New Smyrna Beach Woman Reported Missing

Karen Lee Burger

Police are trying to find a 57-year-old New Smyrna Beach woman who has not been seen or heard from since July 25.

Karen Lee Burger’s father told investigators his daughter has a drug abuse problem and he believes her disappearance is related to that, New Smyrna Beach police said Wednesday.

The incident is the second time in one month that a New Smyrna Beach woman with drug addiction issues has vanished.


The father said he spoke to his daughter on July 25 after she had attended an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

“She told me she had met a man at the meeting and she was going out with him,” Lee said. “I haven’t heard from her since.”

Anyone with information concerning Burger is asked to call New Smyrna Beach police Investigator Mike Covey at 386-424-2223.

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h/t AntiDenial is covering this local story on the blog NA Daytona.

  • This poor woman went to a Volusia County Intergroup AA meeting and left with a man,
    and has not been seen since! She has been missing for over a month now.
    AA Daytona is another name for the area Group.

    People are coming up missing after attending AA meetings including AA Daytona
    in Daytona Beach Fl. When is Headquarters in New York and The Volusia County Intergroup start taking responsibility?

  • Sally

    I hope the police are tearing apart the meeting where she was last seen alive?

  • I’m sorry but anti d you are making me laugh it’s insane what is going on with AA

  • It is total insanity. I think one day we will look at all this and be amazed how crazy it was.
    The lack of safety measures is mindboggling. I looked up more info about this woman written in other articles and none of them mention the AA connection. I mean that is a pretty HUGE part of the story that the last time she was heard from she was leaving an AA meeting with another AA member. Pretty big clue.Shows other newspapers are protecting the AA name,instead of totally focusing on finding her.

  • SoberPJ

    The dead ones will never be able to look back and see how crazy it was..

  • Sally

    It’s disgusting. You go somewhere where you think you are safe and where you think your real friends are (the people that luv you) and then when you end up dead or raped missing your luvers say “outside issue”, “sorry can’t help you catch a possible rapist or murderer OF A WOMAN WE LOVE cuz we’re too busy getting sober”. Nice group. Nice family.

  • Sally

    Anyone with information concerning Burger is asked to call New Smyrna Beach police Investigator Mike Covey at 386-424-2223.

    Should we send him a tip? They should be tearing down the walls there looking for a clue.

  • SoberPJ

    In her AA “friends” minds, she is probably just out drinking again. You know how we alcoholics are …

    It would be great if a section of ST was devoted to helping law enforcement catch these bastards… We could give them perspective they may not get any other way.

  • Sober PJ-that is pretty heavy-but so true of the ones who are no longer with us.

    Sally- It does make you wonder what the AA group has said to investigators. They very well could of just brushed it off and said she was probably on a binger. Her own father did not report her missing for a month! Maybe he talked to some AA people and they gave him some poor advice just to cover their own ass.

  • Sally

    If she is 57 then I’d guess the father is elderly. Maybe easy to manipulate or brush off.

    I hope she is on a binge.

  • Sue

    Sally said; “I hope she is on a binge.”

    I was thinking the same thing.

  • There is a shame. the Detectives just need to go to the meetings and ask questions. they can not say they are anonymous. That’s not what it means. ANd even so they will be obstructing the law which I am sure they will do.

  • Yes, Sally, send them a tip. The police should read the whole of the KCB thread. It might help them.

  • I hope she is on a binger too.Just a long time to report someone missing.
    It would be interesting to know how much if any her group cooperated with police.

    This newspaper problem with them not putting the AA connection in there really bothers me. It is not like the original story in the Daytona News Journal was that long. It is obvious they left that out on purpose.

  • Sally

    AntiD, I agree.

    Where was the missing person last seen? What did the missing person last say?

    If you want the missing person back, if that is the goal, then that is what you want the people to read about.

  • MikeAugustine

    I hope she’s ok. we had a group guru go missing a few years back. He was later found dead by his own hand. an old timer at the group had the gall to say that the dead guy might not have been getting honest enough with himself. Disgusting.

  • SoberPJ

    I am hoping this woman is still alive. Now,

    If there was a file labeled ” Dead by the actions of an AA member” . That file would be HUGE !!!!

    Another file labeled, “Suicides by AA members” would also be very large.

    Both of these files would exceed the statistics of the general population for these categories. Why in the hell does it have to be this way? It is beyond disturbing that so many people die in relation to this organization. They can claim it is the nature of the disease, but how does that explain the sober members killing themselves or others?

  • Sober PJ- I agree-and in time we might get some where by putting AA and the regulating authorities feet to the fire when it comes to AA giving medical advice when they tell members not to take their ‘meds’, or when they play professional therapist when they give advice to members they know are suicidal,homicidal or other advice related to their emotional well being.

    I really think they are braking a number of laws that no one is calling them on in the government.We need to press government officials to look into these allegations of AA operating without a license to practice medicine etc.

  • Keeper

    while we may not get AA on charges of operating without a license….know that if you feel you need help thru the law then let me suggest you call the us marshall’s office. they can go into treatment centers to question folks and into meetings undercover. it was not until the us federal marshall’s office got involved with my son’s case (four years after his death) that i could get any resolutions. and the case ended up on AMW show, both radio and tv.
    on another note, PJ, what you said about ST helping the law officials, maybe that is the solution that we help the law. one by one if need be.

  • Keeper

    part of being ‘a member of society once again, is how the BB refer to it. (grins)

  • Sally- Too bad they did not report her sooner,but they should not be letting up on the AA Daytona group. Obviously someone knew who she left with.Obviously people saw them together and leave the meeting. There has to be some good leads. I wonder if she was really at an NA Daytona meeting but her Dad said AA instead. I have found this quite common when things happpen in NA people tend to use the household word of AA.
    He did say she had a drug problem and her husband had died recently of a drug overdose. I hope the detective is looking into the right meetings!

  • Keeper,it is good that you kept digging and digging and insisting people look into this.
    I am sure your son is very proud of his Mom for all that you got accomplished finding
    justice for his murder.

    That is good info to know that the US Marshalls can get involved in these cases.

  • Sally

    Notice how the reporter left out alcoholic anonymous in this article and said 12-step meeting…Could there be a reason for this? Are they now not sure or did someone say not to mention AA? …paranoid?

    Police release new photo of missing New Smyrna Beach woman

  • Sally

    The last time Karen Lee Burger’s father heard from her was on July 25 when she telephoned him and said she was going out with a man she had met at a 12-step meeting.