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AA and the Media

I am probably going to be called out by the AA lot because the clip from the Wire is actually an NA meeting. I don’t really make a distinction.


Thanks to SoberPJ for the idea.

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“There’s a percentage of sex offenders at AA and NA meetings…”

I had to pull this out of the comments and get it into the Keep Coming Back archives.

From AnnaZed (August 30, 2011, 5:08 pm):

This is earth shaking, really Time Magazine level news here:
Neighbors take AA concerns to Nutley BOE

“…Referring to the member anonymity, Mitrano-Duffy said parents can’t determine if the attendees are registered sex offenders, which should be public under Megan’s Law. She said the Walker Middle School and Yantacaw Elementary School principals share the concerns.

She said she spoke by phone with an Essex County senior parole officer, who stated there’s a percentage of sex offenders at AA and NA meetings in Essex County. He also said convicted criminals are mandated to attend to attend these meetings, she stated.”

There it is in writing, the whole problem right there. Take a criminal, a predator and release him on the condition that he attends an anonymous group; it’s insane!

Does Rehab Cause Addiction or Cure it?,8599,2003160,00.html

This is the Time Magazine article questioning whether rehab causes addiction……

That is the link to the article about UNCC.

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Massiveattack Interviews Dee Dee Stout

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Acquittal for Pinconning Serenity Hornet

Stanley M. “Mike” Milostan, the AA who shot a woman and fellow stepper multiple times after she went after him with a ball-peen hammer, has been acquitted of assault with intent to commit murder. He was convicted of possession of marijuana with intent to deliver and possession of a firearm in the commission of felony.

My guess is the jury found it difficult to pick the truth out of the victim’s and defendant’s stories, because they were both so obviously full of shit. However, it does look like they bought the victim’s story that she was prostituting herself to Mike M. in exchange for drugs. He’s still being held in the pokey, awaiting his sentencing for that dastardly deed.

What are the odds that, when it comes time for sentencing, this asshole’s AA brethren will come crawling out of the woodwork to tell the judge what a spiritual giant he is?

Jury acquits Pinconning man of attempted murder….

Sharing a name with a saint didn’t help him – The Update

Smitty counseled teens to keep them off drugs, but his own experience convinced them that they would relapse. He thought he might make the revolving door work more efficiently by selling them the drugs himself. Interestingly, his defense attorney claimed that he wasn’t motivated by money, but by his own “powerlessness.”

The story is here (

Truthiness in Advertising

AA’s Australian advertising agency has swept the annual Siren awards, which are given for the most creative and effective radio advertisements in Australia:

Gatecrasher takes out the Siren for Alcoholics Anonymous

A single ad called Mummy, won the overall, single, and craft categories. It was also one of three ads in the AA campaign which took out the campaign category.

Written by Des Hameister the spots are confronting looks at the effects of alcohol on everyday situations. Hameister said keeping things simple and single-minded was the most important thing to remember when creating an effective radio commercial.
“Alcoholics don’t hurt just themselves and the ad empathises with that fact,” he said. “The insight is that alcoholics don’t only need to be told they’ve got a problem, they simply need to know that there’s a solution.”

Those of you wondering how an ad campaign promoting AA fits in AA’s tradition of “attraction, not promotion,” should just stop right there. Your best thinking got you here. Think, think, think yourself another drink. You just keep your own side of the street clean.