie Griffith starred in one of my favorite movies of all time – Cecil B Demented – a cult comedy by a cult director where she’s kidnapped by a cult and gets stockholm syndrome.  I never realized that this was happening to her in real life though.  Recently, both her and her husband Antonio Banderas spoke about her recent (a few years ago) stint in rehab.

She’s happy that Antonio and the kids were involved with 2 weeks of a family portion of the program, but still not happy or grateful enough:

“Antonio was supportive to the extent that he can be, but if you’re not an alcoholic or drug addict, and you find out that your wife is a bad one, it’s hard to deal with. I wish he would go to a meeting with me or to Al-Anon, but it’s very foreign to him. Addiction runs in my family but not in his”

Maybe this attitude and set of beliefs is the reason why she’s had at least three major episodes of addiction and subsequent treatment throughout her life.  Perhaps you could learn from him that there’s something odd about putting the responsibility for your own changes on him – or that those who haven’t been brainwashed yet aren’t turned on by the idea of going to these meetings to dwell on substance use and negativity for an hour everyday.  Maybe the guy who hasn’t been addicted actually has a clearer view of the problem than your personal addiction gurus.

My advice: Honey, he doesn’t need to change or be in AA or Al-anon for you to straighten out your act.  You’re 54 now; stop riding the fence, and decide what you want out of life.  It sounds like his distaste for 12-step meetings will be your next excuse for a “relapse.”

Or, don’t fret, because “relapse is a part of recovery”

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Getting Sober Without God

This guy thinks AA is a cult

When I saw that this youtuber publishes Christian videos [edited to add that his other videos are actually skeptical, posing questions about inconsistencies in the Bible], I thought he was going to have a similar position to John’s, over at My Word Like Fire. He recommends Reformers Unanimous [which is an overtly Christian recovery program] but his commentary is more about the nature of AA and its relationship with the court system. He anticipates getting some ugly responses from AA members, so I thought I’d support him and post his video here:


Ku Klux Krazy

No one today says a child molester can be reformed. A generation ago every expert said they could.

There is a lesson here. Everybody but us is required to say that they can look at a black guy with a white girl and not even notice. If one can really convince oneself of that, one can also convince oneself that NAMBLA is right, and that men having sex with boys is so Ok it is not noticeable.

If you can REALLY do these things, just ONCE, is there ever any coming back?

We accept recovering alcoholics, but only if they are absolutely, unreservedly aware, every day of the week, that there is something WRONG with them. That is the ONLY route to recovery, and there is no guarantee of that one.

The same inhumanly difficulty exists in the case of those who are ever truly unoffended by the couple which will produce ugly mixes.

We all know that Tiger Woods would have nothing to do with a girl who looked like the daughter he and his beautiful Swedish bride will produce. We all know that OJ would have nothing to do with a girl who looked like the daughter he and his blond wife produced….

Bob Whitaker, an AA. Commenting on the White Pride World Wide forum.

This Simple Program

I am so very sorry for your loss, but your husband may not have given his AA sobriety a chance to work. — from the comments section of this story:

New details emerge in officer’s suicide

A medical examiner’s report reaveals additional information in the suicide of Officer David Hall.

The 41-year-old veteran San Diego Police Officer had been battling alcoholism and was depressed because he believed he would lose his job for a DUI hit and run crash he was involved in earlier this year.

In the report, investigators say Officer Hall was specifically worried about an upcoming hearing regarding his DUI case.

And before his suicide he didn’t leave behind a note. In fact, he didn’t give his wife Michelle or three kids any indication he was about to shoot himself in the backyard.

Which he did at about 9:40 that morning, as his kids slept inside their Linda Vista home.

Of course,  Hall had been mandated to attend AA meetings.

I had been sitting on this story, because I am conscious that making this connection between AA and suicide is dicey, and opens us up to accusations of hysteria. The connection is obvious to those with long years in the program and who have been to the funerals. And it seems obvious that the concepts of powerlessness and permanent, progressive disease — not to mention lifelong meetings — are a recipe for disempowerment and despair. They’re also a recipe for binge relapse.

So, I’m really interested in the statistic cited in this article: Continue reading This Simple Program

Daniel Gordon: 12-step Hero

Today’s 12-step hero is Daniel Gordon, an AA and state representative in the Rhode Island legislature. It seems he’s run into a bit of legal trouble that he did not disclose:

The first-term House member from Portsmouth was arrested Friday on charges stemming from a 2008 police chase in Massachusetts. He was released Monday on $1,000 bail. The arrest exposed past legal problems, including a four-month sentence in 1999 for assault, an attempted murder charge dismissed in 2004 and a long list of traffic infractions.

When questioned about it, he reminded us to worry about keeping our own sides of the the street clean:

“I have redeemed myself and I have paid my debts,” he said. “Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone.”

And naturally, he broke his anonymity. He really had no choice, because he need to reassure the voting public that he had a very good reason for being bad, and he is now in good hands:

Gordon said he considers himself an alcoholic and has been sober for three years thanks to counseling and Alcoholics anonymous.

I’m sure the good people in his district can sleep better now. Thanks, Daniel, for all that you do! It works if you work it!

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