Happy Burfday FTG!

Yeah. That’s right. She’s really old.

  • Gunthar2000

    Happy Birthday friendthegirl!

  • humanspirit

    Happy Birthday, Darlin’!

    (Love the tags . . . and the photo!)

  • Swamibedpan

    Happy Birthday but the cross on the necklace you are wearing is cause for concern

  • Sally

    Happy Birthday. Enjoy!

  • Sally

    So is the big book on the shelf 😉

  • loulou

    yeah the tags are priceless!! my great, great aunt and her sister were 107 & 105 respecitively when they died (the oldest sisters in australia)… Aunt Jess loved a scotch and ran the nursing home books until the last few years (betting on horses) …!

    Happy Birthday FTG…great stuff you do here, much appreciated:)

  • Congratulations FTG, I hope you don’t mind me asking, but is this the day you were born on or is your Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Gamblers Anonymous, Overeaters Anonymous or some other Anonymous birthday.

    If you have multiple B’days do you get cake and a chip or key chain on each?

  • SoberPJ

    Happy Birthday .. and nice picture. You are very photogenic .. hey, is that the same couch from the picture of Danny with the cow?

  • Sue


    I was just about to say ‘HAPPY NATAL BIRTHDAY’ (fellow Leo)

    Wanted to make it clear after my experience last week.

  • amy

    Happy B-day to you and Sue (fellow Leo baby here too:-)

  • Swamibedpan

    I think it is her sexaholics anonymous bithday. She is only 22 you know.

  • Sue

    “Happy Birthday” to you Amy.

  • Sue

    Wow 22 !!!! I’m just a baby.


    Looking Goooooood! Thanks to you and MA for starting this site. I notice you haven’t been around as much lately, but know you have other things in the works. Happy Birthday!

  • Happy Happy Birthday FTG!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for all your hard work on the site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Happy Birthday!

  • causeandeffect

    Happy birthday FTG. Thanks so much for all you (and you MA) do and for choosing all the interesting topics you choose. I don’t know what I’d have done without this blog.

  • Thank you people, whoever you even are. You can go now. I’m watching my stories. Don’t steal the ribbon candy. It’s for company.

  • Ben Franklin

    Happy bday

  • tnky 🙂

  • Andy M

    (Belated) happy birthday ftg!

  • Happy Birthday! Oh come on I know you have a sexier pic then that one !!! 🙂

  • AllyB

    Happy Birthday!

  • MikeAugustine

    Happy birthday, ftg. And a glückwunsch from jd, wherever he may be. (=-://

  • Mona Lisa

    If I was still in AA, I’d say happy Belly Button Birthday because I’d know your REAL birthday is the day you got sober. But I’m not. So….HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

  • Rick

    Happy Burfday ftg, and thank you for the work you do here.

  • Tallmike

    So… was the birthday the 21st or today, the 22nd? Regardless, happy birthday! August birthdays are terrific.. mine is tomorrow, the 23rd. Only as an adult did I come to develop compassion for my mother having to go through a long hot summer expecting a baby.

  • Thanks you guys!

    Tallmike, it was yesterday — the 21st. Happy birthday to you, too!

  • MikeAugustine

    My youngest has a bday tomorrow too.

  • hulahoop

    Happy Belated Birthday FTG!

    Belly button birthday? WTF? My mom worked very hard on that.

  • causeandeffect

    Happy birthday Tallmike! Happy birthday, Mike’s youngest!

    Hi hulahoop!

  • disclosure

    Gauisus natalis.

  • raysny

    Just went through one of those myself. Get to a certain age and they’re more annoying than pleasurable. I quit ‘thank yous’ after 50 or so.

  • mr. mike

    A late “Happy Birthday.”

    Rock on.

  • A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, MY FRIEND! I hope it was a great one. So sorry I am late. I’ve got LOADS to catch up on! Love and missed you all like crazy! xoxo

    Go-Go Rach is BACK!

  • Lucy

    Happy Birthday a day late! I hope you are celebrating the entire month of August.

  • Gene

    Happy birthday to you also! Your site has been very helpful to me! But, yo, watch the scotch and cigarettes…